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Learn about the cutest youngest former member of Pristin – Kyla Massie

Kyla Massie commonly referred to as Kyla, could be a K-Pop idol who was the lead rapper, vocalist, and maknae (youngest member) of the South Korean girl group Pristin, under Pledis Entertainment. She was born on December 26th, 2001, in Indiana, u. s., but later moved to California. She became a trainee in 2010 before becoming the maknae of Pristin.

Kyla debuted as a member of Pristin on March 21st, 2017. Then the band was officially disbanded on May 24th, 2019. When appearing with other Pristin members, Kyla always received blasphemies and bad comments about her appearance. Because being a K-Pop idol doesn’t only require owning a decent voice, singing, and dancing skills, but as a member of a woman group or a boy band, you’re also ‘forced’ to satisfy the visual standards set in South Korea.

For example, female idols, they’re required to own a slim body, white skin, and long legs, or rather appear perfect to satisfy the standards of beauty set within the community. Kyla had always been a target of netizens in South Korea because she was considered to possess a too fat body and he or she didn’t meet the standards of beauty set for a K-Pop idol.

In this article, Xenews will provide you with a close rundown of everything about the youngest former member of Pristin, Kyla’s weight loss, and her transformations throughout the years. So, stay tuned!

Former Pristin member Kyla being body-shamed by netizens


Appearance is very important if you wish for a career as an artist in the Republic of Korea. Most members of the girl groups have slim and slender body. As you recognize, Koreans adore the perfection of the body. Especially if it’s associated with the body of an artist and an idol. Not infrequently because Korean netizens’ comments are indeed very outrageous, an artist is willing to travel on an all-out diet so as to create a perfect body. Ideally of a skinny and slim body.

This made a former Pristin member named Kyla be considered fat by netizens. Previously, Kyla had been a target of netizens because she weighed over other K-Pop stars. Kyla was considered fat to be an idol. In fact, the youngest former member of Pristin felt quite depressed as a result.

When Pristin made a comeback with the song “We Like,” apparently, the spotlight of Korean fans and netizens was still short from the body postures of its members, especially Kyla. staring at this Pristin youngest member, Kyla, netizens debated matters associated with the best size for an idol.

Netizens got wind that Kyla still feels “bigger” than other members and claimed, “she is ruining the group’s visual balance.” Netizens on the Pann site claimed that Kyla needs a diet because an idol is taken into account to be “selling visuals.”

“She makes the identical money as other kids who push to reduce, isn’t that unfair?” “Stop with the excuse that she continues to be small ㅋ ㅋㅋㅋ There are many folks younger than her who take better care of their bodies, why does one consider them underage? Do you think that Korean idols aren’t thin? they are doing that to urge money well; don’t you recognize what it means to be an idol? ^^” “It’s true she doesn’t look good.” “I’m not asking you to remain thin. slim down to the purpose where you’ll look better,” and plenty of more.

On the opposite hand, some believed it’s time to interrupt the idols’ stereotypes and ideal size.
These netizens claimed there’s nothing wrong with Kyla’s figure, because an idol’s main job is singing and dancing, and because of that, they shouldn’t be judged an excessive amount of support for their physical appearance.

“Idols are human, why does one nag about someone else’s weight?” “Why are you worried about celebrities? Worry about your own weight!” “Our country is just too focused on appearance. So what if the idols are a bit fat? It’s okay as long as they need talent.” “I mean, how thin does one want to be?”

cmt kyla

Ignored when having fan meetings

Kyla was ignored by the mastermind fan site when it had been her turn for individual poses! At the PRISTIN fan signing event that persisted on September 10th, 2017, Kyla was ignored by several fans who came. When it had been Kyla’s communication do individual poses, some fan-site masterminds (fans of idol fan-site) actually directed their cameras to other PRISTIN members.

