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Today, we will have Bel Ami kdrama review! Are you excited about our review? Let’s watch this wonderful drama!

Bel Ami kdrama is about a very handsome man (Jang Geun Suk) who uses his looks to urge money. When trying to reach a business, he’s tasked with a mission to “seduce” 10 women and learn their keys to success. Helping him is a normal girl (IU) who has had an extended-time obsession with him.

Bel Ami kdrama was such a fun drama! Do you recognize that genre mix I like? Well, this can be it! It leans towards being a romantic comedy, but it’s a fairly nice melodramatic side. This drama also came come in 2013, and that I do have a soft spot for now period. I prefer the texture of romantic comedies of this era, and this drama encapsulates plenty of what I favor.

The main character in Bel Ami

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Jang Geun Suk plays our super handsome man Dok Go Ma Te. Ma Te is taken into account to own perfect looks and is desired by everyone. He uses this to his advantage so as live a life of luxury with rich women. But when he finds himself eager to tackle a robust family, he must learn the abilities to achieve business.

Now I’m a reasonably big fan of Jang Geun Suk. He’s an incredibly talented actor with a large range of acting capabilities. I’ve enjoyed him in many diverse roles, but he’s a form of known for taking part in the very handsome and jerkish type characters in dramas like You’re Beautiful and Love Rain. And Bel Ami kdrama is another feature on the list.

But the actual fact is, he really plays those characters well. He just fits them together with his demeanor, good looks, and overall style. He brings them to life and makes them very memorable. and that I greatly enjoyed seeing this kind of character from him again. (Though I might argue that every one three of the characters I’ve got mentioned are still fairly different from each other)

Pic 2 - Bel Ami kdrama ReviewIU is our ordinary girl Kim Bo Tong. She fell for Ma Te initially sight and has been obsessive about him ever since. And IU was so adorable during this role! I loved how bright and spunky she was. She cared-for get herself into trouble, but she is so warm-hearted and prepared to assist. She is a vital part of Ma Te’s life.

Also, don’t be too scared off by her character being “obsessed” with Ma Te. Yes, her love for him could be a bit over the highest, but this can be mostly played as funny since this series is predicated on a comic book. It’s exaggerated. But even then, she has her own journey, and that we really see that inside she is simply an awfully loyal, kind, and loving person.

Pic 3 - Bel Ami kdrama ReviewLee Jang Woo plays Choi David. He’s almost the nicest second lead you may hope to possess. He falls for Bo Tong almost instantly and is sort of adorable. But the funny part of the scenario is how Bo Tong is doing whatever she will be able to to assist Ma Te while David helps her help him! This poor guy is that the epitome of the sweet second lead.

Pic 4 - Bel Ami kdrama ReviewHan Chae Young is Han Yoo Ra. Yoo Ra has set her sights on Ma Te to use him to require revenge upon her ex-husband’s rich and powerful family. Her mother-in-law is terrible and works because of the villain of the drama. But Yoo Ra could be a viable opponent and is over able to take her down with the assistance of Ma Te.

Pic 5 - Bel Ami kdrama ReviewBel Ami Review

Well, I loved most about Bel Ami kdrama! First, I just loved the characters. Jang Geun Suk, IU, and Lee Jang Woo were all humorous in their own way, and that I so enjoyed their story. most characters each have their own journeys of growth to travel through.

But the most story really focuses on Ma Te’s journey. On the surface, the drama might sound shallow with him wanting to “seduce” women. But it’s a touch more complicated than that. There are all of those little lessons that Ma Te learns along the way. within the process of him planning to know the ten women, he learns valuable knowledge from each of them.

Pic 6 - Bel Ami kdrama ReviewThe drama really plays up the actual fact that Ma Te is incredibly handsome. It allows for lots of humorous scenarios where the women are mesmerized by him. Now he’s very conceited and knows just how good-looking he’s which is why he uses it to his advantage.

I really got a kick out of how he liked to position himself in poses that drew attention to his attractiveness when he wanted something. Sometimes he would watch for hours in these poses so he could get the required effect from a lady. That’s some dedication!

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But a key thing to understand about Ma Te is that he’s pretty honest and simple about his love for money with the ladies. Most of the time they require him despite this, and a few of them are bent on simply use him too. But he actually grows to worry for these women and that they frequently wind up working together to realize things.

It allowed both parties to induce something from the connection and particularly for Ma Te to grow into a higher person and really see what’s important in life. it had been a journey of growth that I greatly enjoyed since he really does bear a metamorphosis. And Jang Geun Suk absolutely put forth the most emotion and really drew me into the character. it had been another wonderful performance from him.

Pic 9 - Bel Ami kdrama ReviewNow there are some things to be recognized for those considering watching this drama. the large one is that the most romance between Ma Te and Bo Tong could be a very slow burn and really is more of a subplot. While she helps him in his business adventures, the 2 mostly stay within the friend’s category. Of course, she really likes him, and he starts showing signs of jealousy and liking her, but he’s pretty busy with other things, so it’s just like the main romance variety takes a back seat to Ma Te’s personal journey.

This is additionally why second lead syndrome may be a large danger in watching this drama. David and Bo Tong spend lots of their time together and just seem to be they’re made for every other. Their relationship is explored practically, and that they have such a lot of adorable moments between them. It’s one in every one of those cases where he treats her so wonderfully that you simply just might wonder why on earth she keeps liking Ma Te. So be prepared for that.

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While it takes a while for Ma Te and Bo Tong’s relationship to essentially blossom, I personally liked how it played out. We are ready to see the various stages of their relationship and therefore the all-important process of Ma Te realizing his feelings for her. It’s not something that happens overnight, but rather gradual learning of what love is and what she means to him. It takes just about until the top of the drama for them to officially get together, but I assumed it fit the story well. and that they do make a fairly cute couple!


The drama also does that thing where it gets more melodramatic because it progresses. The angst ramps up and there are some interesting secrets that get revealed. I like this type of thing, but I do know some get disappointed when their rom-com turns more melo. It does still have lots of lighthearted moments throughout though.

Pic 12 - Bel Ami kdrama ReviewBel Ami kdrama seems to own received mixed reviews from fans. For many, it gave the impression of a like it or hate it quiet drama. I feel one of the key things moving into is knowing what to expect about the romance as I discussed above. the opposite is that it takes some attention to detail to totally appreciate the teachings and the way they connect with Ma Te’s personal journey.

I noticed some thinking this drama was shallow, but it’s really far away from it. you only should look past the more glitzy exterior. Sure, there’s much fun to be had from the quirky characters, humorous situations, and also glamour, but there’s also lots to be appreciated from the finer details of this story. And Jang Geun Suk really nailed his portrayal of Ma Te and showed the numerous facets of his personality.

Pic 13 - Bel Ami kdrama ReviewOverall, Bel Ami kdrama was a pleasant treat on my behalf. It took me back to a method of dramas that we don’t see the maximum amount anymore, and that I found that quite refreshing. It’s meant to be a fun drama, but it still encompasses a nice story and lots of life lessons for our characters to be told. I thoroughly enjoyed it on many levels.

My Rating: 9/10

Here is our Bel Ami kdrama Review! Don’t forget to catch up with the Movie Reviews with us every day!


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