List action-thriller romance K-Drama you must watch!

16 best action-thriller romance K-Dramas to have on your watchlist. Let’s check with us right now!

For new K-Dramas fans and non-addict to K-Dramas, it’s often hard to form a good watchlist. You likely ask your friend’s opinions or read the reviews online to create your selection, but sometimes it’s not enough. We hope this list will facilitate your finding the dramas you’re looking for!

After listing up, the simplest romantic comedy and best romance historical K-Dramas. This time, we’ll list the highest action thriller romance dramas. These dramas with action never felt short or it’s hard to induce boredom because you’re hooked onto their mysteries, suspense, action scenes, and their blooming romance. If you’re a K-Drama beginner, you may want to appear out for the dramas that fit your taste the foremost among those selected below.

For K-Drama addicts, you almost certainly have watched all of the drama listed below, if not it’s time to feature on your watchlist.

Let us know within the comment which one you’re the one you’d advise your friend to look at.

(Article first published in 2019 and updated in 2021)

1. “While You Were Sleeping”

When: 2017

Cast: Suzy, Lee JongSuk, Jung HaeIn

Summary: it’s three young adults with the flexibility to determine the longer-term through their dreams: a field reporter, a rookie prosecutor, and a policeman. the sphere reporter sees upcoming accidents and also the prosecutor does everything he can to prevent them.

For: Viewers trying to find one amongst the simplest K-Dramas with an exciting plot and an unforgettable couple.

Why watch: There are many reasons why this drama could be a must-see. It’s a well-shot drama and also the plot made it worthwhile to observe. The story is well-written and captivating with fantasy and action elements. From the start to the top, you’re hooked on their romance and stories.

2. “Remember – War of the Son”

When: 2015-2016

Cast: Yoo SeungHo, Park SungWoong, Park MinYoung, NamKoong Min, Jung HyeSung

Summary: Seo JinWoo has skills that let him recollect everything while at the alternative his father developed Alzheimer’s disease. His father was unfairly convicted of murder by powerful people. To prove the innocence of his father, he became a lawyer some years later. He will try everything he can to place the 000 criminals in prison.

For: Viewers searching for a revenge drama with the most effective acting and plot.

Why watch: the most keyword of this drama is ‘revenge’. The weak are fighting against the powerful during this breathless and psychopathic fight. Moreover, Yoo SeungHo’s crying and pitiful acting left viewers’ hearts in pain. Nam Goong Min acting as a chaebol psychopath was also amazing, he gives chills just by watching him. Warning: romance isn’t central during this drama whether or not Yoo SeungHo and Park MinYoung couple could be a great ship.

3. “Come and Hug Me”

When: 2018

Cast: Jang KiYong, Jin KiJoo, Heo JoonHo

Summary: A dramatic drama depicting the love of a person and a girl whose lives are linked thanks to murder from a young age. Despite an unfortunate destiny and therefore the stigma and pains, they’re going to try and be happy and heal their wounds.

For: Viewers trying to find an emotional and fateful romance.

Why watch: Viewers grow keen on the 2 main characters from their childhood. The plot is intense with psychological elements and robust emotional scenes. But at the identical time, it’s easy to observe. The leads’ trauma and pains are central to the plot and it makes this drama special. you’ll always remember the psychopath of this drama who has terrifying scenes.

4. “Healer”

When: 2014-2015

Cast: Ji ChangWook, Park MinYoung, Yoo Ji Tae

Summary: Politics and social justice are the worst during this world, and therefore the children who board it fight against the globe left by their parent’s generation. “Healer” is an alias for this illegal night courier, he does whatever his clients want. However, everything changed when he falls smitten with the girl he must protect.

For: Viewers searching for an obsessive story stuffed with adrenaline and a hot male lead.

Why watch: “Healer” may be a must-see Hallyu drama with too many reasons for its success. First, it’s a solid cast, a fervent romance, and an action-packed plot. The undeniable chemistry of the lead couple is one of the explanations for the drama’s success. Ji ChangWook’s action and mysterious acting skills made viewers breathless and made him gain a much bigger fanbase.

