Check out amazingly beautiful moments of female idols on stage!

The amazingly beautiful moments of female idols on stage make fans flutter! Learn more about the details below!

K-pop idols always take care of their beautiful and shimmering appearance regardless of circumstances. In particular, on the performance stages, many videos of female idols shining in ecstasy were recorded. They become “legendary” moments that make fans admire them because their visuals are so perfect. Let’s check K-Pop female idols on stage below!

1. Jennie (BLACKPINK)

Attending the Gaon Chart Music Awards 2019, Jennie had an extremely impressive performance of the song SOLO. The female idol wears a red dress with a unique and eye-catching design. Jennie’s charming charisma and luxurious aura quickly became the focus of the public’s praise.

jennie on stage

Jennie in a red dress appeared very divine on the award ceremony stage


YG’s female idol is highly praised for her seductive and sexy aura

2. Yeji (ITZY)

Yeji is considered by many to be the most outstanding member of the ITZY group. Not only has outstanding musical talent, but the female idol also possesses a fancy and impressive beauty. At the stage of M Countdown to promote the song LOCO, Yeji “harvested” one more perfect closing moment. The JYP female idol stroked her hair with a seductive aura and suddenly hit the camera, making fans scream non-stop.


Yeji’s hair stroke moment captivated the audience. The female idol has a satisfying ending, causing deep nostalgia


Confidence becomes the “key” to helping Yeji conquer the audience.

3. NingNing (aespa)

NingNing of the aespa group had a lovely ending with the song Savage. The female idol raised her hand to catch the fireworks and looked directly at the fancam, showing a cooing face like a “baby”. The video recording of this moment made netizens “heartbroken” and enthusiastically passed it on.


The change from personality to cute makes fans laugh and fall in love


The maknae of aespa makes people flutter because he often makes cute and cuddly faces

4. Winter (aespa)

The Step Back stage of the SM – GOT combined girl group received special attention from the public. The group has a personality style, somewhat aggressive, but the thumbnail for Winter’s fancam is surprisingly cute. This moment became a new “legend”, loved by the people and praised for Winter. Pucca bun hairstyle and standard make-up have fully exalted the beautiful beauty of aespa’s visuals.


Behind-the-scenes recording the process of Winter’s famous thumbnail


Hairstyles and makeup help Winter improve her beauty

5. Wonyoung (IVE)

As one of the most prominent female idols in Gen 4, Wonyoung always ranks high in the beauty rankings. The female idol has a lovely face and an extremely confident and attractive aura. The ending stage for the song “Love Dive” is the moment when visual Wonyoung shines. Just standing still, Wonyoung also makes it difficult for people to take their eyes off.


The ending preparation segment of the beautiful Wonyoung “captivates”

6. Mina (TWICE)

Famous as a female idol with a ladylike temperament, Mina always exudes a luxurious aura. In fan-recorded videos, the female idol sits on a “box car”, and her dreamy look at the door frame causes fluttering. The beauty of TWICE’s female idol was suddenly exalted to the fullest.


Mina’s divine side angle is praised for ecstasy

7. Sana (TWICE)

For a long time, Sana has been a “goddess” in the hearts of fans. Not only gorgeous and beautiful on stage, but Sana in real life is also equally attractive. Sitting in the stadium stands, the female idol stands out, her lovely face makes fans miss her.


The lovely, sweet Sana moment makes fans stand still


The female idol impresses with both cuteness and sexy

The girls’ series of ecstatic moments prove their attractive visuals. This also helps the female idol increase her exposure to the public and become more popular.

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