BTS’s V talked on Vogue Korea about his music!

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BTS’s V on Vogue Korea released his inspiration for music in everyday life, spreading love from ARMY, and more. Let’s check right now!

In a recent interview and pictorial, BTS’s V on Vogue Korea unfolded about growing as an artist and his close friendship with ARMY (BTS’s fan club)!

As the cover stars of the magazine’s January 2022 issue, each of the seven BTS members sat down for a separate interview. Despite BTS recently having been the first Asian act with Artist of the Year at the American Music Awards, V began the interview by modestly sharing, “I’m not certain what existence BTS is to people. I’m grateful they offer us compliments and positive responses, but I’m undecided why we receive most love.”

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From the start of the photoshoot, V naturally led the atmosphere on set, casually conversing with the people there. During the interview, he revealed, “My MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) started off as E (extraversion), but it recently changed to I (introversion). I heard that the difference between the 2 is big.” He continued, “I don’t think this modification is bad. I’ve gotten the facility to evaluate what’s right or wrong. this is often because the people around me helped, so I used to be able to grow. I believe I’ll crash frequently within the future and acquire hurt, but I’m not scared. What’s most significant is how I act in this situation.”

v on vouge korea

V revealed, “When there’s something bothering me, I constantly focus and put in the effort to beat that. as an example, if I immerse myself in emotion, I make a song about it. Whether it’s an honest song or not, it means one song has been completed. That sense of accomplishment helps to alleviate my pain and troubles.”

With 15 songs already recorded under his name by the Korea Music Copyright Association (KOMCA), V explained, “I try and get lots of inspiration in existence. Even after I don’t travel and there aren’t any special events, I believe that my way of life is special. nowadays I buy plenty of inspiration from other people’s projects. Yesterday, I watched ‘Forrest Gump’ for the primary time in a very while, and that I teared up a touch. In the end, most character says, ‘I don’t know if we’ve got a destiny, or if we’re all just floating around accidental-like on a breeze,’ and it felt sad.”

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Regarding the success of BTS, V stated, “I do also believe fate. However, would I’ve got become a singer like I’m now if I turn back time? that will not be the case. That’s why I feel of all this as luck that’s sort of a breeze.”

V revealed that the primary turning point in his life was meeting the BTS members and therefore the second point was debuting with those members after training with them. He elaborated, “Since we started off at a little company, something solid within us formed. My mindset has changed lots still. From those times, I assumed of the members as another family.”

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Touching upon the thought that “communication” seems too formal to use between him and ARMYs, V commented, “I want to be close friends with ARMY with no reserves. That’s because whenever I buy a priority or something happens, I discuss it on Weverse. Not just when it involves fans, but with everything, I don’t want to approach it with a business mindset. I take pictures because I favor it, I work on something because I prefer it and that I approach first because they’re people I prefer. Sometimes you would like a business mindset, but I’m not good at that. That’s my weakness.”

V also talked about the incident during which he supported a brand new artist by purchasing two of his paintings. He shared, “Since I receive plenty of affection from people, I need to share that love. ” V added that his father’s words, “It’s not an enormous deal,” help to comfort him when he’s having a tough time. The artist elaborated, “The members also tell me I can rest on them and ask them if I’m having a tough time. They comfort the aspects I’ve got difficulty with as Kim Tae Hyung (V’s birth name) and not V.”

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Mentioning the behind-the-scenes video of BTS working with Coldplay, V shared, “Honestly, it didn’t show therein video, but I recorded the total song when it came out as an English guide. At that point, the Coldplay members praised me by saying I used to be sort of a second Chris Martin. That’s why I listened to lots thereto guide song I sang.”

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Finally, V shared, “I wrote that my future dream job was becoming a singer since I used to be in grade school, but nobody took me seriously, saying, ‘How could you be a singer?’ However, BTS is that the team that made that dream happen.” He continued, “They say that you simply can’t make a career out of something you wish ordinarily which you ought to leave it as a hobby. However, I don’t think that. Since I’m doing something I favor such a lot, I practice if I feel that I’m lacking and that I grow again through that. Furthermore, I’m doing something I prefer, but people like seeing that. I believe that itself is admittedly meaningful work.”

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V’s full interview is accessible within the January 2022 issue of Vogue Korea magazine.

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