BLACKPINK’s Lisa always makes her fans proud of her behaviors!

BLACKPINK’s Lisa and delicate actions deserve 10 points. That makes her fans fall in love with her and extremely proud!

BLACKPINK’s Lisa is usually considered as a female idol with smart and delicate behavior. In each event, she always makes fans feel secure about her every action and expression. For that reason, the youngest member of BLACKPINK currently features a huge fan base, always supporting the feminine idol anytime, anywhere.

Recently, Lisa, V (BTS), and Park Bo Gum together attended Celine’s fashion event in France. within the West, Park Bo Gum’s reputation is clearly inferior to the opposite two colleagues. Also thanks to this, the actor is a smaller amount wanted by the media.

However, Lisa scored again by taking care of seniors. whenever I take an image or move a location, the youngest member of BLACKPINK turns to seem, avoiding Park Bo Gum being too secluded from him. At the identical time, the interactions between Lisa and Park Bo Gum also caused fever on social networks.


Lisa went back to search out Park Bo Gum, staying removed from the actor but still ensuring the minimum distance. (Image: Twitter @SidoarjoWarta)

lisa bogum

The female idol’s delicate actions are praised. (Image: Twitter @SidoarjoWarta)


The youngest member of BLACKPINK always knows the way to take care of those around him with the tiniest action. (Image: Twitter @SidoarjoWarta)


The interaction of Park Bo Gum, V, and Lisa makes their fans excited. (Image: Twitter @SidoarjoWarta)

In the past, when many Korean stars received criticism for posting ridiculous advertisements, Lisa also scored a little action. At that point, the youngest member of BLACKPINK took a photograph with Celine’s bag and shared it on Instagram with the hashtag #celine to obviously confirm that she was sponsored.

lisa celine

Only a tiny low hashtag, but also see the sophistication of Lisa. (Photo: Instagram @lalalalisa_m)

When making her solo debut with the song “LALISA”, Lisa was also praised for the way she incorporated national culture into the MV. Specifically, the feminine idol wore Thai national costume, appearing as a beauty queen, as the simplest way to indicate pride in her origin.

lisa solo

Lisa appeared like a queen within the LALISA MV due to the Thai national costume. (Photo: YouTube BLACKPINK)

thai culture

Thanks to Lisa, Thailand’s culture is more widely known in K-pop and therefore the world. (Photo: Instagram @lalalalisa_m)

In the program “Youth With You”, when reading the profiles of the contestants, Lisa was extremely attentive and dedicated. When she saw the share of a contestant who said that she had been aloof from home for 10 years to meet her passion but failed, the YG beauties burst into tears of sympathy. Besides, Lisa also wrote a letter telling about the difficulties she went through further as encouraging the Thanh Xuan contestant to own friends.

lisa youth with you

Lisa left words of encouragement for the contestants in “Youth With You”. (Photo: Youth has friends)


Thanks to her warm personality, Lisa conquered many audiences. (Photo: Newsen)


Lisa is additionally loved by brands partly due to her personality. (Photo: Pinterest)

At the age of 25, Lisa has an admirable career and exquisite beauty. Besides, the feminine idol’s treatment is additionally praised for being delicate and intelligent.

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