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Check out new stills of Jung Il Woo in “Good Job”!

Jung Il Woo could be a chaebol heir whose BFF happens to be a genius hacker in “Good Job”. Check out the details below!

Jung Il Woo and Eum Moon Suk will form a novel duo of BFFs in ENA’s upcoming drama “Good Job“!

“Good Job” may be a mystery romance drama that features the highly-anticipated reunion of “Bossam: Steal the Fate” stars Jung Il Woo and Girls’ Generation‘s Yuri. Jung Il Woo will star as Eun Sun Woo, a chaebol heir who leads a double life as a detective, while Yuri will play Don Se Ra, a lady with a superhuman vision.

Eum Moon Suk is playing the role of Yang Jin Mo, Eun Sun Woo’s longtime succor and therefore the only 1 who knows about his secret double life. Although he isn’t nearly as well-off as his chaebol friend, Yang Jin Mo grew up in a fairly wealthy family and has been known for his intelligence since childhood. a bit like his friend, Yang Jin Mo wears over one hat: while he’s a lawyer by day, he’s also a genius hacker by night—and his special skill set enables him to assist Eun Sun Woo in solving cases.

The producers of “Good Job” teased, “The bromance between Eun Sun Woo and Yang Jin Mo is going to be even as fun to look at because the romance between Eun Sun Woo and Don Se Ra.”

Praising the chemistry between the 2 actors, they continued, “Jung Il Woo and Eum Moon Suk do a fantastic job portraying the bromance between their characters as if they were actually longtime friends in the real world. Please anticipate to ‘Good Job,’ during which you’ll be able to see their chemistry firsthand.”

Jung Il Woo “Good Job”

Jung Il Woo “Good Job”
Jung Il Woo “Good Job”
Jung Il Woo “Good Job”

“Good Job” will premiere on August 24 at 9 p.m. KST, taking on the time interval currently occupied by “Extraordinary Attorney Woo,” and it’ll be available with subtitles on Viki.

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