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Being an aesthetic musician and having a musical genre that several others enjoy isn’t easy. An entertainer and musician must have the power and great passion for music or art because they need to urge plenty of attention from the general public and therefore the wider community because they work as public figures where their lives and careers are the consumption and a focus of everyone.

In the Republic of Korea, tough competition always occurs within the industry. From rookies to seniors, after they have careers and make a comeback there’ll definitely be things that are done lots to induce the eye and particularly the appreciation of their fans who are waiting to see you later.

Bolbbalgan4 is additionally an example of musicians from the Republic of Korea who made their debut as a duo and managed to induce plenty of attention from the general public due to their talents. However, recently the duo had to experience problems and one member had to go away from the group. during this article, we’ll discuss further Bolbbalgan4’s Ahn Ji-young: her career path, and her condition after one amongst the opposite members decided to depart the duo.

Without waiting too long, let’s have a more detailed have a look at Bolbbalgan’s Ahn Ji-young’s full profile within the article below!

BOL4’s Ji-young’s Profile

ahn ji young

Real Name: Ahn Ji-young (안지영)

Stage Name: Jiyoung (지영)

Place and Date of Birth: Yeongju, Asian country, September 14th, 1995

Star Sign: Virgo

Height: 165 cm (5’4″)

Weight: 45 kg (99 lbs)

Blood Type: A

Position: Main Vocalist

Official Site: Instagram (@hey_miss_true)

BOL4’s Ji-young’s Facts

ahn ji young fact

Fun Facts:

  1. Jiyoung could be a member of Bolbbalgan4 who represents ‘youth’ because she acts innocent like a young adult girl
  2. Jiyoung doesn’t wish to watch TV
  3. Jiyoung can speak with a voice kind of like Na Moon-hee and Crayon Sinchan
  4. Jiyoung’s hobby goes to the supermarket
  5. Jiyoung has various facial expressions and he or she also likes to try and do aegyo
  6. Jiyoung’s ideal type may be one who features a good voice

BOL4’s Ji-young’s Pre-debut Story

Bolbbalgan4 originally came from Yeongju, North Gyeongsang, and before they finally decided to audition, there was a video that tells the lifetime of Bolbbalgan4 members in Yeongju. within the video, Ahn Ji-young also shared that Yeongju is one of the cities with many great places, the people are kind, famous, and also a cushty place to measure in. When Bolbbalgan4 auditioned for Mnet’s survival show Superstar K6 which aired in 2014, it might be seen that there have been four members in their initial line-up before debut, but all that was left until they debuted were Ahn Ji-young and Woo Jiyoon.

ahn ji young show

In an episode of Mnet’s Superstar K6 which showed Bolbbalgan4 once they were still within the audition stage, the members also introduced all the circumstances that existed in their place of residence in Yeongju, North Gyeongsang. The members including Ahn Ji-young also introduced the delicious food that was there and therefore the funny thing was, they also gave apples to the judges when it absolutely was time for them to audition collectively of the characteristics of their hometown.

ahn ji young show

One of the previous members of Bolbbalgan4 from Yeongju, Kim Ji-won, also shared that in their hometown nobody actually sold musical instruments and before they came to audition for Mnet’s Superstar K6 in Seoul, that they had often been busking publically places, like during a park or downtown. thanks to their great experience and fervor for music, the four of them finally ventured to become contestants on Mnet’s Superstar K6. after they were still at school, they shared that they liked music and did performances. They use public buses as transportation to induce to the busking place in downtown Yeongju.

ahn ji young

In South Korea, it’s not uncommon to work out several people or teenagers doing busking or performing publicly places. the rationale is that besides entertaining the group, this may also train the mentality of a musician or those that want to debut as an idol to feel what percentage people are watching and improve their talents in these shows, including their ability to sing and attract the eye of the many people to enjoy their shows there.

ahn ji young reality show

During the audition, Bolbbalgan4 had the chance to sing a song from Maroon 5 “Payphone” and a 1 Direction song titled “What causes you to Beautiful.” the 2 songs were delivered mash-up with the group and lots of those who watched Bolbbalgan4’s performance during their first audition conveyed their praise. Ahn Ji-young’s English pronunciation sounded very fluent and good. Quite that, her vocal technique, vocal character, mimic, and expression when singing looks natural and funky. The judges gave their praise for Bolbbalgan4’s performance during the audition who looked particular at making efforts and had undergone serious training before appearing. One in every one of the judges also said that the expression of Ahn Ji-young was like she wanted to convey a message to others about the song she sang.