5. “City Hunter”

When: 2011

Cast: Lee MinHo, Park MinYoung, Lee JoonHyuk, Kim SangJoong

Summary: The story of “City Hunter” eliminates evil people from society.

For: Viewers trying to find an iconic drama with the simplest action scenes and an OTP.

Why watch: This drama is one of every of the simplest of Lee Min Ho. The drama was successful for worthy reasons. The story of the drama is exciting and climatic with impressive action scenes and a sweet love relationship. it’s definitely worth watching.

6. “I Can Hear Your Voice”

When: 2013

Cast: Lee BoYoung, Lee JongSuk, Yoon SangHyun, Lee DaHee

Summary: It tells the story of a snob lawyer and a mysterious boy who reads people’s minds, and therefore the story that happened to them after they met a lawman.

For: Viewers trying to find a heart-fluttering romance and a scary killer.

Why watch: Lee JongSuk’s character gained the special skills to read into people’s minds after he was the witness of his father’s murder at a young age. One of the most effective points of this drama is that the characters and their development. the 2 main characters have one of the most effective love stories in Korean dramas and therefore the secondary characters are hilarious. All this engaging story is tied into a dark and thrilling story with a scary psychopath.

7. “Memories Of The Alhambra”

When: 2018-2019

Cast: Park Shin Hye, Hyun Bin, EXO’s Chan Yeol

Summary: A CEO of a nondepository financial institution goes to Granada (Spain) for a business trip. He stays at an old hostel journey by a former guitarist. They fell into an odd case and obtain their destiny linked to every other.

For: Viewers searching for an action drama like no other.

Why watch: The standard of this drama is its unpredictable and mysterious story linked to VR games further as great lighting tricks and splendid sets. Throughout the drama, viewers think hard about where the drama goes and what’s the possible ending. Warning: the drama’s romance line isn’t the most core of the drama whether or not HyunBin and Park ShinHye have some beautiful scenes.

8. “W”

When: 2016

Cast: Lee Jong Suk, Han Hyo Joo

Summary: A doctor from the real world got sucked into the hit webtoon “W” and met the most character resulting in various events.

For: Viewers trying to find a captivating romance with a mysterious storyline filled with suspense.

Why watch: “W” encompasses a creative and engaging storyline that garnered plenty of pleasure from the viewers with its two worlds: the real world and a fantasy parallel world of the webtoon. The drama is stuffed with suspense and surprise. The furrow is additionally great.

9. “YoungPal”

When: 2015

Cast: Joo Won, Kim Tae Hee, Jo Hyun Jae, Chae Jung An

Summary: It tells the story of a talented surgeon who does everything for money and deals with criminals and corrupted people. One day, he meets a sleeping chaebol heiress at the hospital and therefore the story starts.

For: Viewers searching for a revenge drama with absorbing characters and adrenaline.

Why watch: It’s the story of “Sleeping Beauty” -a rich and powerful outspeaking woman- and a poor and on-the-run doctor. The drama is enjoyable with themes of revenge and romance.

10. “Pinocchio”

When: 2014-2015

Cast: Lee Jong Suk, Park Shin Hye, Kim Young Kwang, Lee Yu Bi

Summary: It tells the lifetime of young journalists who are tracing down the reality.

For: Viewers searching for a well-written story and a sweet romance.

Why watch: It’s needless to say a must-watch drama to not miss. The story is one amongst the simplest with unforgettable romance and plot. This list is filled with Lee JongSuk’s dramas but his solid acting and his great taste for interesting plots could only result in these choices. “Pinocchio” is one of his best dramas.

11. “Descendants of the Sun”

When: 2016

Cast: Song Joong Ki, Song Hye Kyo, Jin Goo, Kim Ji Won

Summary: It tells the stories of young soldiers and doctors who dream of affection and success in a foreign country under extreme conditions.

For: Viewers searching for a romantic romance of a captain and a doctor sent within the middle of a war-torn country.

