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BTS, Big Bang, SHINee, and more appeared in ‘Rolling Stone’s top 75 boy band songs of all-time list

On July 24th, BTS, Big Bang, SHINee, and more appeared in ‘Rolling Stone’s top 75 boy band songs of all-time list of Rolling Stones.

The list included of many legendary boy bands from N’Sync to One Direction and even the classic Jackson 5. There are multiple K-Pop songs that Rolling Stone has chosen to be part of their 75 greatest boy band songs of all time.

Here are the songs from Rolling Stone’s “75 Greatest Boy Band Songs of All Time.”

#5 BTS – Moon

Rolling stone chose Jin‘s solo song “Moon” which was a track from BTS‘ seventh album ‘MAP OF THE SOUL: 7‘ to be at rank #5. The song “Moon” expresses Jin‘s fondness towards his fans as he refers himself to be their moon. The Rolling Stones claimed that this song “sums up everything that’s made BTS massive.”

#14 SHINee – Sherlock

Sherlock” was the song made popular as it was the remix between SHINee‘s song “Clue” and “Note“. With a catchy beat, it captured the heart of many listeners and impressed them with their signature choreography at the beginning of the song where the boys spread out across the stage.

#19 BTS – Spring Day

Another song from BTS made the list. “Spring Day” is an all-time favorite song of many. This song perfectly melts the feelings of longing as the lyrics express “When will spring come…it’s still winter in august…” and poetically expresses the coldness of loneliness.

#31 Big Bang – Fantastic Baby

Big Bang‘s “Fantastic Baby” made the ranking at number 31. The song made an impression on the netizens domestically and internationally as Big Bang released this song. This song is still-to-this-day a party favorite as the upbeat electric song heats up the vibe.

#34 BTS – Euphoria

BTS made the Rolling Stones ranking a third time with their song “Euphoria“. This song was a solo song sung by Jungkook. He was able to intricately and beautifully express the love which brought “Euphoria” to his world and brought him to paradise. This song also tops the list of favorite songs of many fans.

#39 TVXQ – Mirotic

TVXQ made the Rolling Stones ranking with their song “Mirotic“. TVXQ was the hit sensation from the second generation of K-Pop. They made the top charts and received much love from fans. This song was made popular but also had to go through a re-lyric process because the part “I got you under my skin” was too controversial at the time.

#43 Seo Taiji and Boys – Nan Arayo (I Know)

Seo Taiji and Boys is largely considered the godfather of K -Pop. They gained explosive popularity as they sang songs with lyrics that were speaking for the youth at that time. They can be seen as the pioneers for the K-Pop industry.

#55 INFINITE – Chaser

INFINITE made the charts with their song “Chaser“, a song with a catchy beat that was loved by many. INFINITE received much love with this rock, electric song.

#56 BTS – Fake Love


BTS makes the charts again at #56 with “Fake Love“. The song “Fake Love” can be the most recognized song by international fans. It became the first song to reach the top 10 on a U.S. music chart.

As BTS, Big Bang, SHINee, and more appeared in ‘Rolling Stone’s top 75 boy band songs of all-time list, congratulations to all the talented guys. Catch up with the latest Korean Entertainment News with us!

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