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“Bad Prosecutor” shares new stills of EXO’s D.O.!

EXO’s D.O. finally donned legal garb for a tough courtroom battle in “Bad Prosecutor”. Check out the details right now!

Get ready to watch D.O. from EXO on “Bad Prosecutor” in a courtroom scene for the first time!

An unruly prosecutor with criminal tendencies who believes in pursuing justice no matter the cost stars in the KBS drama “Bad Prosecutor.” Jin Jung, the eponymous “bad prosecutor,” played by EXO’s D.O., is out to bring those who exploit their wealth and influence to live above the law to justice.


The Civil Affairs Division head Park Jae Kyung (played by Kim Sang Ho), who had close relations with Jin Jung’s father, passed away in the previous episode of “Bad Prosecutor,” shocking and devastating Jin Jung.

Seo Hyun Kyu (Kim Chang Wan) was caught on camera killing a person, and Jin Jung and Park Jae Kyung resolved to get him no matter what. However, Park Jae Kyung’s body was discovered quickly after they split up.

Jin Jung finally dons his prosecutor’s robe in recently released stills from the drama’s upcoming episode as he takes his fight to the courtroom. Jin Jung can be seen intimidatingly glaring at someone in one picture and speaking passionately while pointing at something in another.


In other images, the enraged Jin Jung can be seen using kendo to let off steam.

Jin Jung takes a break to examine some documents while still aiming his sword at an unnoticed foe.

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“Bad Prosecutor” producers promised that “the simple fact that Do Kyung Soo [D.O.] would don his legal robe and appear in the courtroom for the first time, as befits someone whose main job is a prosecutor, will attract viewers’ attention.”

Please tune in to the November 9 program to experience Do Kyung Soo’s performance, which will be made even more thrilling by his vast array of transformations, from legal robes to his kendo costume, they continued.

Watch the following episode of “Bad Prosecutor” on November 9 at 9:50 p.m to find out what Jin Jung’s first court case will be.

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