Kyla long-running bad criticism

Since PRISTIN’s debut in March 2017, Kyla has been very often criticized for the proportion of her body that’s considered to not meet the sweetness standards for an idol. Not just dropping negative comments, but some fans even uploaded photos showing the comparison of Kyla’s body shape with other PRISTIN members, especially during PRISTIN’s comeback, SCHXXL OUT. “She is destroying the visual balance of PRISTIN,” commented one netizen. Other fans suggested Kyla to run a diet program. “As an idol, you sell your visuals. If you can’t take excellent care of your body, you don’t have the proper to be an idol.”

Netizens Comments

Pann: What’s so fat about Kyla?

“I’m posting this because I actually don’t have any idea. Isn’t Kyla considered average?… I want Korea may be a country that puts way an excessive amount of pressure on women. Will there ever be each day where thin is the only standard? Kyla’s only 16 or 17, what more does one expect from her at that age? Her job is literally to sing and dance on stage, why does she must be thin for that? I’m just worried for her because I’m wondering how hard these hate comments must be.”

1. [+303, -60] She’d be considered big even among non-celebrities; are there only fatties on Pann or something?

2. [+255, -36] Kyla would be considered average if she was a non-celebrity but she’s considered fat among idols. People always argue that idols are people too and yeah they’re people but they’re not just like the average person. Idols are products that are showcased to people and if they’re no different from the typical person, then why doesn’t everyone just become an idol too? Kyla doesn’t manage herself compared to her other members and I think she’s doing more harm for the group than good. I remember seeing a fan cam where Kyla’s trying to act cute but the camera was shooting the opposite members. She has to realize her situation. And Wendy’s situation is different from Kyla’s ㅋㅋㅋ Wendy got a lot of hate from antis whereas even Kyla’s fans are showing concern about her weight. Kyla needs someone to provide it to her harshly in order that she will start managing herself. It’s just the way idol culture is. rather than changing the way idol culture has been, Kyla encompasses a lot more to achieve by just changing herself… Stop blindly shielding her and provide her with some words of recommendation instead.

3. [+190, -11] She’s chubby yeah but she gets way an excessive amount of hate than what it’s worth.

4. [+89, -1] Kyla wouldn’t be considered thin even among non-celebrities… and also the reason she gets hate is that she doesn’t show any effort. Wendy and Joy and even Twice’s Jihyo, A Pink’s Eunji, and AOA’s Seolhyun are losing more and more weight whereas Kyla is gaining more and more.

5. [+60, -3] Am I the sole one who prefers thinner bodies? I feel Joy and Wendy look better after losing the burden than a body like Kyla’s.

6. [+49, -13] Didn’t she gain weight because she got sick? Her body wouldn’t be able to handle dieting on top of a woman group schedule on top of her illness. She injured her brain. I understand the comments telling her to manage herself since she’s an idol but it’s unfair accountable for the load gained on her when it’s because she got sick.

7. [+47, -3] what percentage of you’re pigs to think this can be normal? She’d be considered fat even among non-celebrities.

8. [+41, -1] She’s definitely not average.

9. [+40, -4] Stop shielding her. Her fans have already turned their backs on her. It doesn’t matter how hard the opposite Pristin members attempt to get fans when all their efforts are always buried under topics about Kyla’s weight. At now, Kyla has to slim. She can’t promote like this for the remainder of her life. She has to have it away for herself.

10. [+25, -0] I’ve seen several of Pristin’s fan cams so what exactly is Kyla good at then? Can’t manage her body, has no singing talents, has no visuals, what’s she?

Past Photos of Kyla

kyla youngkyla young


Pann: Pristin’s Kyla when she was the first cast

1. [+150, -73] I honestly find Kyla pretty still.

2. [+115, -31] So she took a turn for the uglier.

3. [+111, -3] quite jogs my memory of a mixed version of Ji Ji Hee.

