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Beautiful World is certainly one every of this year’s most touching dramas. It bravely depicted the cruel environment today’s youths are subjected to. It also didn’t recede on showing how parents can impact the lives of their children. The series highlighted the lengths they’ll attend be ready to protect them.

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BROADCAST DATE: 05 APRIL 2019 – 25 MAY 2019

The incident that led to Park Sun Ho’s hospitalization was just scratching the surface of a far more serious crime committed. It unearthed several issues that had been going on inside the school, which the higher-ups did everything within their power to keep hidden. Friendships have been damaged but lessons were definitely learned. There are characters who had discovered their worth and that despite the hardships, they discovered it is a still beautiful world to live in.



Beautiful World managed to cast the right actors for every role. From the oldsters to the youngsters, the actors were all able to deliver. The characters made the drama so engaging as viewers became hooked and desperate to discover what happened next to them. The actors definitely became one with the respective characters that I couldn’t help but root for them. The adults during this drama, especially the oldsters, represent the various ways people raise their children and keep their families together. The confrontation between mothers evoked intense emotions and that I felt as of it. Eun Joo’s guilt, her honesty about her state of mind that fateful night and her sincere request for forgiveness were all palpable. Meanwhile, In Ha’s anger was also understandable and she or he has every reason to not forgive Eun Joo. That scene was one of the standout moments on my behalf.

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The young actors sustain with their seniors in terms of acting like all of them shine in their own way. Nam Da Reum who played Park Sun Ho is already a given. His character was in a very single bed for many of the series and appeared more in the flashbacks. But he was still ready to give out a stellar performance. He could stay still and let his eyestalk because it brimmed with all the correct emotions. I’m looking forward to the current young actor’s future projects. Seo Dong Hyun’s tackle Oh Joon Seok is additionally commendable. I used to be angry at his character initially because he came off as an arrogant and spoiled rich kid. But because the story progressed, it became easy on my behalf of me to know his character.

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Sun Ho’s sisters, Park Soo Ho (Kim Hwan Hee) and Han Dong Hee (Lee Jae In) are a delight to observe. The young actors who played Park Sun Ho and Oh Joon Seok’s friends also did justice to their characters. I just love how each gets their redemption and punishment, people who deserved it anyway.

Brilliant Storytelling

The central mood of lovely World is serious and a small amount dark. It focused its attention on bullying, assault, thoughts of suicide, loss of childhood innocence, and adults fighting to stay their reputation. this could are a shutdown and quite burdensome for others. However, writer Kim Jin Woo managed to write down an enticing story that revolve around these themes. The drama tells an eye-opening story, that’s over-dramatized or romanticized. The realistic tackle of these sensitive subjects, but its great actors, is what makes the drama engaging.

It was easy to follow the connection of every plot point and see its importance within the story’s progression. The characters’ developments are done well that every became memorable and simply understood. I prefer how the drama is in a position to point out that our actions can truly impact those around us, and this drama, how the adults influence the youngsters. the author created characters you can’t hate and a story we all could relate to.


Beautiful World, despite its dark themes, teaches us that we could never get it wrong with kindness. It also reiterates that change is that the only thing constant. irrespective of what quantity we despise the cruel realities we experience in life, we’ve no other choice but to travel through it and learn from it.

Moo Jin and In Ha (Sun Ho’s parents) taught both of their children nothing but kindness. This reflected on how they treat others. while there was a time when Sun Ho questioned his father’s reason for not fighting back, he continues to measure through his father’s words.

I first read The Catcher in the Rye once I was an adolescent and honestly, I couldn’t relate to the most character at the time. I could have lived a sheltered life earlier, hence the shortage of connection and understanding. Fast forward to some years later, I reread the book, this after “getting out” of the bubble I used to be in, and somehow, I used to be siding with the most character. From time to time I also relive my childhood, when everything seemed uncomplicated and worry-free. Especially when times get tough and that I read the news or browsed through my social media accounts about crimes and violence committed against humans (and sentient beings). the need to travel back and preserve that point in my life is usually strong whenever I feel down. Or once I get disappointed with this situation.

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Even though we bear hardships and sufferings, this drama emphasized that good items outweigh the bad ones. We may face folks that could cash in folks, but we also would get to encounter someone who is willing to assist. I also love how those previously treated harshly, paid forward the kindness they received. Dong Hee learned to square up for herself. She realized that there are people that cared for her, not just her brother. She was the primary one to approach the one who often bullied her and showed him empathy.

Dong Hee’s brother realized that his teacher only wanted what’s best for him. That while they were abandoned, there are still those that wished the simplest for both of them. thanks to this he changed his ways and even helped Joon Seok.

The truth eventually came out and it had been painful for all. the items that happened changed all the families. Relationships are altered and therefore the children matured prior to expected, but the characters learned and a few even forgive.

Life may be unforgiving sometimes, but we couldn’t ignore the very fact that, despite all the bad things we received from people, it’s also humans who could show it’s a blessing to be alive and the way truly beautiful our world is.

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