Are TWICE’s Mina and GOT7’s Bambam dating?

Let’s see the details about TWICE’s Mina and GOT7’s BamBam relationship

TWICE’s Mina and GOT7’s Bambam seem pretty close. There’s even a rumor that TWICE’s couple is dating. The rumor began circulating due to an image that was posted online on March 13, 2017, where Bambam was lying on Mina’s shoulder.

Some people have said the image was edited, as fans analyzed the image and ‘proved’ the purpose by taking an image recreating Bambam’s pose within the picture with Mina, but that statement was refuted by Korean media.

Bambam and Mina’s agency, JYP Entertainment, also released confirmation that the image was real by saying, “The picture could be a simple selfie with no other intentions. the 2 persons are simply friends. people who damage our artists’ reputations will face strict action.” Moreover, JYP denies that Bambam and Mina are dating, but are only friends.

The Facts of TWICE’s Mina and GOT7’s Bambam Picture Together

The picture, where TWICE’s Mina and GOT7’s Bambam looked so cute with a cat filter, is estimated to own been taken on February 10, 2017. That was when GOT7 was wrapping up their album jacket photoshoot for Flight Log: Arrival Never Ever, where Bambam’s hair and make contact lenses look identical as within the picture with Mina. you’ll see Bambam’s appearance below.

Meanwhile, that very same day, Mina was wearing a white sweater and unique nail art painted on, while TWICE was streaming survive February 10. The group was streaming a live video for his or her concert rehearsal, as you’ll be able to see in the image below.

Earlier that day TWICE had attended their group-member, Dahyun’s, graduation at Hanlim Multi conservatory. When she was at Dahyun’s graduation ceremony, Mina was wearing a black sweater, but turned into a white sweater for the rehearsal live stream, and was still wearing it within the picture with Bambam.

So, what does one consider TWICE’s Mina and GOT7’s Bambam’s relationship? does one think they’re really dating? Or does one think JYP’s statement that claimed they were just friends is correct? Well, whatever their relationship, we must always support and cheer for them.

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