Did Seo In Guk undergo plastic surgery?

Cover - Did Seo In Guk undergo plastic surgery?

Did Seo In Guk undergo plastic surgery? Do you expect to know the truth? Today, let’s discover the truth with Xenews!

The Handsome Singer turned Actor Seo In-guk

Who doesn’t recognize Seo In-guk? Seo In-guk could be a multitalented actor and singer from Asian nation. A number of the films he’s starred in include No Breathing and that I Love That Crazy Little Thing.

The actor was born on October 23 and has been within the showbiz since 2009.

As a singer, he’s already dropped some EPs and digital singles, like Just Beginning (EP), Jelly Christmas (digital single), Broken (digital single), etc.

It’s no wonder if he’s called by multitalented, right? Now we’re not visiting to discuss Seo In-guk’s success, but we’ll scrutinize his personal life, and one of all the questions about him that get talked about the most: has he had plastic surgery? If he did, what did he have done? What if he didn’t do it? Is his angelic face purely his own? During this article, Xenews will present to you Seo In-guk, and answer all of your related questions!

Seo In-guk’s Strict Diet and cosmetic surgery Issues

A lot of fans wonder if Seo In-guk had cosmetic surgery, especially after they’ve seen photos of Seo In-guk from before he debuted. If we compared his current photo and a photograph from his past, we are able to see the differences in his body. The Seo In-guk of old seems like he was carrying more weight than he seems to be carrying now. That’s not very surprising, though, considering he went on a strict diet and lost 22 pounds.

One tip from Seo In-guk’s diet was that he’d boil all of his food rather than frying, and he also ate plenty of walnuts, because walnuts made him an ideal snack, since they contain omega-3 fatty acids, protein, and fiber that may facilitate your feel less hungry.

Pic 1- Did Seo In Guk undergo plastic surgery?

When he was playing within the movie No Breathing, the actor had to lose 11 kilograms to appear more like his character, which required a strict diet and training.

Some sources have said that Seo In-guk had cosmetic surgery done on his eyes and his nose because they appear better than before. These days, Seo In-guk’s nose looks sharper than it is accustomed, which caused people to assume that he had a rhinoplasty, which may be a procedure to alter the form and angles of the nose.

Pic 2 - Did Seo In Guk undergo plastic surgery?Besides that, some people are also sure that he had cosmetic surgery for his eyelids, to get rid of the surplus sagging skin around the eyes and make the eyelids more lifted.

Well, whether he went into cosmetic surgery or not, you can’t resist his beauty, right?

Seo In-guk Before and After Debut

Now that we’ve talked about Seo In-guk’s cosmetic surgery issues, we’d better look in Seo In-guk’s photo collection and see the photographs from right before and after his debut! Let’s take a look!

Pic 3 - Did Seo In Guk undergo plastic surgery?

Seo In-guk, as a baby and a teen. His gaze didn’t change, did it?

Pic 4 - Did Seo In Guk undergo plastic surgery?The ‘fierce’ look in his eyes didn’t change, right? But his jawline looks sharper than before, and his cheeks look tapered, it would just be due to his diet. Who’s missing Seo In-guk’s chubby cheeks?

But still, some people might think that Seo In-guk underwent cosmetic surgery, whether that’s on his cheeks, his eyes, or his jawline.

Pic 5 - Did Seo In Guk undergo plastic surgery?

Pic 6 - Did Seo In Guk undergo plastic surgery?In this picture, Seo In-guk’s expression looks really similar, right? The difference was just in his hairstyle. So, does one guy think that he really had cosmetic surgery, after all?

It doesn’t really matter whether he has or not, as long as he always proves to excel in his career. As fans, we always should support Seo In-guk!

Did Seo In Guk undergo plastic surgery? Don’t forget to catch up with the South Korean celebrity’s news with us every day!