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SNSD’s diet plan, exercise, and leg workouts. Maybe you will learn something from them!

K-pop idols, especially girl idols are known to possess the proper body shape. SNSD or Girls’ Generation is one in all of them. With their famous song Gee, which was released in 2009, they need to become the model for others that shows what Korean girl groups appear as if. springing up with the concept of shirts and tight colorful jeans, SNSD members show up the perfect body shape that each girl in Korea wishes to possess. But in fact, there are some diet plans, exercises, and leg workouts that they are doing. To understand more, stay tuned!

Let’s Try SNSD’s Diet Menu

The most important thing in an exceeding diet plan is after all the diet menu. Everyone has their very own diet menu that works for them. It also depends on what number of calories they have to cut back. As for SNSD, here is their diet menu.

SNSD members’ diet menu ranges from about 1300 to 1500 calories to urge their perfect body shape. the most diet menu of SNSD members is veggie side dishes (50 grams) rice (150 grams), 5 pieces of broccoli, and also chicken (100 gram). The detail is as follows:

SNSD Breakfast Diet Menu

SNSD Lunch Diet Menu

SNSD Dinner Diet Menu

For those of you who want to do SNSD’s diet menu, you’ll be able to also add things or take things out of the menu in keeping with your caloric needs.

SNSD’s Diet 800 Calories

Previously, it had been revealed above that SNSD has a 1300 to 1500 calorie diet menu. it had been already a troublesome diet plan. But, in 2009, years before, during SNSD’s “Gee” era, SNSD members revealed their very tight diet. They mentioned that they only had 800 calories on a very day.

On December 17, 2009, SNSD came to MBC VJ Special and revealed their diet design. They revealed that they only had 200 calories of food for his or her breakfast, 300 calories for lunch, and 300 calories for his or her dinner. With vegetables and fruits within those calories, they achieve getting their perfect body shape. Usually, SNSD members had 3 main foods, lettuce, pumpkins, and cherry tomatoes. With their tight training and schedule, they only had cucumbers for his or her snacks rather than having chips or chocolate.

SNSD Member Tiffany’s Successful Diet Plan

SNSD Tiffany’s body has gained such a lot of attention. She wont to be the one who still looked chubby when SNSD debuted in 2007, but she showed how she was able to transform an ideal Tiffany. Tiffany was asked several times about diet tips. She mentioned that she started her diet when she was 20 years old. She didn’t eat anything after 8 PM. Tiffany said that drinking 1.5 liters of water every day helped her a lot in reducing fat. She also didn’t have any snacks in the least.

Not only that, Tiffany controlled her weight by eating only light meals but still 3 times on a daily basis, regularly. But she measured the calories and adjusted them. Tiffany’s special diet tip is by eating a small portion of breakfast, a normal portion of lunch, and a little dinner in step with her caloric need.

But during the “I Got a Boy” era, in an interview, Tiffany perceived to have stopped her tight diet. Having a good schedule similarly to practicing and performing for powerful choreography (I Got a Boy), she lost weight even without trying hard.

Let’s Understand SNSD Member Yuri’s Diet Plan

Yuri is thought collectively of the slimmest one in every of SNSD members. what’s her actual diet? it had been known that SNSD’s Yuri only had 1,200 calories day by day. Although she ate about 4 to five times each day, she only ate healthy foods like vegetables and fruits. similar to Tiffany, Yuri drank plenty of water to stay in her body shape. Whenever she was hungry, she usually drank a giant glass of water to extra service her stomach rather than eating foods. Here is a menu suggestion from Yuri’s diet plan that you simply can try!

Yuri also maintained her body shape by doing exercise regularly. Here could be a clip of Yuri’s exercise. Check it out!

How Is SNSD Member Taeyeon’s Diet Plan?

Taeyeon is often known to possess a babyface since SNSD debuted. But there’s something that changed from year to year. Taeyeon, who wont to have chubbier cheeks and a chubbier face, now looks skinnier with a V-line face. most are interested in her diet plan. But it absolutely was somehow revealed that Taeyeon herself didn’t last a good diet. Instead, she had an awfully tight schedule, both with SNSD and solo. Being busy and maintaining her meal portion helped her to realize an ideal V line face and body shape.

4 Tips from SNSD on Diet and Exercise

Each and each one in all SNSD’s members has their own diet menu and exercise that the majority suits them. But here are 5 tips from SNSD’s diet plan that you just can learn so as to urge an SNSD like body shape.

1. The correct amount of food

As was mentioned above, SNSD members calculate the calories that their body needs and control their meal portions consistent with that. SNSD’s Jessica was known to eat only half an egg rather than the full egg to stay her calories up to speed.

2. It’s okay to eat 3 meals each day or more

SNSD members maintain their body shape similar to their health. Eating 3 times daily or more is simply fine for them. But they typically have small meals and not big ones, they also ate healthy foods, like fruits and veggies.

3. Exercise

Not only controlling their meal portions, but exercise is also indeed needed. SNSD members practiced dance plenty, and it became their way of exercising their bodies. Not only that, some members, Yuri ad Hyoyeon visited workouts outside of dance practice. Tiffany who hated exercising also visited yoga class to keep up her body in shape.

5. Drink plenty of water

Tiffany and Yuri always mention that they drank 1.5 liters of water day after day to cut back fat in their bodies. Yuri even drank water when she was hungry rather than eating food.

Let’s Learn SNSD’s Leg Workout

One part of SNSD members’ bodies that everybody envies is their legs. And after all, there’s a special leg workout behind those perfect legs. In an episode of SBS’s “Good Morning”, Kim Ji-hoon revealed the leg workout that shaped SNSD’s Tiffany’s legs. it’s called the 5:3:3 exercise. “The 5:3:2 ratio makes legs most beautiful. Girls’ Generation Tiffany maintains her legs with this exercise”, she revealed. The workout is consists of 4 minutes of boxing steps, 3 minutes of squats, 2 minutes of knee-ups, and lastly 1 minute of slow walking.

SNSD Members With The Foremost Beautiful Legs

Many fans voted so as to settle on the SNSD members (include former member Jessica) with the foremost beautiful legs. The rank clad to be:

But the rank somehow changes every time they need a comeback or perform, but as for now, who does one thing have the foremost beautiful legs?

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