After the primary audition stage, Bolbbalgan4 was declared to possess won the subsequent round. While the auditions that the contestants need to do to require part in Mnet’s Superstar K6 have many stages, Bolbbalgan4 managed to try and do their best on this survival show.

ahn ji young reality show

At the audition stage that they had to pass next, Bolbbalgan4 sang the song “I Don’t Need A Man” by MissA, where all the members besides Ahn Ji-young as vocalists during this group showed their proficiency in playing musical instruments during this performance. Kwon Ji-won played guitar and Woo Jiyoon played bass and Jin-ho played jimbe and Cajon instruments. joined of the contestants on Mnet’s Superstar K6, they’re arguably good at picking songs that don’t make their appearance an excessive amount of and still look good to enjoy.

During their previous audition performance, the judges also said that folks who can choose songs well definitely have excellent talents too. So it’s not just that their vocals or appearance are good, but because they need their own skills in music. One in every one of the judges in Mnet’s Superstar K6, Baek Jiyoung, was also said to be just like Ahn Ji-young because they need good singing skills and have their original personality and charm when delivering a song during a performance.

ahn ji young baek jin young

In the episode they auditioned too, Ahn Ji-young once said that Bolbbalgan4 incorporates a charming point where each member represents the image of “fresh” and “pure”, a bit like teenagers are cute and cheerful at their age. Their group was also initially introduced under the name Bolbbalgan Sachungi which implies Red Cheek Puberty. With these names, it’s like giving the impression that they’re teenagers and also the music they perform is deliberately made to represent the sentiments of teenagers normally.

ji young show

After the 2 rounds they’d successfully passed, Bolbbalgan4 entered the stage where they were divided into teams and given the selection of songs to rearrange the song. they’d the chance to be in an exceedingly team with children studying abroad and have the advantage of proficiency in English, which is after all, fluent. Because the communication from the Bolbbalgan4 team couldn’t be in fluent English, of course, they decided to speak using Korean.

sing show

At this selection stage, Bolbbalgan4 agreed to sing “Dream Girl” by SHINee. During the rehearsal, Ahn Ji-young had difficulty memorizing her line easily within the given time because it absolutely was too short and because the vocalist of the group, Ahn Ji-young felt nervous and burst into tears during the rehearsal. Finally, Bolbbalgan4 didn’t qualify for the subsequent stage. Their performance at that point was considered not optimal and for Ahn Ji-young, memorizing a song’s lyrics was the foremost important thing to try to do as a vocalist, but at that point, she did not mate.

This round wasn’t the last chance for Bolbbalgan4 to continue their path. However, the judges agreed to offer them another chance by issuing Wild Cards for them in order that they could travel to the following stage. When Bolbbalgan4 was declared not optimal on this occasion, Ahn Ji-young felt sorry because her performance was still not good and even had incorrect lyrics while singing.

sing show

Bolbbalgan4’s move as a contestant on Mnet’s Superstar K6 was halted within the pre-top 10 round. They weren’t included as Top 10 contestants, but due to their existence and appearance which gave their own color to Mnet’s Superstar K6, there have been many agencies who were interested in them until they finally chose an office called Shofar Music. the explanation why Bolbbalgan4 wanted to enter the agency is that the agency approved them to compose songs and make music in their own style.

BOL4’s Ji-young’s Debut

Bolbbalgan Sachungi or Red Cheek Puberty may be a folk duo made of former contestants of Superstar K6. They debuted on April 22nd, 2016, under Shofar Music. The group consisted of Ahn Ji-young and Woo Jiyoon who initially met once they were in high school. the 2 became close because they need identical interests within the world of music. The plan was for them to require to be idols but eventually, they realized that they both couldn’t dance. Then they decided to become indie musicians.


Bolbbalgan4 debuted with the discharge of a full-length album titled Red Planet, having previously released a mini-album titled Red Ickle, further as releasing one for the soundtrack of the drama Misaeng. during this album, Bolbbalgan has good songs and straightforward listening. Evidently, their song “Galaxy” topped music charts in South Korea.


Bolbbalgan4 was a pearl within the mud. Before officially debuting, they were amateurs who hadn’t paid attention to anyone aside from the present agency, Shofar Music. Since 2012, they need to appear on Mnet’s Super Star K for 3 consecutive years, but all were eliminated from the qualifying round. within the meantime, they were beautifully rejected by some large agencies. However, after they first appeared on TV while advancing from Mnet’s Superstar K6 in 2014 to ‘Super Week’, the ultimate qualifier, and caught the eyes of Shofar Music.

