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Crush’s recent Instagram story to talk about his opinion about recent rumor!

Crush’s recent Instagram story raises questions on whether he’s concerning recent events associated with ITZY Ryujin’s ‘V Live’

Crush’s recent Instagram story raised questions on whether he was relating recent events associated with ITZY member Ryujin’s ‘V Live’ comments.

On October 5, Crush took to his personal Instagram and posted a series of messages. Crush wrote, “Happiness is attitude. Irrespective of how you look, friendliness causes you to into the foremost beautiful person in the world.” Following his post, many netizens took to varied online community forums to share their thoughts on whether or not they thought Crush was indirectly bearing on earlier events.

Recently, Ryujin and Yeji held a ‘V Live’ broadcast where Ryujin read out a comment touching on Crush. When Yeji failed to understand what this comment meant, Ryujin, ahead of all their fans watching on V Live, told Yeji, “Because [Crush] is dating Joy sunbaenim.” Following this, many criticized Ryujin for her thoughtless behavior in talking about another female idol’s relationship ahead of innumerable fans.


Netizens commented:

“She has nothing to mention whether or not [Crush] targets her. Crush and Joy must be so annoyed.”

“What quite an idol is crazy enough to speak about another idol sunbae’s relationship…She was thoughtless and ITZY’s fans were attacking Crush with curses, so I believe Crush is targeting Ryujin.”

“Crush also uploaded something like this when he received hate after he was discharged from the military. So I believe he’s addressing the problem regarding Ryujin.”

“If I were a celeb, I’d hate it if someone talked about my relationship and an organization junior at that too. Lol.”

“Are Ryujin and Joy even close? Joy is that the biggest victim here.”

“Ryujin mentioned it so casually, so I believed they were within the same company for a flash.”

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