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BTS share their thought about Busan World Expo 2030!

BTS offers thoughts prior to the concert for Busan World Expo 2030. Check out the details about their thought right now below!

The members of BTS took some time to discuss their ideas and let fans know what to expect from their highly anticipated Busan World Expo 2030 concert!


The leader, RM, stated, “We worked hard to prepare for this one-time special concert. There will be entertaining performances and songs that we won’t have sung in a while. I’m hoping that [our supporters] will joyfully sing along and bounce with us.

Because this is our first concert in a while, Jin said, “My heart is on fire. I think you’ll enjoy watching because we’ve selected tunes that everyone recognizes. We’ll work hard.”

Suga added, “I’m particularly looking forward to it as it’s the first time in a long time that we’re performing a concert in Korea where the audience may applaud aloud. The prospect of hearing your applause excites me.

He continued, “I hope that everyone in the crowd will truly let go and enjoy the event as it’s a free-spirited concert in the style of a festival.”

bts busanJ-Hope acknowledged feeling under pressure before the performance, saying, “We worked really hard to prepare for this event. While I do feel some anxiety and pressure to do well, I intend to give you all of my energy with the attitude of “Let’s go and have fun with a lot of people,” so I’d appreciate it if you liked the concert.

“We’ve prepared a broad variety of different things, so please look forward to it,” he continued, “since the main goal of this concert is to thoroughly transmit the spirit of all seven members.”

We’ve worked hard to prepare, but Jimin said, “I’m both excited and nervous. I want to present you with the concert as soon as possible. Please take full advantage of the performance along with us, concertgoers.

V said, “We’ll pour everything we’ve got into putting on a cool concert for the viewers all around the world who’ll be watching together” as he spoke to the many fans who would be watching the event online.

The last thing Jungkook said was, “I’m nervous and eager because it’s our first concert in a long time. I want to perform a concert that I won’t look back on, and I want everyone who attends to take something great away from it. Additionally, there will be brand-new performances, so you can expect the event with confidence.

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The World Expo 2030 Busan Korea concert by BTS will start at 6 p.m. KST on October 15.

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