Cheese in the trap Review (Part 2)

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Today, we will have Cheese in the trap review (Part 2)! Are you excited about our review? Let’s watch this wonderful drama!

Cheese in the Trap: Review

The story committed very well; the characters themselves have their own personal struggles. The unique side is that the psychological element during this drama when the cold-hearted man met the super kind woman and fell dotty. From hate to like relationship. As soon because the relationship started improving, the twins In-ha and In-ho involved Hong Seol in their own problems. the most idea of this drama is kind of clever, unique, and original.

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However, the ending brought disappointment to the viewers because it absolutely was a tragic ending. Hong Seol shouldn’t have separated from Yoo Jung simply because he couldn’t pander to himself. The characters’ struggles for years are all for nothing at the end; there’s no turning point for the cold-hearted Yoo Jung which will be proven by his attitude, only his mind. He chooses to go away Seol for a noble reason, but the very fact is that he just caused them both additional suffering.

The webtoon version, on the opposite hand, actually contains a happy end. Yoo Jung finally realizes and expresses his true feelings for Hong Seol by crying ahead of her. He turns to a far better person for Seol, and Seol herself supports Yoo Jung by staying by his side. this type of ending is what viewers want to work out, a contented ending with an honest solution to the characters’ complicated problems. the sole ending that satisfied the viewers was that In-ho finally became a famous pianist, and his hand fully healed. Bora also ending up with Eun-taek, after their unspoken love.

If we glance at the characters’ appearances within the drama and compare them to those within the webtoon version, we are able to immediately notice differences. Yoo Jung is really quite almost like his webtoon version, but Kim Go-Eun is simply too chubby, and her hair is just too tousled compared to the webtoon version of Hong Seol, who is super skinny with orange and wavy hair. Baek In-ho and Baek In-ha are said to own a western-look within the webtoon version.

In the drama version, Baek In-ho seems like a Japanese with a bit little bit of western touch, while Baek In-ha is truly a Korean face. For the folks that have read the webtoon version first, it must are a touch bit disappointing after they realized the selection of actors and actresses for the characters. But, Kim Go-Eun and Lee Sung-Kyung delivered the characters’ personalities very well, making them like the webtoon version although their look isn’t really suitable.

Pic 2 - Cheese in the trap Review (Part 2)Well, in reality, any ending could are unsatisfying for the viewers. As entertainment connoisseurs, we will just enjoy what the TV delivers to us. I rate this drama 8/10. The drama is worth watching thanks to its smart plot; however, make preparations to be furious at the top of the drama. you’ll be able to read the webtoon version to urge the happy ending version of Hong Seol and Yoo Jung.

Cheese in the Trap webtoon ending: How different is it from the live-action?

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The ending is one of the foremost important parts of stories. many folks are interested in the ending of a story they read or watch. And most people need a happy ending for the story that they read or watch because they are doing not like sad endings that may make them feel sad and frustrated.

Unfortunately, we cannot expect that each story will have a cheerful ending because the writers have their own perspectives and ideas about ending the story they write. Whether it’s a contented ending or a tragic ending, only the story’s writer will decide what ending they require to put in writing.

For Cheese in the Trap itself, because the story has two versions (webtoon and drama) with two different writers, the stories’ ending has some differences.

The story encompasses a happy ending for the webtoon version where the most characters of the story, Yoo Jung and Hong Seol, are still together and revel in their relationship as lovers while there are many problems in their life and relationship. While within the drama version, the story includes a sad ending where Yoo Jung and Hong Seol cut up and are going their separate ways. Of course, this can be very different from the webtoon version. while the drama was adapted from the webtoon, but at some points, there are many differences, including the ending of the story, which is that the opposite of the webtoon version.

Many people are disappointed with the drama’s ending because the ending wasn’t something that they expected. nobody likes sad endings, especially on balance Yoo Jung and Hong Seol’s struggles in their life and relationship. Still, not every story will have a contented ending, rather like what people want and expect. It depends on the author.

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