Did Park Bo-gum undergo plastic surgery?

Cover - Did Park Bo-gum undergo plastic surgery?

Did Park Bo-gum undergo plastic surgery? I believe this information will make you guys surprised. Let’s discover with us! 

The Handsome Actor Park Bo-gum

Who doesn’t know Park Bo-gum? This guy has succeeded in making everyone fall loving with him. Whether you’re a boy or a lady, old or young, you’re guaranteed to be charmed by his kind and polite demeanor. additionally, the actor who starred back 1988 (2015-2016) and Moonlight Lovers (2016) is thought to own a handsome face that seems as if God sculptured it by Himself. Many female celebrities claim him as their ideal type. However, have you ever ever heard that Bo-gum may have or may haven’t undergone cosmetic surgery before? does one think that he was born handsome or does one think there’s a surgery knife collaborating in his perfect face?

Don’t think an excessive amount about it, this text will provide you with before and after pictures of Park Bo-gum and you’ll be able to be the judge of your own opinion. So don’t close the tab yet and keep scrolling until the end!

Who is Park Bo-gum?

Pic 1 - Did Park Bo-gum undergo plastic surgery?

Park Bo-gum (박보검) was born on June 16, 1993, in Seoul, South Korea, and is widely known for his admirable acting skill and has starred in various films/drama like Runaway Cop (2012), The Admiral: Roaring Currents (2014), Naeil’s Cantabile (2014), Hello Monster (2015), Reply 1988 (2015-2016), Moonlight Lovers (2016), TvN’s Boyfriend (2018) and plenty of more. He’s the youngest artist to be named Actor of the Year by Gallup Korea, and also the primary actor to top the Korea Power Celebrity list by Forbes.

Aside from acting, Bo-gum also has experience in hosting TV shows like Music Bank and received the simplest Newcomer Award at KBS Entertainment Awards in 2015. His talent doesn’t stop there, for he is also proved that he can sing also when he contributed in singing for Moonlight Lovers’ OST titled My Person (내 사람) (2016), and released one titled Let’s go see the celebrities (별 보러 가자) (2018).

Park Bo-gum and cosmetic surgery Rumor

Most plastic surgery rumors must be involved around facelift. Why? One possible reason is that Asian people tend to possess rounder noses, yet, supported Korean ‘beauty standards’, the foremost appealing nose is one that’s sharp with a thinner nose bridge and smaller nostrils.

Many netizens accused Park Bo-gum of getting his face lifting done because there are slight differences in his nose shape. However, is it really caused by plastic surgery? Or is it really just Bo-gum growing up and developed more mature features. take a look at the photographs below and allow us to know what you think that within the comment section!

Pic 2 - Did Park Bo-gum undergo plastic surgery?

Pic 3 - Did Park Bo-gum undergo plastic surgery?

Pic 4 - Did Park Bo-gum undergo plastic surgery?

Park Bogum and Jawline Surgery Rumor

For a man, having a pointy jawline can portray a more masculine and powerful image, which is why many men think that a more defined jawline looks better and is more appealing. Thus, it’s not uncommon that several male celebrities undergo jawline reconstruction surgery just to carve out their desired jaw shape.

In Park Bo-gum’s case, netizens who assume that he went through cosmetic surgery argue that his younger pictures show a rounder chin and jawline, but his recent looks show a more defined and chiseled jawline. Does one think it’s possible that he had reconstructed his jaw, or is it just the process of remodeling into adulthood?

Take a glance at these before and after pictures below and share your thoughts!

Pic 5 - Did Park Bo-gum undergo plastic surgery?

Pic 6 - Did Park Bo-gum undergo plastic surgery?Did Park Bo-gum undergo plastic surgery? Don’t forget to catch up with the South Korean celebrity’s news with us every day!