4. [+66, -0] I honestly think Pledis purposely made her gain weight and isn’t letting her lose it… because she could also be getting hate but attention continues to be attentive and that’s more important for a rookie. She’s obviously a reasonable girl underneath all that in order that they probably wanted her to induce attention for being fat and so have her appear with a lot of weight loss around their next or next, next album to urge comments like “she’s gorgeous,” “must’ve been hard to lose all that weight.” They’re watching the large picture, whether or not she’s getting all this hate now. I’m saying this because I remember the Pledis CEO before refusing to let UEE diet and let her thighs get smaller and kept forcing her to achieve back any weight she would lose (UEE said this on broadcast herself). UEE eventually shot to fame for her honey thighs. It seems to be working because Kyla’s constantly on Pann and within the media for being fat. you’re thinking that she’d get this sort of attention if she was skinny? This plan is already working. It’s game over once she loses the burden.

5. [+62, -1] this is often so bad though…

6. [+41, -0] Her visuals are daebak so she’s visiting do plenty for promoting the group once she loses the load. Her company purposely made her gain weight so she catches everyone’s attention since they know she’s pretty ㅋㅋ

7. [+29, -3] Go study fan-cams of Weewoo, she’s gorgeous in them and I really wish she’d turn. She has the kind of face that I actually like. I could tell she looked intimidated by all the loud talk during this album’s promos but I do know that she’s visiting to get plenty of female and male fans if she loses weight. She got famous for her weight so why not use the celebrity by losing it?

8. [+24, -3] Well because of Pann talking about her all the time, she’s gained fame for her weight so she might further behave and be called a goddess reciprocally.

9. [+17, -3] I do admit she’s really pretty, just that she’s chubby.

10. [+14, -1] My friend visited their fan signing before their debut and said Kyla was the prettiest there. Even Joo Kyulkyung chose Kyla because she was the prettiest member.

Kyla Gaining Weight While on Hiatus


Kyla is reportedly on hiatus from promotional activities with the girl group Pristin since October 2017. Kyla decided to travel on hiatus thanks to her health problems. Previously, Pledis Entertainment revealed that Kyla would spend time along with her family within the U.S during the hiatus. This was done so Kyla would completely recover and can be able to return to the stage together with the opposite Pristin members.

Reportedly, an extended time ago, about September 2018, photos of Kyla walking in an exceeding playground were scattered in cyberspace. within the row of photos, Kyla looks happy spending time with the people closest to her. Kyla’s photos at that point also received various reactions from netizens. Although many are happy to determine Kyla is healthier than before, not some sneered because her weight is perceived to have increased.

Not long ago, Kyla’s latest photos and videos have spread across cyberspace. Within the photos and videos, Kyla is seen wearing a blue suit and is functioning at a carnival in L.A, U.S.

kyla in US

Knowing this, netizens returned with various comments. Not some who again flooded her with a range of scorn. “How could she possibly be fat like this?” asked one amongst the netizens. “Her life changed dramatically,” wrote another netter. “She’s still fat,” the opposite sneered. Indeed, many scorned her. However, not some stepped in to defend Kyla.

“How could you probably ridicule her weight. Did she finish your family’s food? Why does one care such a lot about her body?” wrote one in all the netizens. “But her face continues to be beautiful,” said another netizen.

On the opposite hand, many netizens have requested that Pledis Entertainment provide certainty about Kyla. Because Kyla’s hiatus influenced Pristin’s promotional activities within the entertainment world.

“If it’s really Kyla who works… why doesn’t Pledis say anything. It hurts to determine Pristin who won lots of awards for rookies but just let it go,” said one netter. “I don’t want to retweet the video because I feel sad. But I would like to mention that Kyla should make a choice whether she’s going to stick with Pristin or not because her hiatus affects the careers of 9 other members who deserve promotions,” said another.

While it’s known, at the start of the PRISTIN debut, Kyla has always been the middle of attention thanks to her body shape that’s a touch more contained than the opposite members. At that point, Kyla constantly received evil comments from the Korean public about her body shape.

