Check out the moments between Lee Haru and G-Dragon!

G-Dragon’s sweet moments with Epik High’s Tablo’s daughter, Lee Haru. Let’s check the details about them below!

Have you watched the Korean show The Return Of Superman, which was aired on KBS2? The show starring various South Korean celebrity dads and their kids may be a famous variety and has viewers from round the world.

In 2014, Epik High’s Tablo joined the show and brought his daughter, to point out their interactions and relationship as parent and child. Tablo was a rapper, and his daughter, Lee Haru, inherited her father’s style. The limited girl, who was born on May 2, 2010, has stated that she may be a huge fan of BIGBANG’s G-Dragon, and really wanted to fulfill his head to head.

Wanna fathom G-Dragon and Haru’s cute interaction with each other? Scroll down and discover within the article, below!

Lee Haru’s Confession About G-Dragon

For anyone who hasn’t heard of Epik High’s Tablo, he was working under the YG Entertainment label as a rapper, producer, and songwriter. He’s very skilled at making hip-hop music and has done many collaborations with other artists, as well.

One day while filming The Return Of The Superman, Tablo’s daughter, Lee Haru, made the confession that she likes G-Dragon and wanted to satisfy him. The announcer of the show asked a matter within the first scene, saying, “Shall we meet her dad who also dreams of raising a baby like he’s dating?”

The two were at the board and she or he was looking ahead to her father to cook breakfast. She was talking along with her father after she gave him a present. After giving the gift for her father to eat, Haru asked him to inform the BIGBANG member that he ate the gift Haru gave him. Haru said that Tablo should ask G-Dragon if he ate the gift.

When Tablo asked her whether she still likes G-Dragon that much, Haru quickly nodded her head while eating her cereal. He finally called G-Dragon and asked him to speak to Haru. While the daddy and daughter were at the dining table, Tablo talked to G-Dragon and had an opportunity to ask him about cereal. “Have you ever eaten red and green cereal?” Tablo asked.

haru tablo

After talking with the hitmaker of Crooked, Tablo then turned his cellphone towards Haru. The funny thing is, Haru apparently felt nervous about talking with the idol. the small princess just covered her ears and shook her head. Tablo tried to steer Haru and told her that G-Dragon was just a normal man. He also said that she didn’t must be nervous about G-Dragon.


Shy Haru Finally Met G-Dragon!

Tablo has finally brought his daughter to the YG Family Concert in Japan. The time would be a memorable one for Haru, since she was visiting to meet her biggest bias, G-Dragon, and also watch her father’s performance on stage.


Without waiting any more, Tablo always accompanied his daughter wherever she went, and, this time, Haru was on the brink of moving into BIGBANG’s waiting area and meeting G-Dragon. She nagged her father, saying that she wanted him to hold her within the room. The microscopic princess was greeted by BIGBANG’s Daesung when he came out and met her before the door.


Haru was disappointed when the person she was looking ahead to ciao didn’t initiate, and Daesung tried to urge Haru’s attention by pretending to be a fish. But still, Haru was walking away by herself once Daesung tried to point out her a conjuring trick.

haru daesung

In the next scene, Haru was fooling around backstage, and she or he found G-Dragon’s standee. It really caught her attention, and he or she immediately ran over to determine the standee more closely. Her father, who was watching her substitute in front of it, was surprised by Haru’s sudden fangirling.

haru bigbang tablo

“She met BIGBANG over and over. We’ve stayed together too. But the alarming thing is Haru watched Jiyong’s solo album music video and acts all embarrassed and stuff then goes red. I feel he’s [G-Dragon] like Haru’s ideal sort of man.” – Epik High’s Tablo

The time had finally come! Tablo carried his daughter into BIGBANG’s waiting area and they sat separately, which made Haru and G-Dragon seem remote because she got very shy for her first face-to-face meeting with the idol she adored.

big bang

While hugging her father, she was crying and said, “You made me look!” because her father kept asking her to appear at G-Dragon. Still feeling embarrassed and shy, she cried and clung to her father, saying that she saw him. On the opposite hand, G-Dragon was smiling from ear to ear at seeing how cute Haru was when she got all embarrassed as she faced the singer.


g dragon

Tablo kept trying so hard to create his daughter steal a glance at G-Dragon and watch him secretly. Once she finally did, they made eye contact, which made her become more embarrassed and shy and conceal her face in Tablo’s chest. Haru felt awkward and couldn’t even see them properly since she didn’t have any control over herself.

gd haru gd haru gd haru

Tablo tried everything he could consider to comfort her, but Haru kept hiding her face in her father’s shoulder and wouldn’t lift her head. Knowing that it absolutely was still very hard for Haru to lift her face, Tablo took the initiative to run as close as he could get to G-Dragon, still carrying Haru. He also revealed that the little girl likes Fantastic Baby, but she thought the title song was 여기 붙어라 (Get Together Now), and always asked her father to play 맘을 열어라(Get Together Now).

