BLACKPINK’s Jisoo has been a versatile idol since her debut!

BLACKPINK’s Jisoo has been a versatile idol since her debut. Learn more about the details about her right now below!

BLACKPINK’s Jisoo is currently a rare female idol who can cover the fields of music, fashion, advertising, movies, hosting, and even diplomacy. To get to the position she is today, she has constantly tried and is supported by YG Entertainment.

It can be said that Jisoo is the member with the best reputation in BLACKPINK before her debut by YG Entertainment so she can work on many advertising projects and movies. Accordingly, the female idol collaborated with the popular actor Lee Min Ho in the introduction photo set for Samsonite’s new handbag collection.

jisoo minho

Jisoo collaborated with Lee Min Ho on a handbag advertising project

Although she does not have much experience working with famous seniors, Jisoo is always confident, showing her beautiful beauty standard “Miss Korea”. The pure and clear beauty of BLACKPINK’s eldest sister was immediately noticed from that moment.

jisoo minho

Her professional way of working since before her debut has been praised

Besides, Jisoo also collaborated with the senior group of the same company iKON to advertise the Smart Uniform brand. Standing among the handsome men, the eldest sister of BLACKPINK wears a very beautiful and radiant uniform.

jisoo ikon

Jisoo collaborates with iKON to advertise uniforms.

Not only advertising, but Jisoo also participated in the drama project The Producers in 2015 with senior Dara (2NE1). Although she is just a new face, the eldest sister of BLACKPINK quickly attracts the audience with her beautiful beauty and smooth acting.

the producers

Jisoo appeared in The Producers

Not stopping there, Jisoo also played MVs of some YG Entertainment seniors. Accordingly, she appeared in “Spoiler” (Epik High) and “I’m Different” (Hi Suhyun).


Jisoo acts naturally in sunbaenim’s MVs

Having a lot of experience before debut, it is not difficult to understand that the current Jisoo can handle many roles. A debut not long ago, BLACKPINK’s eldest sister entered the field of hosting. Then she bombarded the fashion world with the title of Ambassador of leading brands such as Dior, and Cartier. Currently, Jisoo also holds many valuable advertising contracts.


Jisoo was an MC when she debuted not long ago

jisoo dior

The female idol is adored by Dior


She appeared densely in magazines


Related events are definitely not missing the face of the eldest sister BLACKPINK


She also participates in diplomacy with BLACKPINK

In 2021, Jisoo officially debuted as an actor and took on the main role of Young Ro in the drama “Snowdrop”. Although there are many controversies, the female idol has fully expressed all emotions. Thanks to that, Jisoo was nominated for the Best New Actress category of the Blue Dragon Awards.


Jisoo debuted as an extremely impressive actress in Snowdrop

jisoo hae in

The “chemical reaction” of Jisoo and Jung Hae In made people stand still


Jisoo was nominated for the Best New Actress category at the most prestigious film awards ceremony in Korea

At the age of 27, Jisoo covers all fields. Whether it’s music, fashion, advertising, or acting, BLACKPINK’s eldest sister has done her job very well.

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