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Check out the newest look of Seo Hyun Jin!

Seo Hyun Jin new looking – Dr romantic’s skin-and-bones appearance is controversial. Learn more about her below right now!

Seo Hyun Jin is making the online community worried with the latest images of the actress’s already slim body, now even thinner. Appearing at the press conference of the movie “Why Her?”, the actress made many netizens feel sorry for her excessive weight loss appearance.

seo hyun jin

It is known that Seo Hyun Jin had to lose weight to fit her role in the movie Why Her?. According to the actress in an interview, the director of the film asked the character Oh Soo Jae to wear tight clothes to better portray the character’s personality. Because of that, Seo Hyun Jin had to lose weight to better suit the costume and role.

seo hyun jin
Her skinny image in real life
seo hyun jin
The actress before losing weight

Besides, many fans also think that the reason why Seo Hyun Jin lost so much weight is partly due to her busy schedule, having to act in many movies in a row, which makes the actress not have enough time to rest and take care. Take care of yourself:

“The film has just finished filming, it took a long time to shoot, and the director also asked to wear body-hugging clothes to show the character’s personality, maybe that’s why he lost weight uncontrollably. No news. I received a new movie, I hope you will rest for a while.”

“The day I saw the press conference for the movie, I thought people were taking pictures with the filter too much, making her face deform, who would have thought that she lost weight.”

Seo Hyun Jin is a familiar name to those who love Korean movies through the films Another Miss Oh, Dr romantic, and The Beauty Inside,… Why Her? is the latest drama, just aired by Seo Hyun Jin. Episode 2 premiered on the evening of June 4 and recorded a national average rating of 6.5%, a relatively good start.

why her
“Why Her?”‘s Poster

Why Her? tells the story of Oh Soo Jae, a talented young female lawyer who was demoted by an incident. With the help of student Gong Chan (played by Hwang In Yeop), Oh Soo Jae joined him in exposing those who harmed him. The film is expected to bring a new breeze to the psychological series on the topic of lawyers.

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