“If I feel about it now, I believe it would be better if I fell into an immature form after I was less famous in ‘Superstar K’. I used to be able to see you in a very more advanced form.”

Ahn Ji-young and Woo Ji-yoon met for the primary time as classmates in their first year of high school. it absolutely was the chance to confide each other’s secrets that “my dream is to become a singer” on Hagok-gil, and attend a practical music academy together and even make a band. “The name I made at that point was a bright adolescent.”


“I’m really happy after I hear the evaluations of ‘freshness’ and there are the strange charms and colors unique to ‘puberty’. Musicians are very pleased with their own color, and folks comprehend it, support it, and that they are happy. The time I had prepared for a year and a half before my debut gradually passed and that I want the toil melts.”

bol4 sing

In the first place, Bolbbalgan practiced the songs of composers introduced by the agency, but it absolutely was demanding to match the fresh tone, and atmosphere cultivated within the wild to the ‘standard’ of the established music industry. “I started making songs with the advice of my agency to write down a song. I wrote one or two songs every week, recalling walking around the shut-in high school, performing under the tower in Yeongju city, and collecting 80 songs over a year. Here, 10 songs were selected and five songs were released in April 2016 and therefore the remaining five songs in August 2016.”

ahn ji young

The power of reports was great for his or her hit. Music videos and lyrics were spread through social media, and more people began to share their favorites. “I want to be a musician who can sympathize and luxury someone. Of course, the innocence may disappear little by little, but I would like to stay ‘colorful, cheeky puberty’ to suit the sensibility of adolescence.”

Let’s watch Bolbbalgan4’s debut music video “Some”!

Bolbbalgan4 also attended several music programs broadcast on TV after they were undergoing their debut promotion period with “Some.” The duo that has members Ahn Ji-young and Woo Jiyoon looked beautiful and charming like teenagers who exuded their aura once they were young.

With her always cheerful aura, Ahn Ji-young looked charming when she was on stage and delivered her song with happy vibes. Meanwhile, Woo Jiyoon accompanied the vocalist along with her guitar right next to Ahn Ji-young by singing as a back vocal.

Not only on one music program, but Bolbbalgan were also present at Music Bank to satisfy their debut promotion schedule. With a cute outfit sort of a school uniform, the members still looked very cheerful when singing. Not only the 2 of them alone, but the Bolbbalgan musical composition performance was also attended by several musicians at the rear with their respective instrumentals to accompany Bolbbalgan’s singing.

What does one give some thought to Bolbbalgan’s debut performance of “Some”?

Controversy with BOL4 Former Member Woo Ji-yoon

On April 2nd, 2020, there was an unpleasant piece of stories that came from Bolbbalgan. they’re referred to as a duo who have a novel music genre. Evidently, songs from this duo often get proud ratings after they are released. But recently, fans have had some unpleasant news.

Shofar Music because the agency that oversees Bolbbalgan4 announced that guitarist Woo Jiyoon will leave the group. this enables vocalist Ahn Ji-young to continue promoting as a solo artist under the name Bolbbalgan4. the subsequent is that the agency’s statement:

bol4 disband


“Hello, this can be Shofar Music. First, we thank the fans who support and love BOL4. we might prefer to make an officer statement regarding member changes in our agency duo BOL4.

Member Woo Jiyoon has expressed her desire to finish promotions as a part of BOL4 because of personal concerns about her future career. we’ve held several meetings to consider this matter carefully with the members.

After rebuke one another for an extended time, the members began to understand each other’s thoughts. Shofar Music also respects Woo Jiyoon’s decision, so we’ve come to the subsequent conclusion.

BOL4 will now be a one-member artist with Ahn Jiyoung and no additional members. After contemplation, Woo Jiyoon has decided to finish promotions as BOL4.

We, Shofar Music, also are sad that BOL4 won’t be able to continue together, but we’ve made the choice to respect and support (Woo Jiyoon’s) thoughts quite anyone else. additionally, while Ahn Jiyoung and Woo Jiyoon will finish promoting together as a part of the duo, they’re going to still be colleagues and friends who support the trail they’re taking.

One of the BOL4 members is currently gearing up to release an album in May. We ask that you just send Ahn Jiyoung, who will continue BOL4’s music, warm support, and encouragement. Shofar Music will still support the shining way forward for the 2 artists. Thank you.”

