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Do EXO members smoke? Find out some rumors surrounding EXO, check the details below with us right now!

Calling all the EXO-L fans out there! EXO is one of the boy groups that has been raised under SM Entertainment since 2011 and has already made all their fans fall gaga with them. With their faces, their dance moves, their voices, and their melodies, EXO must be one of the most important boy groups out there.

But, we’re gonna talked a couple of recent controversies that’s plagued the group. Do EXO members smoke? Through this text, Xenews will present you with the members of EXO, and can answer that question!

EXO’s Members Smoking


People might believe that each one of the EXO members was smoking but looks like that wasn’t true. A number of EXO members were reportedly caught smoking, though, including D.O, Sehun, the group’s former member Tao, and Kai.

EXO’s D.O was once reportedly known to be smoking since there was an image of him that showed him with a cigarette while he was at the airport. Despite there being some backlash over the photo, his fans don’t seem concerned.


Next, we’ve got EXO’s Kai. He once reportedly had a smoke while he was on vacation together with his girlfriend of the time, f(x)’s Krystal. This one made the EXO-L go crazy and acquire pretty angry. There’s also an image where Kai may be seen smoking on a lawn.



Last, we’ve Sehun and EXO’s former member, Tao. Both of them were shown in a very lounge together, and they’re holding the cigarettes in their hands. EXO-L didn’t want them to be smoking, and they’re hoping Sehun and Tao would take better care of their health.

sehun tao

EXO Members Drinking


Have members of the boy-group been drinking, too? It looks like all of EXO’s members are caught drinking, and we could even say that it’s a typical thing in South Korea.

In one interview, when the group appeared as guest stars on SBS Power FM’s, The Cultwo Show, EXO’s Baekhyun explained what one in all his mates, Xiumin, actually did when he was drunk. Baekhyun said that Xiumin would speak his deepest thoughts, and would tell people the identical story over and yet again. He also gets clingy when he’s drunk.


EXO’s Suho also talked about his drinking habits. He said that he doesn’t drink plenty, because he should stay fit and make sure of his health. He might just drink two bottles of soju.


EXO’s Chen said about his own drinking habits that he accustomed feel fine after one or two bottles of soju, and he was still healthy.


It’s different from EXO’s Baekhyun. He said that he can only drink one bottle of soju, and subsequently, he might need to come back home.


Sehun is another of the group’s members who drink, and Sehun was even reportedly involved in a drunk driving incident. There’s a video of Sehun within the airport, and he looks drunk. He was walking together with his head down and suddenly pounded his hand against the banister. Fans think that he looks cute when he gets drunk.


What about EXO’s Chanyeol? just like the other members we’ve discussed to this point, he does have the occasional drink. There’s a story that he visited a gathering, and his reaction was so funny. After he tried the wine, he suddenly stuck out his tongue, finding the wine much too bitter for him.


EXO’s Sehun Smoking


As we know, Oh Se-hun or also called EXO’s Sehun was the maknae of the group. therewith angelic face, great dancing skills, good voice, and obvious charisma, it’s very easy to fall smitten with him. But, did EXO’s Sehun really start smoking?

There’s an image that showed Sehun having a smoke, and he was holding the cigarette in his hand. He wasn’t alone within the picture, either, there’s his other mate in EXO, Tao, right there with him.

sehun tao

They look like two normal guys sitting together at a lounge, and holding cigarettes in their hands. Neither Sehun or Tao are teenagers anymore, they’re well into adulthood, so maybe it’s not such a surprise they could be smoking. Either way, Sehun, and Tao are public figures and will take better care of their images, especially publically.

But still, EXO-L (the name for EXO’s fan) has denied the problems. Most of them still believe that the images are edited, considering that EXO’s comeback was already close when it all happened.

Another picture has been circulated of a man therewith half-blond hair like Sehun’s. A source said that the guy was EXO’s Sehun, and was holding a cigarette in his hand while he using his telephone. So, does one think that the guy was really EXO’s Sehun, or simply someone with similar hair?


EXO’s D.O Smoking


After we’ve talked about EXO’s Sehun and his controversial smoking issues, now we’re gonna go on to EXO’s D.O Kyungsoo. similar to his other groupmates in EXO, Sehun, and Tao, there’s been an image that has been spread around showing EXO’s D.O Kyungsoo was holding a cigarette hidden during a poke.

do smoking

Some sources said that he was bought it for himself, but a number of them, especially EXO-L, said that it wasn’t his. Speculation spread and a few people thought that he may have bought it for somebody else.

Well, whether it had been his or not, we obviously hope that EXO’s D.O Kyungsoo pays attention to taking excellent care of his health.

do exo

That’s some rumors surrounding EXO, comment below if you know something. 

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