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Catch up with the latest Korean fashion trends, Korean celebrity fashion photoshoots, and pictorials from magazines like Elle, Marie Claire, and Vogue… 

This hairstyle makes Wendy so much more beautiful, do you know this?

Red Velvet Wendy’s hair stylist reveals how to achieve Wendy’s new hairstyle Red Velvet‘s Wendy recently cut her hair to a bit above shoulder length...
Cover - Taeyeon graces in her pictorials for Japanese fashion magazines

Taeyeon graces in her pictorials for Japanese fashion magazines

Korean netizens are in awe that Taeyeon graces in her pictorials for Japanese fashion magazines. On November 26th, the Japanese fashion magazine 'ViVi' released an...
NCT’s Doyoung and Jungwoo

NCT’s Doyoung and Jungwoo teamed up with Cosmopolitan!

NCT’s Doyoung and Jungwoo talk about their friendship and teamwork with Cosmopolitan! The two members NCT’s Doyoung and Jungwoo are currently preparing to release NCT...
Moon Ga Young

Moon Ga Young opened up about her life philosophy!

Moon Ga Young talks about learning to accept herself and her goals as an actress in a recent interview for @star1 magazine Having started out...

Some of the hottest trends which K-pop stars based on their current styles

K-Pop Stars who could totally rock these trends from 2021 FW Seoul Fashion Week The 2021 F/W Seoul Fashion Week took place at the end...

“Oh My Ladylord” stars Nana and Lee Min Ki teamed up for a pictorial...

Lee Min Ki and Nana share thoughts on their upcoming rom-com drama, acting, and more with Dazed Korea The pair take the leading roles in...

Jeon So Nee and Ki Do Hoon look charismatic for Dazed magazine!

Jeon So Nee and Ki Do Hoon talk about 1st impressions of each other and playing their “Scripting Your Destiny” characters On April 12, Dazed...

BLACKPINK’s Jisoo is a true fashionista!

7 recent times BLACKPINK’s Jisoo taught us the best ways to style pants Closet BLACKPINK’s Jisoo is mostly filled with dresses and skirts, but that...

Check list of Jungkook’s hair, which is always in hot search

Here’s BTS’s Jungkook in 12 different hairstyles just because we can. Let's see with us! BTS‘s Jungkook definitely rocks every single hairstyle! From the bowl...

Singles magazine has released their photoshoot and interviews with Kim Bum!

Kim Bum explains why he keeps all his scripts, what made him star in “Law School”, and more With his mysterious atmosphere and incredible facial...

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Let’s check attitude of Lee Hyun Wook about his role in ‘Mine’

‘Mine’ Lee Hyun Wook reveals how much people hated him for his role. Let's check with us! Which actor benefited the foremost from starring in...

Let’s find out information about Mad Clown’s wife!

Who is Mad Clown's wife? Let's check the information about him with us! Mad Clown, The High Tone Rapper Jo Dong-rim was born on March 25th,...
Cover - Do you wanna see Moonbin shirtless?

Do you wanna see Moonbin shirtless?

Do you wanna see Moonbin shirtless? I believe yous guys will be surprised because Mooobin is definitely no longer a skinny idol! It's not a...