Check out 4 reasons make people love “Secret Garden”

The reasons why people still love ‘Secret Garden’ after 10 years. That will make you surprised!

Viewers found a noteworthy connection within the popular drama “Crash Landing on You”. The 2 actors, Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin, who led the drama, also appeared on Secret Garden a decade ago. Back in 2010, Secret Garden, which recorded high viewer ratings of 35 percent at the time, is that the work that brought Hyun Bin (main actor) and Ha Ji Won (main actress) to where they are now. Son Ye Jin made a special appearance within the final episode, and also the incontrovertible fact that the 2 both appeared within the same work was belatedly recognized, making headlines. Let’s take a glance at the favored factors of Secret Garden, which continues to be remembered by many even after 10 years.

Dynamic Fun from Obvious Topics

Secret Garden could be a romantic fantasy about what happens when the bodies of Kim Joo Won, an arrogant and eccentric CEO, and Gil Ra Im, a poor and humble stuntwoman, are swapped. At the start of the show, there have been many negative reviews saying that it uses an over-used Cinderella story and swapping-body story. However, even such topics became more gripping with Kim Eun Sook’s unique storytelling, which showed much success in romance dramas like Lovers in Paris and Descendants of the Sun. particularly, more positive reviews poured out because the two lead characters swapped bodies understood one another, and developed love, criticism about being disgusted with “over-used topics” completely disappeared.

Hyun Bin Syndrome

As the drama started a “Secret Garden craze,” actor Hyun Bin, who played the role of Kim Joo Won, an arrogant man who gradually transforms into a positive and loving person, also gained popularity near syndrome. It’s safe to mention that every one trend that dominated the Republic of Korea at the time “started with Hyun Bin and ended with Hyun Bin.” Clothes and fashion items Hyun Bin wore within the drama were sold out everywhere, and his signature line “Is this the best? Are you sure?” became a buzzword that everybody knows. Hyun Bin was scheduled to serve within the military after Secret Garden, and along with his fame, even his minor activities were broadcast in real-time before joining the military. In 2011, the Baeksang Arts Awards awarded Hyun Bin the grand prize within the TV category for his performance secretly Garden. it had been unusual to grant such an enormous prize to an actor serving within the military.

Stars Discovered through “Secret Garden”

Secret Garden wasn’t just a turning point for Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won. Many other actors who appeared within the drama gained new opportunities. Yoo Sang Hyun, who played Kim Joo Won’s cousin and top star OSKA within the drama, rose to stardom, while Kim Sung Oh, who played Kim Joo Won’s secretary, drew attention together with his comic acting. Most of all, the rookie days of Lee Jong Seok, who is now one among the foremost famous Korean top stars, are often seen. He played the role of Sseon, a talented composer who helps OSKA with his new album.

Memorable OST and Love Scenes

Many famous singers of the time participated in the Q.T. Garden‘s OST. Kim Bum Soo sang the most theme song “Appear” to open the door to the story, while Baek Ji Young sang two songs, “That Woman” and “That Woman,” which had the identical melody but separately written lyrics that represent Kim Joo Won and Gil Ra Im’s hearts. within the latter part of the drama, Sung Shi Kyung sang “You Are My Spring” and topped various music charts, gaining the maximum amount of popularity as Secret Garden.

Secret Garden also had many heart-throbbing love scenes. The scene within which Kim Joo Won confesses his love while doing sit-ups at an action school where Gil Ra Im works are filled with excitement. Another best scene is that the Cappuccino kiss scene. The scene shows Kim Joo Won kissing the cappuccino foam on Gill Ra Im’s lips. It gained huge popularity at the time, giving many couples an opportunity to imitate the scene at cafes.

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