Did Kim Ji Won undergo plastic surgery?

Cover - Did Kim Ji Won undergo plastic surgery?

Did Kim Ji Won undergo plastic surgery? Do you expect to know the truth? Today, let’s discover the truth with Xenews!

The Beautiful Actress Kim Ji-won

As an influential person, having a stimulating look may be a must. For an actress, the face is that the most significant part to create a beautiful appear at. Kim Ji-won could be a famous Korean actress who contains a pretty face and has been chosen several times as a brand ambassador for beauty products. As her dramas like The Heirs, To the attractive You, and Fight for My Way gained the spotlight, people began to concentrate on her face transformation which led to a suspicious rumor stating she had cosmetic surgery. although she has not replied to the present rumor yet, people made a before-and-after comparison to work out the transformation of her face intimately over time. Let’s take a look!

Plastic Surgery Rumors

Nose Job

Pic 1 - Did Kim Ji Won undergo plastic surgery?

Nose jobs are the foremost common surgery celebrities have done. That’s because the nose is taken into account as the face’s central part. it’s believed that nose changes also can change the face’s overall look.

Despite the rumors, Kim Ji-won’s nose remains identical. Her nose has always been proportioned and balanced. Though it’s not very sharp, it suits her o.k.. Just study Kim Ji-won’s pictures. Is it cosmetic surgery or simply makeup contouring?

Botox Injections

Pic 2 - Did Kim Ji Won undergo plastic surgery?

Kim Ji-won’s cheeks look slightly shiny and plumped. If you compare Kim Ji-won’s now-and-then pictures, you may see that she did, in fact, have Botox injected into her face to stop her cheeks from sagging. Her chin also looks a touch bit detached.

Eyelid Surgery

Pic 3 - Did Kim Ji Won undergo plastic surgery?

If you have a look at her face carefully, you’ll find a giant difference together with her eyelids which seem bigger than before.

Facial Fillers

Pic 4 - Did Kim Ji Won undergo plastic surgery?Kim Ji-won’s cheeks look very bloated and puffy. But, her weight still remains identical. Does one guy think this might happen without some facial work?

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