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Cheese in the Trap: From 2D to live-action

Cheese in the Trap may be a South Korean television series adapted from the Naver Webtoon with an identical name. The genre is (definitely) romance, friendship, family, with a psychological wrapping. This TV series aired on tvN every Monday and Tuesday between January 4th and March 1st, 2016, with sixteen episodes. The webtoon version itself was being updated from 2010 until 2016. The TV series was one of every of the massive hit dramas since the webtoon was also popular among comic lovers worldwide.

Park Hae-jin starred cheese within the Trap TV series as Yoo Jung, Kim Go-Eun as Hong Seol, Seo Kang-Joon as Baek In-ho, and Lee Sung-Kyung as Baek In-ha. These top actors and actresses displayed their acting skills in their roles okay. Unfortunately, the ending is different from the webtoon version because, at the time, the webtoon version hadn’t finished the story yet. many folks felt disappointed because the ending isn’t the type of closing story that viewers want. due to this controversial ending, the ultimate episode’s rating dropped all the way down to 5,87 %, from the same old rating coming to 6,48 %.

Curious about how this TV program goes? Let’s check this out! take care of the spoiler if you continue to want to determine it anyway.

Cheese in the Trap: Summary

Hong Seol may be a smart, diligent, and hard-working college student. She also includes a kind heart and likes to assist people around her (until a number of her friends start taking advantage of her). She is coming from a low-income family that runs a little restaurant. Hong Seol is often the ‘number one student because she always needs to ensure she gets a scholarship, which is given only to the simplest students, and her family can’t afford to pay her tuition fees.

Her life is okay until her senior Yoo Jung, a handsome, rich, polite, intelligent, and funky guy, comes back to the campus and joins her generation after being late for a year. in a very campus ceremony at a little restaurant, Hong Seol, who made a fresh come from her hiatus to figure, sees that Yoo Jung is so famous that everybody has gathered around him and overreacts to catch his attention.

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Hong Seol can see something that the opposite people can’t see. Yoo Jung includes a different face and meaning behind his perfect attitude. He acts as he cares, but he’s actually cold and manipulative and needs to manage everything around him. Unfortunately, while Hong Seol takes a glance at Jung’s mysterious act, he catches Hong Seol’s look and makes her uncomfortable. She thinks that Jung knows about her checking out about his true self, so she thinks Yoo Jung hates her significantly afterward day.

After that day, Hong Seol’s life starts to undergo plenty of changes. Her bad luck comes on a daily basis, and he or she suspects Yoo Jung of doing this since his attitude is different from her when nobody is around them. The ‘number one Hong Seol is additionally being replaced with Yoo Jung, so she can’t get a scholarship anymore.

Being very frustrated with the evil Yoo Jung, Hong Seol wants to require a hiatus yet again. But, suddenly, she is informed that her scholarship is being reinstated because Yoo Jung’s scholarship process has failed. She then comes back to the category, but now Yoo Jung is completely different from before! He suddenly approaches Hong Seol nicely, asking her for lunch and dinner numerous times, smiling at her, etc.

Pic 2 - Cheese in the trap Review (Part 1) Hong Seol thinks that this is often a part of his commitment to making her suffer, but the love between them starts blooming as time goes by. Hong Seol slowly accepts Yoo Jung in her life. But, there’s still a gaffe in Hong Seol’s heart since she knows that Yoo Jung encompasses a disorder, making him a cold-hearted man who doesn’t have any empathy for others. Yoo Jung, step by step, proves to Hong Seol that her previous bad luck wasn’t due to him. In fact, Yoo Jung helps her behind the scene.

Their awkward relationship gets even more awkward with the arrival of the troublemaker (yet handsome) twin, Baek In-ho, and his sister Baek In-ha. They accustomed be Yoo Jung’s step-siblings, but thanks to Baek In-ho and Yoo Jung’s accident, they chose to measure separated from him. Baek In-ho could be a mess and a grumpy man, but he actually cares for others, especially his crazy twin In-ha.

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Baek In-ha may be a lazy, mad, and wicked woman who uses her beauty to urge some money from men and always wants to catch Yoo Jung’s attention. She also often spends Yoo Jung’s father’s money on buying unnecessary expensive things. The arrival of those twins makes Hong Seol’s life even more complicated.

Cheese in the Trap controversial ending (SPOILER ALERT!)

Pic 4 - Cheese in the trap Review (Part 1) As the TV show’s final episode approached, the webtoon was still a great deal on, and also the story wasn’t finished, therefore the drama had to finish before the comic. the ultimate episode started with the unconscious Hong Seol, who was rushed to the hospital after being shoved into traffic. Yoo Jung accompanies her as she is being taken to surgery, and also the doctors reveal that the surgery goes well. Seol’s family arrives at the hospital, and everybody feels relieved.

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Yoo Jung then approaches Baek In-ha at the station, he confronts her about causing Hong Seol’s accident, so Baek In-ho arrives. He threatens In-ho that if anything happens to Seol, he will kill him. Baek In-ho wants to travel to the hospital, but Nerdy calls him out because In-ha is taken to a mental institution as per the Chairman’s decision (to hide In-ha to guard his company’s pride). Baek In-ho accompanies his sister all day long to form sure that each one is nice, but In-ha keeps rejecting him.

Pic 6 - Cheese in the trap Review (Part 1)Back at the hospital, the Chairman visits Hong Seol’s family and says that he will make sure of all the fees, and he will do his best to assist Seol. Yoo Jung watches this with dark eyes because he knows his father has no altruism in him. He wants to shield his pride. At this point, Yoo Jung is blaming himself for creating Seol suffer thanks to him. He thinks that she wouldn’t be like this if she had never met him in the first place. Yoo Jung fights himself a lot, whether to possess Seol at his side to alleviate his ego or leave Seol for her own well-being. Well, Yoo Jung chooses the second choice.

Hong Seol wakes up at the hospital and can’t see Yoo Jung around. Eun-taek and Bora also are questioning Yoo Jung’s absence. She feels so sad because the longer she spent along with him feeling strange, awkward, and afraid, she even ought to know another side of him that she doesn’t really need to go away from him alone. When she finally comes home, Yoo Jung visits her without wearing their couple ring. Yoo Jung asks Seol to interrupt up to forestall Hong Seol from suffering even more. Anyone would force the lock tears once they watch this scene. Seol then locks herself within the room thanks to the unbearable sadness.

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Baek In-ho visits Hong Seol’s family to inform them that he has decided to resign and concentrate on his career as a pianist. In-ho also says goodbye to Hong Seol, and Seol wishes him good luck in his day’s competition. Baek In-ha is additionally finally released from the institution and is given some punishment. She texts Seol to mention sorry and tells her that Jung are leaving at 3 PM. Seeing the clock ticking to 3:01 PM, she bursts into tears while Jung leaves somewhere, bringing with him his precious memories of Hong Seol.

Pic 8 - Cheese in the trap Review (Part 1)Three years later, Hong Seol has finally gotten her dream job. Bora has opened her own store and is dating Eun-taek, the rising star of Korea. Baek In-ho has become a world-famous genius pianist, in the course of his sister. Hong Seol herself doesn’t quit on her feelings for Yoo Jung. She keeps sending emails to Yoo Jung, but those emails just remain unread. within the last scene, Hong Seol is thinking back on Jung’s precious memories ahead of her computer, and suddenly her mom calls her. we are able to see Hong Seol’s computer screen; the unread sign becomes read, and Yoo Jung’s voice calls pops and says, “Seol-ah!” Then, we see the flashback memories of when Yoo Jung and Hong Seol were spending their time together happily soft on.

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