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Backstreet Rookie star Kim Yoo-jung – Korean drama’s next sensation

A former child star with more than 50 movie and TV credits to her name, now aged 21, Kim Yoo-jung – Korean drama’s next sensation has emerged as the next Korean drama actress to watch with hyped new romcom Backstreet Rookie

Kim Yoo-jung - Korean drama’s next sensation
Kim Yoo-jung – Korean drama’s next sensation

At 21, Korean actress Kim Yoo-jung has more than 20 movies and at least 30 television show titles on her lengthy filmography, yet her new romcom, Backstreet Rookie, will be worth the wait. Here’s what you need to know about the Kim Yoo-jung’s – Korean drama’s next sensation career so far and her new role in the upcoming webtoon-based series.

Child wonder

Debuting in 2003 at the age of four, Kim began her career as an actress long before she could decide on her own aspirations. “Even for reading the Korean alphabet, I learned it through scripts.

At 17, Kim landed in the Korean Forbes list of 2017’s most influential people – before finishing high school or learning how to drive.

Often playing the younger version of the lead female role, Kim was an in-demand child actress who was consistently active in both films and television dramas. She even earned the nickname “Korea’s little sister”. In 2008, Kim won her first best young actress award for playing the child counterpart of the main character in period action series Iljimae.

Sageuk Fairy

Because she often took on roles in historical dramas, Kim earned another nickname: Sageuk Fairy. In 2012, Kim starred in the top-rated drama Moon Embracing the Sun, where she was recognised for her performance and won multiple best child actress awards. She also appeared in 2014 period drama Secret Door, which won her a new star award.

2016’s Love in the Moonlight was Kim’s breakthrough drama and her first adult lead role. The coming-of-age series, set in the Joseon era, gained immense popularity in Korea and overseas for its compelling storytelling, fantastical design and musical score, and the fresh and infectious first love tale.


Kim played the boyish Hong Ra-on who pretends to be the relationship adviser of prince Lee Yeong, played by Park Bo-gum. Kim and Park’s looks and adorable on-screen romance gained them fans all over the world and won them the best couple award.

Backstreet Rookie

In Backstreet Rookie, which premieres on June 12, Kim is set to reveal a whole new, different set of charms. She plays Jung Saet-byul, a convenience store worker who used to be a high school bully. “Saet-byul is a friend you can’t leave out when talking about loyalty and she melts everyone’s hearts with her naturally lovable character,” 

Starring opposite Ji Chang-wook, who plays the clumsy and curious store manager, Kim takes on a multidimensional role – one moment she’s fierce and feisty, a troublemaker on the streets, the next moment she’s completely changed, a cute and bashful, perfect employee.

With Kim’s years of acting experience expect Backstreet Rookie to be a crazy, hilarious adventure with an endearingly sweet romance on the side.

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