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BTS’s Jimin has the most-streamed Korean OST of 2022 with “With You”!

As “With You” becomes the most-streamed Korean OST of 2022 on YouTube and Spotify, Jimin dominates Twitter trends

Jimin and Sungwoon’s “With You” has not slowed down and continues to reach impressive new milestones on major global music streaming platforms, the latest being on YouTube. Jimin and Sungwoon’s “With You” has already recorded numerous achievements on various music buying, streaming, and discovery platforms right from its day of release. As of November 12, the OST had received over 30 million plays on YouTube, breaking a previous record and becoming the most-watched Korean OST of 2022.

Jimin with you

Fans usually rejoice when one of Jimin’s songs achieves success on various music platforms or charts because they are so proud of the great and consistently inspiring music he consistently produces. On this occasion, they congratulated him and expressed their pride in him, which resulted in various keywords—including HIT MAKER JIMIN, PROUD OF YOU JIMIN, and the hashtag #WithYou30MYouTube—becoming trending topics on Twitter.

Just one day prior to this significant accomplishment, “With You” had topped 43.1 million streams on Melon, the biggest and most well-liked music streaming and download service in South Korea. As a result, the song became the BTS member’s OST that reached this milestone on the site the quickest, and it currently holds the second-most streams of any BTS member’s OST in the platform’s history.

with you jimin

Prior to recently, “With You” had achieved the same feat on Spotify, the biggest anmost well-known music streaming service worldwide. As a result, it is now the Korean OST that has received the most streams globally on Spotify and Youtube.

The song has over 167 million Spotify streams as of November 12, making it the fastest Korean OST to accomplish this feat to date.

In the meantime, “With You” is still the only song of 2022 to score 119 iTunes #1s and the first and only song in the history of the iTunes charts to score an all-kill.

Jimin, congratulations! And listen this OST right now below:

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