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Are ITZY Ryujin & NCT Haechan dating?

Netizens discuss ITZY Ryujin & NCT Haechan alleged a couple of items. Check out the details about these proofs right now!

Netizens are discussing ITZY Ryujin and NCT Haechan’s alleged couple of items.

On September 23, Ryujin and Haechan’s alleged couple items became a highly-discussed topic on Nate’s community forum Pann. The poster shared the pictures below under the title, “Haechan and Ryujin have over one or two matching couple items,” adding, “They also always wear Adidas tracksuits, but I do not think that’s a pair item. I feel they wear the identical tracksuit back and forth.”

Netizens responded, “I’m sorry, but that Apple watches Haechan is wearing were gifted to him by Chenli,” “What about their couple earbuds and phone cases,” and more.

What are your thoughts on the rumors of Ryujin and Haechan’s alleged couple items?

haechan ryujin

haechan ryujin
haechan ryujin

Lee Dong-hyuck (Hangul: 이동혁) known by his nom de guerre Haechan (Hangul: 해찬) could be a South Korean singer and dancer born in Seoul on June 6, 2000 (he later moved to Jeju Island together with his family and grew up there before becoming a trainee). he’s the most vocalist and therefore the lead dancer of NCT 127, NCT Dream, and NCT U.

Ryujin (류진), born Shin Ryu-jin (신류진), maybe a South Korean singer, rapper, and dancer under JYP Entertainment. She is the main rapper, a lead dancer, a sub-vocalist, and also the center of the South Korean girl group ITZY.

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