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Check out the net worth of ITZY in 2022!

Compare the net worth of ITZY members after 3 years of debut. Check out the details of ITZY’s net worth right now below!

Debuted in 2019, ITZY has become one of the outstanding girl groups of the 4th generation. The girl group also has a high income, some members come from great families.

1. Lia


After debuting with ITZY, Lia caught the attention when she played the role of the main vocal and the eldest sister. Although her talent is controversial many times, she has the ability to “shoot” good photos. She is exploited by the company in the field of fashion and advertising. Currently, Lia owns a net worth of up to 2 million USD.

2. Ryujin


Ryujin is considered a genuine heavenly lady. The female idol grew up in the most expensive area in the land of kimchi with a luxurious standard of living. Working with ITZY, Ryujin is also the most prominent member of the group.

She and Lia are the two richest members of ITZY with a net worth of $2 million. Besides impressive performance, Ryujin also has many outstanding individual activities.

3. Yuna

ITZY yuna

Possessing an estimated net worth of $1.5 million, Yuna is a member who has a high stake compared to Gen 4 idols. The female idol plays the role of ITZY’s visual and is highly appreciated by the audience for her appearance. Up to now, Yuna has only been exploited by JYP in the fashion, advertising, and programming segments.

4. Yeji

yeij ITZY

Yeji has the same net worth as Yuna at $1.5 million. With her charisma, the female idol often becomes a topic of public discussion on social networks. Not born from a privileged family, Yeji shines more and more with her efforts. Possessing an attractive appearance and confident aura, she always shines every time she appears.

5. Chaeryeong


Chaeryeong is known as the member with the biggest background in ITZY. She lives in a large apartment with many luxurious furniture.

Such a rich family, but when she became an idol, she also had to go through a period of hard work and struggle. She owns a fortune of 1 million dollars.

After 3 years of operation, ITZY has achieved many big and small successes. Despite many difficulties, the girls still tried to overcome them. Up to now, the girl group has the most stable income in Gen 4.

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