Why watch: it’s one among the classics must-watch K-Drama. The lead couple’s chemistry and the exquisite story will cause you to swoon. it’s a drama that’s easy to look at and can keep you continuing your screen until the tip. If you like gorgeous cinematography and OST, this drama has it all.

12. “Vagabond”

When: 2019

Cast: Lee Seung Gi, Suzy, Shin Sung Rok

Summary: The story of a normal man who got involved in a very case of a civilian plane crash. within the middle of a hidden truth, he tries to get your hands on a large national corruption. it’s the story of vagabonds who lost their family, affiliation, and name during a frank and dangerous adventure to find the reality.

For: Viewers trying to find adrenaline and a blockbuster-like action thriller drama with a small amount of romance.

Why watch: Helpless civilians are victims of an unfair situation and fight back against villains controlling even the govt. Viewers have barely the time to breathe between bombs, running scenes, and unpredictable twists.

13. “The King: Eternal Monarch”

When: 2020

Cast: Lee Min Ho, Kim Go Eun, Woo Do Hwan, Kim Kyung Nam, Jung Eun Chae, Lee Jung Jin

Summary: it’s a fantasy romance drama within which Lee Gon the Emperor of Corea and Jung TaeEul a detective from the Republic of Korea attempt to protect lives and love through cooperation between two parallel worlds.

For: Viewers trying to find a big-budget drama with passion-filled romance and a posh storyline with many actions.

Why watch: “The King: Eternal Monarch” has beautiful cinematography and sets that get viewers to emerge in its intriguing story about parallel worlds and a Korean Empire. The drama is crammed with romance and heart-fluttering scenes within the middle of life-threatening scenes and action. This drama is climatic and addictive.

14. “Born Again”

When: 2020

Cast: Jang Ki Yong, Lee Soo Hyuk, Jin Se Yeon

Summary: It tells the love of a detective, the detective’s lover, and a liquidator who likes the detective’s lover. The story has two timelines. The three characters first met in 1986 and met terrible misfortune. 32 years later, they’re reincarnated and obtain to satisfy again in 2020. Their death wasn’t the tip of the story but a brand new door. In 2020, this is often the round 2 of their persistent links and ill-fated relationship.

For: Viewers trying to find a rather sad story with a combination of mystery, love triangle, and reincarnation stories.

Why watch: instead of action scenes, “Born Again” is more on the psychological side. it’s dark but not violent. the most reason to observe the drama is its plot including many mysterious elements that keep the viewers curious until the tip. “What will happen?” is that the only thing that matters. The romance is additionally one of the key elements of the drama with its unpredictable love triangle.

15. “Flower of Evil”

When: 2020

Cast: Lee Joon Gi, Moon Chae Won

Summary: What if your husband you have got been smitten with for 14 years is suspected of being a serial murderer who has no blood and tears? HeeSung pretended to be crazy and his wife JiWon began to doubt her husband’s real identity. It tells the extreme emotional chase between these two people facing the reality they need to avoid.

For: Viewers trying to find an intense drama with solid acting and a one-of-a-kind plot.

Why watch: “Flower of Evil” could be a must-check K-Drama. there’s this something that creates this drama unique, ranging from the actors’ outstanding acting and enigmatic story. Also, the romance is focused on the wife and husband which isn’t frequent. This drama will make your brain work hard!

16. “Vincenzo”

When: 2021

Cast: Song Joong Ki, Jeon YeoBeen, 2PM’s Ok Taec Yeon, Kim YeoJin, and Kwak DongYeon

Summary: An Italian mafia lawyer who came to Korea after the betrayal of his organization and a self-righteous veteran lawyer get obviate the bad guys in a very villainous way.

For: Viewers trying to find an atypical dark comedy-drama with a touch of romance.

Why watch: The dark comedy “Vincenzo” has stolen the guts of viewers. Characters are fighting against the corrupted and powerful BABEL to require revenge with the assistance of comical characters and clever tricks. It is worth watching if you prefer quirky humor and evil villains being punished. The romance isn’t central but remains worthy.

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