Are you curious about BTS members’ religious beliefs?

What are the beliefs and religions of BTS members? Let’s check with us!

BTS is one of the K-Pop groups that have managed to become popular worldwide. This successful Billboard rank boy band consists of seven members including RM, Jin, V, J-Hope, Suga, Jimin, and Jungkook.

Their religion has been discussed by many of us who are curious to understand their spiritual beliefs. In fact, most Korean people usually don’t discuss religious topics in their daily conversations since this country has not put religion on their formal affiliation.

Nevertheless, as our curiosity remains not satisfied, let’s discuss the faith of BTS members who are known for or her hits songs like “Dynamite,” “Boy With Luv,” “DNA,” etc. During this Xenews article below!

RM’s Religion

RM because the leader of BTS has even talked about his religion in one of his interviews. In 2015, he expressed that he doesn’t have any religion and declared himself an atheist. Yet, RM who is skillful in songwriting put lyrics within the song “Change” featuring rapper Wale, that read: “Prayin for a higher place for you and me.”

This part of the lyrics gave birth to lots of speculation about RM’s actual spiritual belief. This verse seems like some reasonably religious prayer. Moreover, on his official Instagram, RM shared his photo wearing a necklace with a crucifix, which is acknowledged jointly of the religious Christian attributes.

Regarding this occasion, there are not any statements or a confirmation that RM’s symbol accessories are associated with his current religion.

Jin’s Religion

Jin who may be a bright and caring person never spoke out about his religion until recently. Most BTS fans who are called ARMY assume that Jin won’t be into religion or spirituality.

Suga’s Religion

On the opposite hand, Suga revealed that he’s not committed to any religion, yet he did pray. This was strengthened by his tweet: “As a personality who is weak but acts strong, I spotted once more that I’m only a traditional creature. I don’t have religion however I prayed during that point. the ultimate has been determined. Yet, whether or not there was an end of your time, that my emotions and my heart don’t shift.”

This statement was being taken after his trip to Kobe, Japan, in 2016.

J-Hope’s Religion

J-Hope is additionally revealed as a non-religious person. However, people are wondering about his nom de guerre affiliation “Hope” which is taken into account as a Christian verbs association.

It is presumed that it’s just J-Hope’s belief since he stated that the word “hope” was his faith to become a successful artist and hope to his fans. This becomes his energy to form his dream come true. J-Hope also revealed that the name was after the parable of Pandora’s box.

Jimin’s Religion

Jimin from BTS is additionally an individual who never talks about his religion. However, during his childhood life, he attended a Catholic or Christian school which can have influenced his beliefs.

However, there’s not one piece of stories that basically could confirm this yet, it had been just speculation derived from his log. ARMY, their fanbase, has also assumed that Jimin might need religion because of his younger education background, but who knows.

V’s Religion

Talking about BTS’s V’s religion, he was even spotted making a playlist of Hillsong songs, a Christian singers group, on his Spotify. This worship song playlist made by him might mean that he may be a Christian.

Yet, V has never spoken out about his religion. He put the worship playlist of Hillsong songs as a tribute to his late grandmother. This action may be otherwise interpreted as V possibly being a spiritual person.

However, in fact, South Koreans know plenty of Christian songs since Christmas is additionally considered a giant celebration, and plenty of churches are inbuilt the country as 19,7% of the population are Christian. In general, they mostly understand Christian songs, however, there’s a giant possibility that they’re not truly Christian.

Jungkook’s Religion

Jungkook is additionally like most BTS members who never speak about their religion. Nonetheless, Jungkook studied at a Christian based highschool, which conducted a Bible and non secular class once per week. He graduated from the varsity of humanities in Seoul, and in step with its official website, it’s the primary Christian-based highschool in South Korea.

These past education tracks made people assume that Jungkook has built some reasonable faith. Yet, there’s no confirmation about this, this can be only speculation.

So, this is often all about BTS’s members’ religions. supported country information, most Korean people are atheist or irreligious, about 56%. This may also explain why BTS members rarely discuss spiritual things. What does one consider BTS members’ religions, have you ever found something associated with their spiritual or religious beliefs? Kindly share your thoughts by leaving a comment within the section below, and also don’t forget to share this text on Twitter!

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