Check out meaningful tattoos of BTS’s members!

BTS’s ideas for friendship meaningful tattoos are perfect for ARMYs. Let’s check the details right now below!

Jimin and Jungkook were the primary BTS members to induce tattoos, but now all seven have gotten inked in the name of friendship!


Top: BTS’s RM, Jin, Suga, and V. Bottom: BTS’s Jungkook, Jimin, and J-Hope. | @BIGHIT_MUSIC/Twitter

It took time to make your mind up on a design and placement for these tattoos, especially since some members are on the fence about getting tattoos in the first place. After all, tattoos are permanent. In the past, RM said that he was hesitant to urge a tattoo because he was worried he would grow bored with it.

“If I’ve got a tattoo, I used to be afraid that I’m gonna retch of it. Like, ‘Ugh, I don’t want…some stuff on my arm no more.’ I’m gonna hate it. So, that’s why I don’t have any tattoos.”— RM shares

Recently, however, he debuted his first tattoo, variety 7 on his ankle to represent BTS’s 7 members.


RM’s tattoo. | @rkive/Instagram

J-Hope has also taken the plunge and joined BTS’s tattoo liners. He added a 7 to the rear of his calf.


J-Hope’s tattoo. | @uarmyhope/Instagram

During BTS’s 2022 FESTA dinner, the members talked about their friendship tattoos, including some ideas that they didn’t find themselves using.

RM suggested something “abstract” sort of a single dot or a line. As RM and Jimin saw, a line would be a meaningful thanks to symbolizing the connection between members. For placement, Jimin suggested tattooing the palm-side of their pinky fingers.

bts tattoo

Suga suggested a line to represent destiny. This made Jimin burst out laughing. He discovered that a line usually symbolizes love; the red thread of fate ties an individual to their one true soulmate. “But I really like our members,” Suga said, which only made Jimin laugh more!

What a couple of purple lines instead? To link the members with BTS’s signature color? Jungkook‘s suggestion was an excellent one, but RM was worried about how long a colored tattoo would last.

So far, it looks as if BTS’s members will all be choosing a black 7, but if you’re considering getting your own BTS-themed tattoo, consider BTS’s suggestions. For more from FESTA, examine BTS’s career plans here or watch the total video below.

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