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Check out top Korean star hair trends of 2020 that you should try

Feeling bored of looking at your same ol’ tresses? Let’s check out top Korean star hair trends of 2020 that you should try.

If you’re been looking at your hair lately and all you can conjure up is a resounding “meh”, then consider these nifty hair trends that have been making waves around South Korea (and abroad)—plenty of admirable head-turns guaranteed!

Ash tones


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Okay, this trend may not have started out in 2020 but it’s one that’s definitely not dying down anytime soon because Koreans just can’t get enough of this metallic shade (and we can’t too!). And it’s all because of a little colour theory: Koreans tend to have naturally red undertones in their hair, according to popular hairstylist Kim Sunwoo. The cool ash tones work to cancel out the red hues. For those with complexions that have red and yellow undertones, ash tones can also beautifully brighten up your face and add a touch of youthfulness. Some of the popular hair colours to go with ash tones are grey, lavender and lilac.

Bleached fringe


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A trend that really took off this year is none other than the love-it-or-hate-it bleached fringe look (you know where we stand on this, though). While you might think someone ran out of bleach halfway, it’s actually the perfect hair trend if you don’t feel like committing to a full-on bleach job. The contrast between the crisp platinum blonde against the jet-black hair makes for a totally chic understated look. And even better, the bleached strips also work as perfect canvases if you want to slap on other colours to jazz it up every now and then—Twice’s Chaeyoung went with a deep emerald green to set her side-swept bangs apart.

Bambi brown


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This hair colour took off in 2019 but it’s still going strong. The trendy hair colour originated in one of Korea’s biggest hair salons, Chahong and was inspired by the Disney deer’s light brown fur shade. “We put in a grey tone for a clear brown, then a chocolate brown [that looks like] Bambi’s fur,” the salon explains. Short bobs will see a pop of red undertones while longer tresses will have a more gradient effect, which adds another layer of dimension to the shade. Not to mention, this milky chocolate hue will look great on any skin tone. If you’re looking for a subtle hair transformation, Bambi brown will give off the perfect je ne sais quoi that will leave people marvelling at your quiet beauty.

Curtain bangs


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Remember when wispy bangs were all the rage? Well, they still are but Bae Suzy’s rendition of the popular trend has been getting a ton of buzz lately. The difference? These Bridgett Bardot-inspired bangs is slightly ‘fuller’ than their wispy sisters. Suzy also just so slightly parts her bangs down the middle instead of pushing them fully to the side, giving off a more playful girl-next-door vibe. It’s simple yet effective enough to spruce up your entire look.

Face line cut


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Are you often conscious of your round cheeks? Don’t worry, this latest hair trend will give you that V-shaped face in a snap. Known as the ‘face line cut’, it has “hair along the forehead and sideburns being cut very short, like baby hairs,” says Song Yein of Allure Korea. The aim of this look naturally frames the face by creating wispiness along the hairline (so you can ditch the jaw contouring in the morning, score!). With this trend, less is more. As Song explains, “In particular, soft lines rather than strong lines are now popular.”

Above are top Korean star hair trends of 2020 that you should try. Stay tuned and for more Korean Entertainment News everyday!

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