Did you know that BTS’ Jimin’s little brother is the same age with Jungkook?

Meet BTS’s Park Ji Min’s little brother Park Ji Hyun (Profile, facts, and age)

Unlike the lives of celebrities from around the world, K-Pop idols value more highly to protect the privacy of their personal lives. This includes the privacy of their relations in addition. it’s not uncommon for certain people to understand the lives of K-Pop idols’ families. However, although sometimes they publicly reveal their families’ lives, that doesn’t mean they’re absolved to upload any activities they are doing together.

For K-Pop fans, you want to understand that idols rarely upload their lives with family on social media. the identical applies to BTS members. Having siblings doesn’t mean that BTS members always boast about their attachment. There aren’t many photos of BTS members with relations that will be viewed freely on the net.

One example is Park Ji-min, also called Jimin. Jimin is that the oldest child within the family. other than his father and mother, he also encompasses a younger brother named Park Ji-Hyun, born in 1997 and is that the same age as Jeon Jung-kook or Jungkook, the youngest member of BTS.

Very few people know that Jimin includes a younger brother. it’s only known that he features a brother named Park Ji-Hyun. Although he doesn’t actively post on social networks, it’s known that Ji-Hyun may be a loyal animal lover and enjoys family trips. Will he follow in the footsteps of his brother? Jimin, a successful boy band BTS, has become one of every one of the idols with quite a big number of followers on social networks.

Full Profile of Park Ji-Hyun

  • Name: Park Ji-Hyun
  • Nickname: Ji Hyun
  • Birth year: 1998
  • Birthplace: Geumjeong, Busan, Asian country.
  • Age: 22 years old
  • Height: 168 cm (5’7”)
  • Weight: 60 kg (132 lbs)
  • Twitter: N/A
  • Instagram: jihyunpark_

How Old is Park Ji-Hyun?

Jimin’s brother, Park Ji-Hyun, was born in 1998 in Republic of Korea named Geumjeong District, Busan. His actual birth date was never revealed thanks to BTS’ companies protocol that said it’s not allowed for BTS artists to share any personal life details on the net, including their family’s life information. the sole information that we’ve got is that his birth year is 1998. thereupon being said, Park Ji-Hyun’s age now’s 22 years old.

Interesting Facts About Park Ji-Hyun

  • Park Ji-Hyun’s hobbies are traveling and singing
  • Park Ji-Hyun’s favorite foods are kimchi, bibimbap, and sushi.
  • His eye color is dark brown.
  • He encompasses a black hair color with a straight sort of hair. He prefers his natural looks and keeps himself from any quiet experimenting, like coloring his hair.
  • He likes to wear comfortable clothing like loose t-shirts, baggy trousers, hoodies, black denim, and minimal accessories.
  • Park Ji-Hyun made his entry on Instagram within the year 2016.
  • Park Ji-Hyun is already dating someone, but he kept her name secret as of now. He wants to stay his personal life removed from the media.
  • He doesn’t want his romantic relationship to be disturbed by the media coverage.
  • Park Ji-Hyun first attended Busan’s Hodong primary school and later studied at Yonsan school and his sibling, Park Ji-min.
  • Park Ji-Hyun is that the youngest within the family.
  • His father’s name is Park Pil-woo, he’s a conventional Korean man.
  • Park Ji-Hyun is extremely near his mother named Mil-Jeong
  • He has 58.5 thousand followers on his social media account, Instagram. With only 6 posts to this point.
  • He likes to share a number of his daily lifestyle photographs on his Instagram.

Park Ji-Hyun on Ji-min’s Vlog

Park Ji-Hyun has been featured on Jimin’s vlog. In one in all the videos Jimin has shared on the web, you’ll see them enjoying a sunset on the beach together. Fans who watched the video praised Jimin’s selflessness when it involves his family. They also claimed that he and his brother look similar and have the identical manner of laughing.

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