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BTS’s RM responded about sensitive question from his fans!

“What can you claim that BTS is the best at in comparison to other boy groups?”, a fan asks BTS’s RM in response!

A fan questioned what distinguishes BTS from other boy bands, and RM of BTS responded.

BTS member RM’s response to a fan’s query, “What can you claim that BTS is the best at compared to other boy groups and that you’re proud of,” was made public on October 25 KST. When RM heard this, he shouted “Attitude” to get people’s attention. The fact that RM opted to highlight the BTS members’ humble approach to their accomplishment, which makes him proud, startled many online users.

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Online commenters said:

  • “The evidence of this is that not even one member of a 10-year cohort veered off course,” the author claims.
  • “It’s really admirable of him that he can say it with such assurance. Like that, I aspire to be.”
  • “All seven of the members are incredibly sincere. They don’t seem haughty, and their personalities don’t seem manufactured.”
  • “To say it with such assurance only demonstrates how much faith he has in his followers.
    Kim Namjoon, oh my!”


  • “As we would expect from our leader!”
  • “We can’t help but love them because of this,”
  • “He really is so cool, I tell you.”
  • “I can strongly feel that they accomplish their main job extremely well and firmly care for each other after their ten years and additional trainee period.”

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