gd haru gd

After some drama in BIGBANG’s waiting area, Haru finally opened her eyes and took a glance at G-Dragon, who was preparing to urge on stage. Tablo told his daughter that he needed to induce ready before he performed and she or he had to mention goodbye. Looking sad, but still very shy, Haru finally met G-Dragon and he said, “Enjoy the show. I’m going,” while smiling at the kid. Her father comforted her by saying that G-Dragon is going to be performing his song, Haru Haru, which signifies her name.

gd haru gd haruBefore he really left for the stage, G-Dragon slowly approached Haru. Her heart was racing and he asked her to bump their fists together. Although it worked, Haru quickly looked away because the shyness came back. Soon after G-Dragon left the lounge, other members, like Taeyang and Daesung, were teasing Haru for a fist bump or a kiss on their cheek, but it failed since Haru was hiding her face on her father again.

gd haru

After the BIGBANG members all left for the stage, Haru and her father visited the venue and sat together to observe BIGBANG’s concert. Haru didn’t forget to bring her own lightstick to cheer up her lovable Jiyong Oppa.

haru haru concert

You can watch the complete version of Haru and G-Dragon’s moments backstage on The Return of Superman Ep. 16, here!

In Episode 29, Haru was watching G-Dragon’s performance at the YG Family Concert in Osaka, Japan. She was so happy and energized on every occasion her father said G-Dragon was there and performing. Soon as Haru ran from backstage, she saw G-Dragon on the stage and she or he smiled. Being too excited, Haru almost went up to the stage to determine G-Dragon.


“I can only hear. GD oppa is singing out there,” she whispered to at least one of the staff since the sound was too loud for her to talk. The staff told her that her father and G-Dragon would be watching her as they performed. She kept back and forth from backstage to the wings and everybody was watching her just in case she suddenly tried to travel au fait the stage.

haru haru

Suddenly, she saw G-Dragon when she was running backstage. He stopped her for once and told her to not run, but she kept feat since she becomes shy around him. Tablo was chasing his daughter, who was nowhere to be seen in the dark.

tablo gd

After struggling to catch his daughter, Tablo picked her up and carried her as he waited for G-Dragon to vary his clothes. While awaiting G-Dragon, Haru was asked whether she liked G-Dragon that much, and he or she waited patiently before of the room until G-Dragon came out.

haru gd haru gd

Haru turned shy when G-Dragon appeared and tried to greet her by pinching her cheek, and she or he rejected her hand. She didn’t actually reject G-Dragon, but she wanted to try to to another fist-bump with him similar to once they first met before he went on. G-Dragon was a touch bit surprised, but he immediately gave her the fist-bump.

haru gd haru

After the fist bump, Haru managed to mention something to her lovable oppa. She put lots of effort forth to talk before G-Dragon and not let the instant gt away. She said, “You should go sing,” before G-Dragon had to perform again. “I’m increasing again. You’re so smart,” G-Dragon replied, giving Haru a soft pat on her head.

haru tablo gd haru talk with gd gd haru

They also did a high-five afterward, although Haru refused to see G-Dragon within the eyes because she was still very shy. Before they had to separate, G-Dragon suddenly approached Haru by asking her to administer him a kiss on his cheek to cheer him up. The shy girl was a brave one because she managed to administer him a kiss! Haru also gave G-Dragon a second kiss on his other cheek.

haru kiss gd haru kiss haru kiss gd

They are so cute and adorable, right?


Haru Still Misses Her Oppa, G-Dragon

When Haru attended the YG Family Concert in Osaka, Japan, she wasn’t embarrassed anymore about meeting G-Dragon or any of the YG Entertainment artists. She became very cheerful and liked to greet everyone backstage. This time, after watching the concert, the little girl managed to greet G-Dragon backstage with no hesitation!

gd haru haru

They made eye contact when Haru went into BIGBANG’s lounge. At the identical time, she couldn’t move any longer, since she becomes very shy anytime she sees G-Dragon. With lots of spirits, she slowly approached G-Dragon by waving her hand.


“Hi, Haru. How have you ever been?” G-Dragon asked her in an exceedingly friendly tone, and, of course, a smile on his face. Haru couldn’t help but stare at him, and she or he made eye contact again, then left without saying anything.

gd haru haru runs

Haru left G-Dragon and couldn’t say a correct thing, but peeked at him another time and gave him a wave. Tablo’s girl just wanted to mention “Have an honest performance, Jiyong oppa,” but she always got shy each time they saw one another.

haru bye gd bye

When Haru was expecting her father to induce dressed, her thoughts were still crammed with the memorable kiss with G-Dragon backstage. the lovable female person was amid her mother into the room, and she or he said that she wanted to work out Jiyong oppa sing.

haru and mom

Her mother brought Haru to the venue and they watched BIGBANG’s performance on stage. Haru memorized all the BIGBANG members and said that Daesung was the Uncle Fish she met earlier.

haru and mom

Haru’s love for G-Dragon seems to be getting stronger. Although initially shy once they saw one another, now Haru is more confident facing the large Bang leader. One incident was shown in an episode of the truth show The Return Of The Superman.

