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Bae Doona – Cho Seung Woo And The Meeting At The Restaurant In “Forest Of Secrets”

Bae Doona – Cho Seung Woo And The Meeting At The Restaurant In “Forest Of Secrets”. The Upcoming Second Season Of tvN Gave A Glimpse At What’s To Come!

“Forest of Secrets” (also known as “Stranger”) is a drama about an emotionless prosecutor Hwang Si Mok (Cho Seung Woo) and a warm-hearted police officer Han Yeo Jin (Bae Doona) who join forces to solve hidden mysteries and investigate corruption. The first season, which aired in 2017, followed the duo as they worked together to catch a serial killer and expose corruption within the prosecutor’s office.

In the second season of the show, Hwang Si Mok and Han Yeo Jin reunite under difference circumstances, with the pair on opposite sides of a tense situation involving the police and the prosecutor’s office.

On August 12, tvN released new stills of Hwang Si Mok and Han Yeo Jin, who are seeing each other for the first time since their last meeting at a pojangmacha in the first season.

Han Yeo Jin is now doing administrative work at the main police headquarters and has been promoted to join a team that works to gain the right to investigate independently from the prosecution. Meanwhile, Hwang Si Mok has finished his two-year term at the branch office in Tongyeong and suddenly gets a call from the Supreme Prosecutors’ Office before he’s appointed to his new job. It turns out that Han Yeo Jin was the one who called him after hearing that Hwang Si Mok was in Seoul.

In the stills, the two might be happy to see each other for the first time in two years, but Hwang Si Mok wears an emotionless expression while Han Yeo Jin is smiling brightly as if she’s used to it. They meet up at a restaurant, and fans who have noticed that Hwang Si Mok always receives a phone call during his meals in the first season hope that he’ll finally be able to eat in peace.

The drama’s production team shared, “After Han Yeo Jin hears that Hwang Si Mok is in Seoul, she makes plans to meet up with him. At their first meeting in two years, the two characters are showing off great chemistry that hasn’t changed over time”.

He added, “The scene portrayed in the stills is the scene that Cho Seung Woo chose as the most memorable out of the first two episodes. Tune in to see why the two characters have met up at a restaurant as opposed to their usual pojangmacha”.

The second season of “Forest of Secrets” premieres on August 15 at 9 p.m. KST.

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