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3 trot singers will make you feel attractive with this music!

3 trot singers who reshaped the scene in 2020. Maybe you don't know these artists, let's check the information about them!  Amidst the worldwide popularity...
nct hollywood

Do you know special information about NCT Hollywood?

5 things we know and can expect from NCT Hollywood. Maybe you will feel interested in this information! When the founding father of SM Entertainment,...
huening kai

Do you know what Huening Kai loves when he arrived in South Korea?

What was South Korea like for TXT Huening Kai when he first arrived? Check it out right now below! TXT member Huening Kai is one...

Do you how many new kpop groups debuted in 2021?

44 new K-Pop groups are set to debut in 2021. It's extremely so many, let's know them more below! Every year the globe of K-Pop...

Have you seen special DREAMCATCHER lightstick?

DREAMCATCHER releases beautiful official lightstick. Let's check it out right now below! InSomnia is lucky as DREAMCATCHER just released their official lightstick and it's beautiful. The...

Let’s check guide about K-Pop albums if you are a newbie!

The ultimate guide to K-Pop Albums and their types. Check it right now if you are a newbie in K-Pop. So interesting! One thing that...

Learn more about profile of male group TXT right now!

Let's learn the profile of Kpop TXT members: Ages, pre-debut, scandal, fun facts. Let's check with us right now below! TXT, also referred to as...

Do you know lyrics English and Romanization of meaningful song Butterfly of BTS?

BTS Butterfly lyrics English and Romanization. Check it out right now, maybe you will fall in love with this song! Learn BTS Butterfly Lyrics with...

Learn more information about Thai NCT’s member Ten!

Check out Ten NCT, NCT U, WayV Facts: Real name, pre debut, more. Let's check this information right now below with us! Ten (텐), real...

Do you know ‘Kwangya’ appear in SM Entertainment’ artists MV?

5 songs of SM Entertainment's artists with 'Kwangya' on the lyrics. Let's check with us right now! For SM Entertainment stans, the word 'Kwangya' is...

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Have you seen the first Senegalese K-Pop idol, Fatou?

MEET Fatou, the first Senegalese K-Pop idol to debut through upcoming re-brand group BLACK SWAN As K-pop music isn't only limited to Koreans anymore and...
Cover - Why can't K-pop girl groups last? 

Why can’t K-pop girl groups last? 

Why can't K-pop girl groups last? I believe you guys will be surprised when knowing that! Get ready to discover with Xenews! Last week, Sojin...
Cover - Let's see Taeyang predebut!

Let’s see Taeyang predebut!

Let's see Taeyang predebut! I believe you guys will be surprised when seeing that! Get ready to know with Xenews! Dong Young-bae (born May 18,...