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I thought the premise of this show, D Day (2015) would be intriguing, showing what would happen to Seoul, an Asian country, if an unexpected earthquake of 6.5 on the ordered series would hit the town. Seoul’s buildings are only built to face up to a 4.0 on the Richter scale: there would be massive devastation if one were to hit much over that. the primary few episodes had me on the sting of my seat, especially episode 3 when the disaster struck. This small pay cable station jtbc must have spent a FORTUNE on lighting tricks to indicate the horror of what would happen during such a disaster, to buildings, subways and other transportation, bridges, electrical grids, communication towers, etc. It truly was frightening, there was nowhere to travel where anyone can be safe — you only had to pray!

And because it is usually the case with natural disasters infringing on man’s peace and security, the disaster doesn’t end when the buildings stop collapsing and also the ground stops shaking and cracking. People don’t think clearly, they act in irrational fear and sometimes put their lives which of their fellow man into more danger within the aftermath. the main focus on D-Day is largely on one group of doctors, split between two different hospitals, and when one hospital collapses because it is a very old building dedicated to caring for the poor that leaves just one hospital available for the masses of individuals who suddenly need medical aid, even life-saving surgery. The catch? This surviving hospital was a non-public hospital that only catered to rich folks with insurance and money. How do i small group of doctors and nurses suddenly handle literally thousands of patients bushed distress? Will the private rich hospital even want to worry for any of them? What about medical supplies for even the foremost basic items, like cuts and bruises? Or what happens to wounded people when antiseptics run out and there are no thanks for fighting infections? What happens to diabetic those that can’t get any longer medications? Our doctors and other medical people have their lives turned the wrong way up in one hour, almost like how Americans must have felt on 9/11.

All of those actors were fabulous and that they were those who kept me coming to observe through all twenty episodes. I grew to worry about these characters a lot. I do feel that because it wound down the script could be better, given them more focus and more reason for hope, but I could tell that everybody within the cast was literally EXHAUSTED by the top of this drama. It wasn’t just makeup, they looked exhausted physically and emotionally. they ought to all get awards for pure stamina alone!

Also, after some episodes, we start to determine more of a research and rescue team furthermore, and their lives dedicated to service first, their own needs second. Very inspiring.

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The Story of D Day

Dr. Lee Hae Sung (Kim Young Kwang from Pinocchio in a very masterfully brilliant performance stuffed with complexity) could be a surgeon at a charity hospital whose moral compass is strongly influenced by his devotion to his comatose mother. His character bears similarity to Dr. Kim Tae Hyun (Joo Won) of Yong Pal, therein he’s willing to travel to any lengths to help patients in need, whether or not it means risking his own life. In his personal life, he includes a rather fractious relationship along with his younger brother Lee Woo Sung (Song Ji Ho) a hearth and rescue worker who blames Hae Sung for not having the ability to save lots of their mother from falling into a vegetative state.

Hae Sung meets up with a reasonably female intern doctor from Busan, Jung Ddol Mi (Jung So Min from someone and Playful Kiss), who perks his interest and just once they are becoming to understand one another a small amount and to begin to trust each other, a serious disaster hits Seoul, a 6.5 on the ordered series earthquake that destroys buildings and practically all infrastructure within the city. they’re thrown together for real now, and their first medical job is to save lots of pregnant women trapped in a very car who is close to giving birth to twins! Even babies can’t look forward to disasters to finish before coming into this world!

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Hundreds of people start to indicate up at the charity hospital where Hae Sung works and where his comatose mother could be a long-run patient. After he assists within the birth of the babies both Jae Sung and Ddol Mi should convince everyone to depart the hospital because they see the walls commencing to crack inside and that they sense this old building won’t last for much longer. Hae Sung and Ddol Mi create makeshift incubators for the twins, but the mother in a wheelchair puts his own mother in a very wheelchair, and off they’re going to undertake and find another hospital that will take them.

Two male patients don’t seem to be trusting this example and run back inside the crumbling hospital, with Hae Sung chasing after them, but almost as soon because the men enter the building it starts to collapse, and that they are trapped inside. Horrified, Hae Sung tries to rescue them, he can hear someone crying out inside and he starts crying himself because he can’t reach them. This moment will still haunt him for an extended time afterward. Eventually, he has no other choice but to return to the living patients who need him. The group finds themselves at the pier and someone volunteers to run a ferry for all in order that they can find another hospital without having to steer all the way. As they’re able to relax for a quick time on the ship they’re soon horrified to determine the disaster that has fallen Seoul, with bridges cut in half and even the famous Namsen Tower destroyed.

