Check out stunning moments of Jisoo in vest!

The times wearing an elegant, bold “marshal” vest of Jisoo. Check out the details of Jisoo right now below!

So far, Jisoo is understood for her pure and delicate beauty. the feminine idol of BLACKPINK often wears trendy female outfits. However, many times, Jisoo changed her image with a lovely aura sort of a female president who made people “heartbreak”.

Recently, the photos of the ambassador Jisoo for the jewelry brand Cartier quickly attracted attention. Accordingly, the feminine idol wears elegant and splendid outfits. In it, Jisoo stands out with a gray suit, exuding an immense charisma. specifically, the posh necklace from the Cartier brand makes the look more classy and aristocratic.


Jisoo looks more classy when wearing a suit with an opulent necklace. (Photo: Cartier)

The photo announcing the status of Jisoo’s ambassador for the jewelry brand Cartier also “stormed” social networks. wearing a black suit and sparkling accessories, Jisoo stands out together with her charismatic, top-notch aura.


The photo of Jisoo wearing a chic black suit and Cartier jewelry once caused a fever. (Photo: Instagram @cartier)

Not long ago, Jisoo was present at the opening of the crop-up store of Dior Addict. Appearing at the event, the eldest sister of the BLACKPINK group caused a memory when wearing a chic vest with a neat bow-tie hairstyle.


Jisoo is gorgeous and sparkling at the opening event of Dior Addict. (Photo: Instagram @sooyaaa_)


Jisoo’s chic and attractive aura is praised by the people.

In Dazed Korea magazine to push Dior’s Fall/Winter 2020 collection, Jisoo wore a gray suit with bold accessories. the feminine idol impresses with a replacement and fancy image, far away from her usual momentum.

jisoo dior

Jisoo with a totally trend in Dazed Korea magazine. (Photo: Instagram @Dior)

During the recording of the show 24/365 with BLACKPINK, Jisoo caused a fever when she chose a gray suit and indifferent tie. Combined with a tennis skirt to assist BLACKPINK’s eldest sister to become more dynamic and youthful. No need for makeup or fancy hairstyles, Jisoo still makes people stand still.


Not only has a chic style, but Jisoo also transforms the vest to become dynamic and youthful. (Photo: Instagram @sooyaaa_)

Landing at a fashion event in London in 2019, the feminine idol chose a checkered vest, creating a red accent inside. Jisoo’s radiant beauty immediately became the main target of attention, attracting the eye of the general public and therefore the media.

vest london

Jisoo attended a fashion event in London with an elegant look.

In addition, Jisoo often wears suits at the airport. Starting her femininity, she suddenly became a solid female CEO.


Jisoo exudes a “marshal” look when wearing a suit at the airport. (Photo: BlackLine)


Every time she wears a vest, Jisoo transforms into a really cool “marshal”.

female idol vest

Many fashion “big men enthusiastically welcome the female idol”. (Photo: it MICHAA)

Every time she appears in a very vest design, Jisoo becomes the middle of attention. Fans also confirmed that Jisoo has never been “lost” compared to the BLACKPINK members. Not only conquering the lady’s and female style, she will still easily “transform” into a “marshal”.

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