Cha Eun Woo and Hwang In Yeop will make you surprised because they studied in the Philippines

Did you know that ‘True Beauty’ stars Cha Eun Woo and Hwang In Yeop studied in the Philippines?

Two of the foremost influential actors in Korean entertainment today are the True Beauty stars Cha Eun Woo and Hwang In Yeop. And apart from functioning on the identical project, both actors share a standard experience that almost all of their fans do not know about – Cha Eun Woo and Hwang In Yeop studied within the Philippines!

On Jan. 6, various posts circulated online and set the social media platforms abuzz, claiming that Hwang In Yeop has stayed and studied within the Philippines.

According to Sunstar Philippines, in an exceedingly report on Jan. 8, this was discovered by the actor’s Filipino fans through a series of old yearbook photos and sophistication pictures. the pictures also immediately went viral, confirming that Hwang In Yeop studied the Philippines. Particularly, in Davao City way back in 2008 to pursue a course in college.

The famous second lead of “True Beauty” attended the Philippine Nikkei Jin Kai International School. At first, fans weren’t sure about the sudden news, not until his professor who also studied and worked therein school confirmed that the actor had spent years studying there.

There were photos showing that Hwang In Yeop was crowned as Mr. Intrams 2008. On the identical night of Jan. 6, the Fine Arts and style Student Organization (FADSO) of Philippine Women’s College of Davao, also gave their statement through their official Facebook account verifying that actor Hwang In Yeop was dubbed as “Ryan” by his previous organization’s family which he graduated with a degree in Bachelor of Arts Major in Fashion Design in 2012.

FADSO’s post included statements claiming that Hwang In Yeop accustomed be a model for his fellow fashion students. The organization also expressed its gratitude for the continued success of its former org member.

To give relation to the artist’s image and for the higher career that’s prior him, we’ll not be publishing the photos that circulated online, this can be to shield and respect actor Hwang In Yeop. We are soliciting for your understanding and should you still support him in his future projects.

Meanwhile, his co-star and ASTRO member Cha Eun Woo, also referred to as Lee Su Ho within the ongoing drama “True Beauty,” didn’t just visit the Philippines for K-Pop concert tours but he also stayed within the country for 6 months when he was still a child, and studied English.

This is also one among the explanations why Filipinos are near his heart, for the Philippines has become his home even in exactly a brief period of your time. The last time he visited the Philippines was on October 26, 2019, during a solo concert. He even sang a Tagalog song titled “Kathang Isip” by the famous Filipino band Ben&Ben.

These Korean actors don’t seem to be just talented but also well-rounded folks that are kind-hearted and needing to learn. Fans aren’t just the one who tries to like and understand other cultures, Korean celebrities are open in welcoming and loving other cultures likewise.

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