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BLACKPINK is the first influence K-Pop popularity!

BLACKPINK is the key factor for other K-Pop singers to increase in popularity! Check out the proof through Circle Chart analysts!

According to Circle Chart’s most recent survey of the worldwide music market, BLACKPINK is the primary influence on how popular other K-Pop performers become.

The expert stated, “BLACKPINK is on another level and I’m sorry to say this, but at the moment, no one can top BLACKPINK,” in a video that displayed the development of several girl groups and their present success in streams, digital sales, and physical sales.

BLACKPINK Circle Chart

BLACKPINK Circle Chart

The analyst continued by pointing out:

“First of all, even when combined, the number of daily streams for all of the female Kpop singers who released new songs in July and August cannot surpass BLACKPINK’s.”

“In terms of worldwide traffic, Korea is performing the best out of more than a hundred countries searching for the keyword BLACKPINK.”

“Overall, BLACKPINK’s songs perform well, and their sales figures are astounding; even the songs that don’t seem to perform well have over 5 million copies sold. While other bands have previously celebrated reaching 2 million streams, BLACKPINK continues to receive over 5 million streams despite being in “decline.”

BLACKPINK Circle Chart

He continued by reiterating BLACKPINK’s undisputed dominance in the music industry:

“If you’ve been following the Circle Chart, you know that BLACKPINK’s songs are just staying put while LISA’s solo tracks are still there.”

“Other Kpop girl groups first succeed tremendously, but unhappily, you notice a slight deterioration before they eventually drop off the list.”

BLACKPINK Circle Chart BLACKPINK Circle Chart BLACKPINK Circle Chart

“With all of this stated, BLACKPINK has demonstrated that she is on par with pop singers in the US, even making it onto the most important charts there. The same is true for the UK, Japan, and China.”

“By becoming the first to appear on particular lists and set new records, BLACKPINK in some ways contributed to the global recognition of K-pop. This paved the way for other K-pop singers, who worked arduously to stay relevant until K-pop evolved into what it is today.”

BLINK proudly stated that they think BLACKPINK has contributed much to K-pop and Korea. However, because of their enormous success, a lot of naysayers always try to downplay their accomplishments, and they even get a lot of unwarranted hate mail.

BLINK also used the occasion to thank each girl group on the list, praising them for being extremely gifted performers with timeless songs and albums in a market that is regrettably still largely dominated by pop musicians.

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