Kyla’s Recent Look

kyla recent

It has been almost a year since Pristin’s Kyla went on hiatus from the South Korean entertainment world. She went on hiatus because of health problems and returned to her direct U.S. Many fans missed the singer of the song “Wee Woo.” Kyla was seen several times on social media like when she was a part-time worker at a carnival in l. a. and played along with her siblings.

Not long ago, Kyla surprised many of us. Alex Christine, a former participant of Produce 48, uploaded a selca photo with Kyla. Interestingly, the placement of Alex and Kyla taking pictures is in South Korea.

This is excellent news for several Pristin fans. Many hope that Pristin will return soon with their new song in 2019. Kyla herself was rumored to be out of Pristin and Pledis Entertainment, but Kyla’s sister once confirmed through Live Instagram that it absolutely was just a rumor.

But in the end, Pledis Entertainment chose to dissolve Pristin after two years of debuting. Kyla decided to go away from the agency and begin her career as a YouTuber.

Kyla Reveals Why She Went on Hiatus


One of the previous members of Pristin, Kyla, just released her first YouTube video on her personal channel and answered questions from her fans. The 2001-born singer finally discussed the injury that caused the hiatus, Pristin V, and also the biggest question about the dissolution of Pristin.

In the video, Kyla talks about a couple of things starting from her favorite singer, interactions with Pristin members after disbanding, to her decision to become an idol. Towards the top of the video, Kyla talks about how Pristin V transpired and therefore the injuries that caused her to travel on hiatus.

“So, how did Pristin V happen? I’d say that it happened because I used to be absent here and rested thanks to injury. the corporate thinks that rather than only having nine girls perform, it’s better if only five appear as subunits and release the song that matches their character,” said Kyla. “I think it’s a rare concept. a rare song and extraordinary choreography and I think the those who did that song really did it,” she continued.

Kyla then answered the fans’ curiosity with the explanation behind the dissolution of Pristin. in line with Kyla, there are variety of things that happened with Pristin that fans didn’t realize that they made the members conceive to disperse. “I know that a lot of of you would like to listen to my answer. And… All I can say is that a lot of things happen behind the scenes that you just aren’t awake to. and at last, we all made that call,” said Kyla.

“We all reached this mutual agreement that it’ll be better if we all go our separate ways. We all have our own vocation and that we think that at now, it’ll be better if we get in different directions. And our temporary time as Pristin is incredibly meaningful, it’s important for us to vary and check out various things this point,” Kyla continued.
Kyla also explained intimately her hiatus which was because of unhealthiness. She also asserted that her hiatus didn’t come from malicious comments she received from haters associated with her weight. “Also, many of you’ve got speculated why I’m on hiatus and that I can tell you now that it’s not due to hate comments. it’s not thanks to what you all know, my weight and the way it affects my psychological state,” Kyla said.

“I can understand why you guys say that, but, in fact, the rationale why I used to be absent was that I used to be really injured. I had a concussion when recording our second music video, and also the doctors and company decided that it might be better if I took time to rest and live through this injury,” she said.

“They all thought that it absolutely was important on behalf of me to recover fully before continuing the new promotion. in order that was the explanation, and let me say that I knew there have been lots of rumors, there was plenty of speculation, there have been many them, there have been many articles like that circulating. Saying oh ‘This is what happened or oh, this is often what happened,’ and let me tell you. That’s not true,” Kyla continued.

Pristin officially disbanded on May 24th, 2019. This was confirmed by Pledis Entertainment because of the agency that houses Pristin. Seven Pristin members chose to go away Pledis Entertainment, and three of them: Kyulkyung, Yehana, and Sungyeon, chose to remain.

That was all the knowledge about the youngest former member of Pristin, Kyla’s weight loss, and her transformations throughout the years. Don’t forget to kindly share your thoughts within the section below!

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