Check out outfit K-Pop in MVs is made fans overwhelmed!

The outfit investments in the K-Pop MV make fans overwhelmed! Check out the details about these outfits right now below!

Besides the melody and lyrics, the outfit in K-Pop is also one of the attractive elements in MVs. Understanding this, idols are not afraid to invest a lot in order to look the most attractive and perfect. Looking back at the number of costumes that the female idols wore in the MV made fans “eyes wide open”. Check out outfit K-Pop right now below!

Nayeon (TWICE)

Mine IM NAYEON and the title track POP! was officially “released” by Nayeon at noon on June 24, quickly attracting attention. In addition to the catchy melody and sweet and fresh image, fans are also attracted by TWICE’s top sister’s amazing visuals.


The female idol wears a huge amount of outfits. (Photo: Facebook Joyce Daejeon)


The colors and designs of the outfits match the spirit of the title track. (Photo: Facebook Joyce Daejeon)

Nayeon wears a total of about 18 different “dresses” throughout her first solo MV. The outfits chosen for female idols are mostly bright colors, flattering designs, and suitable for the hot summer atmosphere. In addition to famous global brands, Nayeon also favors designs from Vietnamese fashion houses that make fans “standstill”.


Debuting as a solo artist in 2018, Jennie rocked the music industry with the hit SOLO. The trendy melody is addictive enough, the BLACKPINK beauty also makes fans panic with a lightning-fast change of clothes. The MV is less than 3 minutes, but Jennie has changed up to 22 different outfits.


The female idol transforms many styles in the MV SOLO. (Photo: Pinterest)

Not ashamed of the fashion icon, Jennie dresses up very well and invests in changing both her hairstyle and make-up for each appearance. Even, many female idols’ outfits in their first solo MV have become a trend.

jennie outfit K-Pop

Jennie’s visuals doubled in rank thanks to her fancy outfits. (Photo: Pinterest)


4 years have passed, but looking back at the outfit of the beauties born in 1996 still makes people admire them. (Photo: Pinterest)


The release of the MV LALISA marked a golden milestone in Lisa’s career. The female idol overwhelmed people with a huge investment in her first solo product. Besides the powerful dancers and spectacular techniques, the costumes that the Thai beauties wear are also stunning.

lisa outfit K-Pop

The female idol tops up her outfit in the solo MV. (Photo: Pinterest)

Lisa wore a total of about 13 outfits in the MV bearing her name. The whole outfit is mixed & matched extremely well, highlighting the strong personality of the youngest BLACKPINK. Not stopping there, Lisa also created a highlight for the MV when wearing an outfit bearing the mark of her hometown in Thailand.

lisa outfit K-Pop

Thai beauty shines with yellow color


Looking at the price of Lisa’s outfit makes people “eyes round and flat”. (Photo: blackpink.closet.indo)


YG rarely disappoints people when it comes to making MVs for “house chickens”. Rosé is stunned by the number of costumes that are not inferior to her sister in the solo music product. The female idol wore about 10 different outfits throughout the MV On The Ground.


The beautiful Australian rose is hard to take your eyes off of in the MV. (Photo: Pinterest, YouTube BLACKPINK)

Rosé inherently owns a beautiful body and face, so it is easy to weigh all the different outfits. The “dresses” that the beauties born in 1997 wear are sophisticatedly designed, from materials to designs. Besides, she also makes fans “open their noses” when using costumes from Vietnamese brands.

rose outfit K-Pop

The female idol is as beautiful as a princess.


Returning to the Celebrity MV in 2021, IU made people “eyes wide open” when investing in huge costumes. The female idol changed up to 11 different outfits, transforming in a variety of styles.


The “clothes” that the female idol wears are extremely beautiful. (Photo: Pinterest)

IU shines brightly from the image of a haughty princess, a gentle lady to a young and dynamic girl. Another plus point is that the stylist is extremely skillful and trendy, the combination with accessories and hairstyles, and appropriate makeup enhances the temperament of the beauty born in 1993.

iu outfit K-Pop

The gorgeous outfits accentuated IU’s aura. (Photo: Pinterest)

The level of investment in the costumes of female K-Pop idols in the MV makes people “eyes wide and flat”. This is also one of the important factors that make up the success of the music products that the idols release.

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