Christian Yu: Former C-CLOWN member to a founder of dream perfect regime!

Christian Yu: Profile, facts, MV, relationship with CL. That will make you amazing!

Christian Yu or famously called DPR’s Ian has gained lots of attention from the general public, especially after his involvement because he is the founding father of DPR! Having been starting his career as a K-Pop group member, Christian Yu was eventually ‘reborn’ with a replacement image. Through this text, Channel Korea will notify you of each detail about Christian Yu, so stay tuned!

Christian Yu’s Profile

  • Birth Name: Christian Yu (크리스찬 유)
  • Korean Name: Yu Ba-rom (유바롬)
  • Stage Name: Ian
  • Date of Birth: Sydney, Australia, September 6, 1990
  • Age: 30 years old
  • Zodiac Sign: Virgo
  • Nationality: Korean-Australian
  • Height: 174 cm
  • Weight: 60 kg
  • Blood Type: A
  • Occupation: Rapper, Director, Composer, Producer, Chief Editor
  • Years Active: 2012 – present
  • Label: Yedang Entertainment, DPR (Dream Perfect Regime)
  • Associated With: C-CLOWN, DPR LIVE
  • Instagram: @dprian
  • Twitter: @DPRIAN_

Interesting facts about Christian Yu that you simply must know!

  • Christian Yu is spoken English and Korean
  • He was accustomed to studying at the University of Sydney
  • Christian Yu was 18 years old when he moved to South Korea to chase after his dream
  • He is Christian, and his first name is Paul
  • His mother was his biggest inspiration
  • Christian loves tattoos, motorbikes, swimming, and collecting professional cameras
  • Christian extremely sucks at watching scary movies
  • He likes to cook for himself in addition to his other friends
  • Christian’s favorite music genres are jazz, heavy metal, and rock
  • Christian also watches anime
  • Christian is accustomed be a part of a dance crew named Kill.U.Strate together with DPR Live

Details about Christian Yu’s career in K-Pop show business

Here’s the whole story of Christian Yu’s career journey!

His Debut with C-Clown as Rome

Christian Yu has started his career within the K-Pop industry with the anonym ‘Rome’ from the boy group C-CLOWN. it had been a boy group under Yedang Entertainment and consisted of six members like Rome, Ray, Siwoo, Kangjun, T.K, and Maru. In C-CLOWN, Christian Yu was responsible for being the leader, main dancer, and main rapper.

The name ‘C-CLOWN’ stood for ‘Crown Clown’, meanwhile it had been pronounced as ‘Cyclone’. C-CLOWN was debuted on July 19, 2012, by releasing the primary mini-album entitled Not Alone with Solo serving because the title track. On a subsequent day, C-CLOWN was made their debut performance through M! COUNTDOWN.

During their era, C-CLOWN became extremely popular and has released a bunch of great albums like Young Love, Shaking Heart, Let’s Love, and other digital singles in addition. However, their fame didn’t last long.

Yedang Entertainment eventually announced that C-CLOWN was officially disbanded on October 4, 2015. They also revealed that the members would be separated from their own future activities. As a farewell, Christian Yu has confirmed the disbandment through his Twitter at that point.

The establish of DPR and famously referred to as DPR’s Ian

After the disbandment of C-CLOWN, Christian Yu has found a brand new career journey for him! He was surprised by the fans after establishing multi-genre music and video group named DPR (Dream Perfect Regime). they’re also known for creating, direct, produce, and edit all sorts of visual work and curate artists from varied musical backgrounds!

In DPR, Christian Yu was guilty because the founder, director, and editor chief likewise. Later on, he was famously called DPR’s Ian! Through DPR, Christian Yu was finally made his solo debut on October 26, 2020, by releasing a digital single entitled So Beautiful. Christian Yu participated because the composer was still. After all, the writer for this beautiful, meanwhile the one was provided R&B and Soul genre.

He also released the subsequent single entitled No Blueberries which collaboration between DPR Live and CL. Christian Yu was successfully reborn with a replacement image which totally different from his past image as a boy group member! He was made people getting very amazed with him because of his explorative music, his amazing skills as editor chief, and clearly his ‘original’ concept!

Christian Yu’s MV Throughout the Years

Let’s take a glance at Christian Yu’s appearance through these music videos here:

Christian Yu’s appearance in one in every of C-CLOWN’s MV was looked very young yet masculine at the identical time! With a black tux and straight black hair, Christian Yu was amazed us together with his K-Pop member style!

So Beautiful has provided monochrome vibes with accentuating the visual effects! No wonder, Christian Yu has amazing taste when it involves visuals and art which made him create such an incredible music video!

The MV for No Blueberries also made people gasp through the primary time they need to see it! The scenes also reminded us of Hollywood movies, with bright visual colors that made the entire set was looked very incredible!

What is the connection between Christian Yu and former 2NE1’s member CL?

Christian Yu became one of every of the foremost iconic topics among 2NE1 fans since his appearance because of the model through CL’s +5 STARS+ music video! Through the music video, CL and Christian Yu appeared as a pair with a passion for love. Moreover, the 2 of them also showing off such fluttering chemistry which made the fans wondering whether or not they are dating or not in real life!

It wasn’t the primary time Christian Yu and CL to working together. Previously, Christian Yu and CL wont to have a project through Christian Yu’s solo debut single So Beautiful. CL was made a cameo appearance through the music video which made it became even more interesting!

Back to the extraordinary chemistry of Christian Yu and CL on +5 STARS+, the ‘couple’ shared a bunch of romantic and adorable scenes like hanging around along with couple outfits, enjoyed the views of the gorgeous sea, hugging one another tightly, and plenty of more!

Since the 2 of them weren’t explained anything about their relationship, it gave the impression of they were just good friends and associates to every other. But, we could still wish them to be a true couple within the future, right?

Check out the adorable chemistry between Christian Yu and CL here:

About Christian Yu’s Ideal Type

Since Christian Yu hasn’t been attached to any relationship as of now, people return more interested in his ideal form of a girl! Through a particular interview, he was revealed that rather than looks, he cares even more about the sentiments toward his husband.

But, during his Instagram live it looks as if Christian Yu slightly opened about the perfect type. it absolutely was revealed that he didn’t have a perfect type, but one quality of the girl with who he would date includes a passion for something, strong characters, and independence as well!

That was all of the data regarding Christian Yu! He has been through plenty of phases in his career life, from a K-Pop group member to a soloist and director with such amazing skills. All hail to the one and only, Christian Yu! Well, which one in all your favorite eras from Christian Yu? allow us to know your answer through the comment section and don’t forget to share our article on your social media!

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