Atlantis Princess

On August 6th, 2020, SM Entertainment announced that they’ll be celebrating BoA’s 20th debut anniversary through the SM STATION project where several artists will sing BoA’s songs. Bolbbalgan4 became one of all the singers who enlivened it. Bolbbalgan4 will sing one of BoA’s hits, “Atlantis Princess.”

ji young

In the video, Bolbbalgan4 may be seen singing cheerfully before of a standing microphone. She is seen standing in an exceedingly colorful light that matches the teaser photo of the 2. within the teaser, Bolbbalgan is seen singing the chorus of BoA’s song “Atlantis Princess.”

The song was released on August 7th at 6 PM KST. additionally, Bolbbalgan is the second singer to participate in BoA’s 20th-anniversary project. the primary singer is EXO’s Baekhyun. In total there are five other musicians confirmed to be participating in this project. they’re EXO’s Baekhyun, Red Velvet, Bolbbalgan4, Gallant, and SM Classic. “Garden within the Air” is sung by EXO’s Baekhyun, “Atlantis Princess” by BOL4, “Only One” by Gallant, “Milky Way” by Red Velvet, and “Tree” by SM Classic.

ahn ji young 2021

SM Classic itself may be a label made by SM Entertainment along with the Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra. This label undertook a project to record orchestral versions of popular K-Pop songs. The songs are going to be released through SM’s digital music platform, SM Station. this is often the primary time the Seoul Philharmonic has recorded K-Pop songs since its inception. This label will later help domestic classical musicians release albums and perform concerts.

Bolbbalgan4 (BOL4) recently announced that guitarist Woo Jiyoon would depart the group. this enables vocalist Ahn Jiyoung to continue promoting as a solo artist under the name Bolbbalgan4. in an exceedingly recent episode of tvN’s On and Off, Ahn Jiyoung of BOL4 again talked about the departure of her groupmate. She was sad by how hard it had been for her to push alone when Jiyoon left.

ahn ji young show

Fans see Ahn Jiyoung still having a successful comeback while she is now a solo singer. However, Jiyoung confessed that she felt very heavy and overwhelmed in her heart.

“To be honest, because I don’t have Woo Jiyoon anymore, I feel completely empty. I pretend it’s not true, but it’s true. It’s rough to urge accustomed to being alone,” said Ahn Jiyoung. “We have two and now there’s just one. So it doesn’t add up that I can be whole again without her. I feel completely empty inside,” said Ahn Jiyoung.

ahn ji young show

To the surprise of the many, Ahn Jiyoung revealed that she had felt a way of fear about continuing to push under the name BOL4 alone. Even Ahn Jiyoung kept confessing that she cried for 2 weeks in an exceedingly row and worried that she might fail her career. “To be honest, I used to be like ‘what should I do?’, But I would like to respect Woo Jiyoon’s decision. Because she could be a friend by my side, I would like to comfort her,” continued Ahn Jiyoung.

“I cried plenty for 2 weeks in a very row. I felt anxious because I assumed I’d fail alone,” she replied. But Jiyoung keeps trying to cheer herself up with words of comfort and encouragement in order that she will return to promoting. “I need to have best. If I fail, I’ll act next time,” said Ahn Jiyoung. Ahn Jiyoung herself with the name BOL4 just made a comeback with a brand new album titled Puberty Book II A Flower The Butterfly Has Seen. during this album, BOL4 presents “Hug,” which is that the creation of Ahn Jiyoung with producer Vanilla Man and therefore the lyrics are written by Ahn Jiyoung.

ahn ji young

The song describes the nice and cozy feelings that someone feels once they are on their thanks to meet their loved ones. BOL4 has also released a pre-release song titled “Leo” which may be a special song because it features EXO’s Baekhyun for a collaboration.

Well, that’s all the data and therefore the profile of Bolbbalgan4’s Ahn Jiyoung. although that they had only debuted as a duo some years ago, they need to see plenty as idols and in fact, they’re also famous for his or her good songs and their performances that always entertain everyone. In 2020 we had to receive the sad piece of stories that one in all the members of Bolbbalgan4 must leave, but we even have to recollect that each step they take from auditioning and being famous is additionally because of the diligence of each good member so they’ll show their talents to several people. Let’s keep supporting Bolbbalgan and provide many like to them!

Don’t forget to catch up with the latest Korean entertainment news with us every day!


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