‘Big Hero 7’ movie confirmed about the cast

‘Big Hero 7’ movie confirmed! Tadashi is alive, returns as a villain in the ‘Big Hero 6’ sequel!

The sequel to the highly successful animated film Big Hero 6 has just been confirmed. In an interview, Marvel executive producer Stan Lee revealed that they’re going to be functioning on “Big Hero 7” after “Ant-Man,” “Doctor Strange” and therefore the “Black Panther.”

As previously reported by phantasy, Stan Lee created quite a buzz when he announced that Marvel is doing a “Big Hero 6” sequel.

“After ‘Ant-Man,’ we’re visiting start kidding with Doctor Strange, the militant, the Inhumans, and so we’ve to return back for ‘Guardians of the Galaxy 2,’ ‘Big Hero 6,’ ‘The Avengers,’ ‘Captain America,'” he told Toronto Sun.

“I don’t even know the way they decide what to try and do next because each one of them is so exciting, and also the public is expecting them.”

After hitting box-office earnings – with over $651 million on worldwide sales and named 2014’s highest-grossing animated movie – it seems that the “Big Hero 6” sequel is an anticipated move for Marvel.

It has long been rumored that Tadashi, as an excellent plot twist on the upcoming sequel, is going to be introduced as a main villain within the next film.


Jon Negroni of Moviepilot predicts that the subsequent film, “Big Hero 7” will center on Tadashi and the way it’ll be revealed that he’s actually a villain within the film.

“I’m calling it immediately. He’ll be a villain of sorts within the sequel, inevitably joining the team fully to feature that number (after all, Big Hero 6 2 is simply weird branding),” he said.

While some fans may argue that Tadashi died in an explosion in “Big Hero 6,” Negroni was quick to show that there was actually nobody and everybody just assumed that he died during a fire.

“The inclusion of a hearth is tantamount to how this theory works, where does one think it came from? presumably, one amongst the inventions and nobody else apparently died from its flames,” he said.

“I believe this invention had to try to to with atomic energy. Why? Because ‘Big Hero 6’ (and Disney) is purposefully putting in Tadashi to be Sunfire, one among the initial members of the primary ‘Big Hero 6’ team and a prominent character within the Marvel universe,” he added.

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