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BTS’s V is received “Singer We Are Proud Of” MMA Melon Plaque Award!

BTS’s V is honored with a “Singer We Are Proud Of” MMA Melon Plaque Award for his talent and uplifting influence.

To recognize his success as an artist, Kim Taehyung, aka V of BTS, has been presented with a new MMA (Melon Music Awards) Plaque.

Taehyung received his Melon Plaque Award on November 12th, which was inscribed with the phrase “Singer we are Proud of.” The leading music streaming service in South Korea, Melon, acknowledged delivery of his plaque on its official account.

Only the best 10 musicians of the hundreds of nominees received the Melon Plaque Award, which was voted on in October.

With 77,064 total votes, Taehyung received the most votes of any BTS member and was the only one to make it into the Top 5.

bts v "Singer We Are Proud Of" MMA Melon Plaque Award

The phrase Taehyung used to describe his aim to become a singer fans could be proud of served as the inspiration for the award’s name.

Taehyung has long attained this objective. His followers and people who know him are proud of his songs, talents, and kind nature.

bts v

People have found solace in Taehyung’s soothing words and beautiful voice through difficult times. Fans have been moved by his altruistic nature to take part in philanthropic endeavors and promote constructive social change.

The achievements and influence of Taehyung have also been greatly admired by the Korean government. His artistic talent and constructive influence have received countless awards from various governmental organizations.

He recently displayed his qualities as a model citizen when the mayor of Goyang City presented him with a plaque in recognition of his outstanding tax compliance and contribution to the growth of the city’s finances.

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