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“Curtain Call” released the first teaser!

Kang Ha Neul and Ha Ji Won are tangled in an exceeding web of secrets in the “Curtain Call” preview. Check out the details right now!

The first teaser for the upcoming drama “Curtain Call” has been released!

KBS2’s “Curtain Call” could be a drama series that follows the story of Ja Geum Soon (Go Doo Shim), a North Korean woman who goes to the Republic of Korea and founds Paradise Hotel. With not much time left, she ropes in theatre actor Yoo Jae Heon (Kang Ha Neul) to satisfy her last wish, dragging him into an internet of secrets, truths, and lies as he pretends to be her grandson and becomes snarled with Ja Geum Soon’s circle of relatives.

“Curtain Call” is one of the foremost anticipated dramas to be aired during the second half of 2022, and also the newly released teaser has only served to elevate viewers’ excitement.

curtain call

The preview shows off the cast’s mesmerizing acting skills as scenes flash between past and present at a fast pace, showing sneak peeks of the grand story to return.

Ja Geum Soon appears to be reminiscing on past memories as she stares at an image frame when suddenly, the scene cuts to the past where a person and a girl (Kang Ha Neul and Ha Ji Won) are being chased by something as they last their lives, only to abruptly stop and gaze fondly at one another.

Right at the moment may be a scene showing the person (Kang Ha Neul) donning a North Korean uniform as he shouts, “The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea!” Tensions grow at the startling sound of gunfire, just for viewers to become somewhat relaxed but slightly confused as a mysterious man (Sung Dong Il) asks Yoo Jae Heon, “Would you prefer to place on a play with me?”

The mood and music turn mysterious as Park Se Yeon (Ha Ji Won) is shown working inside Paradise Hotel, appearing to be in a very rather tense standoff with someone whose identity isn’t revealed. The preview continues to indicate scene after scene in a rapid-fire style, throwing in bits of comedy alongside the intense and mysterious moments that leave viewers desirous to know more.

Curtain Call

Lastly, Yoo Jae Heon may be heard saying to Ja Geum Soon, “After I send you away, I have to return to where I belong. While I’m here, please use me.” The teaser concludes with the drama title seen over a waving curtain, harking back to a real thanks that signal the tip of the show.

Producers on the show promised, “You won’t be ready to tear your eyes away for even a flash thanks to these exciting stories and addictive plot lines which will only be found in ‘Curtain Call.’”

Watch the action-packed trailer here!

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