In the preview, it shows Tablo taking Haru and his wife, Kang Hye-jung, to Osaka for the YG Family concert. this chance also made Tablo’s dream of Haru watching him perform on stage come true. His wife thought she should take Haru for a walk, first.

haru and mom

“Can you give us your mastercard for us to shop?” pled Hye-jung, and was approved by Tablo. Apparently, Haru also noticed the conversation, and asked her father, “Father, can we buy dolphins together with your card?” Hearing his daughter’s innocent question made Tablo laugh, and he was even more surprised by the sequel, “Then am I able to buy Kwon Ji Yong (GD), too?” Haru asked, innocently.

haru and mom

“No Haru, we can’t buy Kwon Ji-yong,” answered the Epik High member, joking. “Dad’s card will later exceed the utmost expenditure limit.” Haru was also invited to fulfill her idol when he acquired the concert location. The 4-year-old girl was so excited to search out G-Dragon. “Where is Ji Young oppa? Is he sleeping? Why is he sleeping?” she asked enthusiastically.

G-Dragon’s Confession About Haru

G-Dragon recently uploaded Yano Shiho’s photos to his Instagram. within the photo caption, the BIGBANG leader made a press release of affection and forgiveness. G-Dragon knowledgeable Yano Shiho’s words on KBS 2TV’s “Entertainment Weekly”. At the event, the Japanese model said he wanted to collaborate and shoot with G-Dragon.

“I chose G-Dragon, the person Sarang likes the foremost,” Yano said in “Entertainment Weekly”. The mother of Choo Sarang, who often appears on The Return Of The Superman, is outwardly also a giant fan of G-Dragon’s. She even demonstrated G-Dragon’s Crooked dance moves at the event.

G-Dragon responded during a humorous tone through his Instagram account, @xxxibgdrgn. “I also like Sarang #I’m sorry Haru #I like Haru too,” G-Dragon wrote. Fans who know this laughed. Indeed, G-Dragon and Haru, cute girls who are princesses from Epik High’s Tablo are known to be close. Everyone also knows Haru is G-Dragon’s beloved fan.

“Hahahaha. GD also likes Sarang,” commented one amongst the fans. “GD likes Sarang, but I do know he really loves Haru, Lol,” added another. “Don’t worry, Haru has now turned to Bobby iKON. Hahaha,” commented other fans.

gd gd interview

During the interview, G-Dragon stated that he really likes Haru. “I am fond of it when she calls BIGBANG members as ‘Uncle’, but she only calls me with ‘Oppa’. I believe she’s very cute and pretty.”

Reasons Why G-Dragon may well be the correct Oppa For Haru

After watching Haru’s appearance on The Return Of Superman, there are lots of fans saying that G-Dragon and Haru would be great siblings with one another since she loves G-Dragon greatly like he was her older brother. Besides that, Haru and G-Dragon have the same background and were born swag and surrounded by hip-hop music.

In this section, we’re visiting to learn about how good G-Dragon would be as Haru’s one and only opera. take a look at their similarity and look-alike below!

Swag Fashion Style

Who can deny the very fact that Haru and G-Dragon have a swag concept and always look good in their own style? These two pictures are a good visual of the longer-term R&B Queen and King!

swag dress

Looking great in blue jeans and denim, Haru and G-Dragon made a swag duo but still look cute with their not-so-fierce faces.

swag dress

Haru and G-Dragon’s swag style is additionally a good one when it involves a photoshoot session. They’re both look very cool with their own style, and appear like professional models ahead of the camera.

swag dress

Talented as a Rapper

G-Dragon trained for 11 years, which suggests that he auditioned and made his very unveiling when he was still very young. Before debuting, G-Dragon showed off his talent as a rapper within the Storm music video, which was sung by Perry and featured G-Dragon, Masta Wu, & Sean.

Check out G-Dragon’s rapping skill when he was young, below!

Lee Haru was born from the blood of a famous rapper in the Republic of Korea, Epik High’s Tablo. Many of her fans hope she’ll join YG Entertainment or debut as a rapper in the future when she’s an adolescent since she already inherited her father’s skill as a rapper. Take a look at her rapping skill, below!

Fierce but Cute

G-Dragon could be a K-Pop idol who’s known for his charisma when he performs on stage, but not as many of us know that he can even act cute and contains a very soft smile.

haru gd cute

The same thing also happened with Lee Haru. She wasn’t a tough girl who liked to smile all the time, but when she smiled ahead of individuals, they had to form sure they didn’t melt from the cuteness.

haru gd smile

G-Dragon and Haru are the true definitions of individuals who seem fierce on the skin but can also be cute whenever they need to!

haru gd

That was all the knowledge about G-Dragon and Haru’s sweet moments and interaction together from the show that you simply can watch, The Return Of Superman. Although Haru once met him while joining her father at add studio, she had the fangirl heart anytime she saw G-Dragon and got all shy! Let’s hope that we will see more of their interaction within the future, knowing that she is already grown up to a teen.

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