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Are 3rd generation female groups of K-Pop fading?

Do 3rd generation female groups of K-Pop have a declining fan base? Check out the details with us about them right now below!

Generations grow older as the years go by, and fashion evolves throughout time. This is especially common in sectors like the K-pop industry, which is trend-conscious.

Since hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of new pieces of music, are released each year, the music industry evolves so swiftly. In addition, scores of new idol groups make their debut, increasing the rivalry for these talents to stand out.

Since so many idol groups make their debut every year, the K-pop business divides various groups into generations based on the year of their debut. The fourth generation of idol groups, which are gaining pace and popularity, have entered the K-pop market.

Because of this, K-netizens started a conversation claiming that third-generation female groups are beginning to lose their appeal. In the well-known online forum Nate, a user started the conversation by noting, “These days, MAMAMOO and EXID are hardly known to one another. TWICE isn’t as well-liked as they once were. Red Velvet and BLACKPINK are still well-liked, although Red Velvet is currently being demoted to the position of supporting act. Although BLACKPINK is still the main act, the reaction to them isn’t as strong as it once was. They are not as well-known as AKMU or even idol groups. Almost nobody is aware of Changhyuk’s most recent solo album.”



Other online users joined the conversation and added their perspectives. They also concurred that the popularity of the third generation of girl groups is beginning to wane and said, “I do concur that the third generation of girl groups did not succeed, but there is a change in the generation’s popularity. The 3rd generation male groups, in my opinion, are still popular.” “I don’t know how TWICE declined this much, they were so popular,” “I believe this to be true since there are so many strong rookies coming out that it is only natural for the popularity of different idol generations to vary. I feel strange because this is the first time I can actually notice the shift.”, “It’s disappointing because even formerly hugely successful celebrities eventually lose their appeal”, “Red Velvet’s popularity seems to have fluctuated little between then and now”, and “In my opinion, and Girls’ Generation is a truly remarkable group in light of this.”

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