BTS V’s net worth in 2021 will make you surprised!

V's net worth

All information about BTS’ V’s net worth: His earnings, endorsements, acting projects, etc. Let’s check right now below!

Have you wondered before how rich Kim Tae-hyung is, famously referred to as BTS’s V? After the large success that the group received, the members including V are addressing a bunch of endorsements and projects with various brands even after the group’s music became very famous abroad.

Moreover, V also appeared in some drama projects. does one want to understand what proportion of BTS V’s net worth is? during this article, Xenews will reveal what quantity it’s, so stick with it reading!

BTS’ V’s Net Worth Is Approximately $20 Million!

V's net worth

Who doesn’t realize BTS? The sensational K-pop group managed by Big Hit has spread its wings not only in South Korea but everywhere on the planet. The 7 members including BTS’ V are well-known by people, especially for his or her talent, charms, and even visuals furthermore.

BTS’ V himself has been acknowledged by people, especially together with his ethereal visuals that have always drawn attention. Being during a group with such huge success, BTS’ V must have earned plenty of cash and even became one of every of the richest K-pop idols along with his huge income.

V's net worth

According to many sources, BTS’ V’s net worth is approximately $20 million which he earned from many projects with BTS or his own like endorsements, drama appearances, and producing and writing songs. Such an enormous amount, right?

BTS’ V’s Endorsements, Advertisements, and Drama Appearances

V's net worth

BTS’ V has appeared in an exceedingly lot of endorsements from various brands, whether it absolutely was with other BTS members or his projects. other than that, V has made some drama appearances which were also a component of his income.

Check out the small print here:

Louis Vuitton– one amongst the largest endorsement projects ever for BTS’ V and therefore the fellow members, they eventually paired up with the luxurious brand and have become brand ambassadors!

V Louis Vuitton
BTS’s V & Louis Vuitton

Baskin Robbins x BTS– the food and beverage company where BTS’ V and therefore the other members appeared because the models for the frozen dessert CF

v baskin robbins
Baskin Robbins x BTS

Coca-Cola x BTS– another beverage company where they appointed BTS because the brand ambassador! The members also took part in an exceedingly campaign, and that they also released an advertisement song for the project

bts v cocacola
Coca Cola X BTS

FILA– the style and sports apparel brand that appointed BTS’ V and therefore the fellow members because the brand ambassadors

v fila

In 2016, BTS’ V had an acting project through the drama Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth as a supporting role. His acting was also praised by people, and that they have desired to look at more acting projects from V within the future!

BTS’s V in “Hwarang” drama

Details of BTS’ V’s Assets

Not only earning plenty of cash but BTS’ V has wisely spent it by purchasing some assets like apartments, luxury cars, and more. take a look at a number of BTS’ V’s assets here:

Luxury Cars

V's net worth

It was reported that BTS’ V bought a luxury car with a value of roughly $53,000. The car is that the Genesis GV80 SUV from Hyundai. it absolutely was also revealed that, initially, BTS members used that sort of car while filming certain videos, and V was impressed with the car. As rich as he’s, the K-pop idol decided to get the identical car for himself!


V's net worth

BTS’ V was also reported to own bought a property located in Gangnam, one amongst the exclusive locations in South Korea. He purchased the Apelbaum apartments that are estimated to be approximately 282 square meters.

Moreover, the Apelbaum apartments also are called the residence of the many popular artists and celebrities with beautiful views of the Han River. the worth itself cost around $4.55 million!

That’s it about BTS’ V’s net worth and other details! V has been fixing lots of labor and energy for his career, so he deserves all of the cash and therefore the treats in his life. does one also think that BTS’ V’s net worth is incredible? Leave a comment down below regarding that matter, and don’t forget to share this text on your social media!

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