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Superb CGI work here in D-Day showing earthquake damage
Everyone finishes up at the rich private hospital called Mirae Hospital, and Hae Sung implores the difficult to house Director Park Gun (veteran actor Lee Kyoung Young) to just accept the triaged victim patients he has rescued. Director Park capitulates after a fight, but only because he realizes that Hae Sung includes a VIP patient with him who is clinging to life and it’ll be good eventually for publicity for his hospital if he treats this man well. one amongst the lead surgeons at Mirae, Doctor Han Woo Jin (Ha Seok Jin from Shark), is unsure of the wisdom of accepting these patients and he butts heads with Hae Sung over their treatments.

Spunky Ddol Mi pipes up that she is accustomed to respect, Dr. Han, because within the past he had saved her life, but not anymore due to his lack of empathy for the patients with no money. it is not for quite a while that a humanization process changes Dr. Han’s outlook, mostly thanks to an encroaching illness that may negatively affect his own life, and he eventually even involves a degree where he will fight against Director Park over what he feels is that the right thing to try and do during the certain medical crisis that develop, sort of a lack of supplies because of the shortcoming of the skin world to bring needed assistance, or who should be turned off from their doors in future.

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Ddol Mi’s stubborn personality causes friction with An Dae Gil (Lee Seung Yeol from high school – Love On), a spoiled young doctor who cares more about himself than others. Dae Gil entered the medical field to become an operating surgeon and is put off by the tough realities of a disaster-torn city. and everybody dislikes the chubby Yoo Myung Hun (Ko Kyul Pil) who is lazy and always tries to wiggle out of doing any quiet surgery he considers beneath him … which practically means EVERY surgery.

Thankfully we’ve other doctors and nurses to admire, like Dr. Kang Joo Ran (Kim Hye Eun) who is married to an officer who struggles to assist town, Goo Ja Hyuk (Cha In Pyo, who played the president of the Republic of Korea within the 2013 disaster film The Flu, with Jang Hyuk and Soo Ae). Although their own son was injured within the earthquake they need to tear themselves off from his side so as to assist people. There’s also the daughter of the narcissist director Park, Park Ji Na (Yoon Joo Hee) who harbors not-so-secret romantic feelings for Dr. Han. She is extremely dedicated but her father ignores her and insults her. One of all the most sweetie-pies is nurse Kim Hyun Sook (Kim Jae Hwa) who is boldly dedicated to helping everyone she will. Even when she tries to think about herself for a flash it doesn’t quite work, she is correct back at her healing arts fully force.

One of the most effective and most admirable characters is fire and rescue chief Choi Il Sub (Kim Sang Ho from Doctor Stranger) who struggles round the clock without sleep to save lots of people trapped under buildings, even to the purpose where his own daughter loses a leg because he cannot be home to safeguard her alone. He rescues everyone he can, sort of a father and tiny son with pancreatic fibrosis, whom Dr. Lee eventually operates on, but the kid dies, infuriating Director Park who demands Dr. Lee leave his hospital without delay — and take his comatose mother with him!

I wouldn’t be a touch surprised if actor Kim Sang Ho wins acting awards for his performance here in D-Day). he’s employed with Dr. Lee’s younger brother and within the process, the boy finally matures and sees events more from his older brother’s point of view. Then tragedy strikes … will Dr. Lee ever be ready to recover? Will he and Ddol Mi ever learn to like each other, after they both live such stressful lives helping others, that there is little time left over for themselves?

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D-Day‘s action sequences and tricks are warranted a blockbuster film. The 2 things I might have changed if I were the scriptwriter:1) they gave an excessive amount of time and a spotlight to the narcissist bully Director Park. He had no business being within the medical field, he had no heart for patients, and 2) I might have definitely shown more of a trial from the international community to return to the rescue of South Koreans in Seoul. In the real world if Seoul suffered an earthquake of this magnitude there would be a global aid effort organized immediately to return to their rescue. A crippled Seoul makes it easy for the North to shake them even further with possible missile launches to attack the country. it absolutely was almost to the purpose of the irresponsibility of the scriptwriter to not show some effort like that occurring to assist the people. Within the drama, they were all by their little lonesomes trying to survive. In reality, you’d have an immediate military presence from both the US and Korean soldiers to take care of calm after the disaster. For these two things, I’ve got to knock some points off this drama. I used to be engrossed in it while watching it because I loved the characters — I just wanted to determine more help come to them from the surface.

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