AOA Seolhyun transformation throughout the years

Did AOA Seolhyun undergo plastic surgery? Her before and after debut pictures!

As a well-liked female idol group member, the name ‘Seolhyun’ must are heard often by the fans of K-pop. it’s no wonder since her name is continuously mentioned within the polls and rankings, be it about popularity, body goals, or beauty. Thus, during this article, Xenews will probe some aspects of AOA Seolhyun, ranging from her pre-debut and cosmetic surgery, her pre-diet period, her personality, and her popularity. So, stay tuned!

Let’s Check AOA Seolhyun Before Debut and cosmetic surgery

Just like the other idol group member, AOA’s Seolhyun is additionally accused of doing cosmetic procedures within the kind of cosmetic surgery on her countenance. While a number of her pre-debut pictures depicted her as having unchanging beauty, we actually managed to seek out those which show how far Seolhyun did cosmetic surgery. Aren’t you curious, dear readers? Well, let’s see Seolhyun’s pre-debut pictures below!

Now, let’s see Seolhyun’s current appearance.

After comparing and examining her past and present pictures, we found that AOA’s Seolhyun certainly did several changes to her face. Firstly, Seolhyun changed her eyes through cosmetic surgery to be wider, longer, and larger as her old eyes were droopy and weary, which makes her seem like a sleepy kid most of the time. As a result, now we are able to see that Seolhyun’s eyes are compared to the shining stars within the sky. Secondly, Seolhyun did a facelift to realize a taller and slimmer nose compared to her old nose. We believe that a silicone implant is inserted into her nose to create the nose bridge more pronounced, hence a higher search for her overall visual.

Lastly, Seolhyun’s jawline got more emphasized because of the assistance of Botox. While the fats on her face are because of the baby fats which can be gone once she matures, Seolhyun got a Botox injection early in her debut to realize a slimmer jawline earlier than the activity. Well, being a celeb in South Korea could be a tough job once you haven’t even started because you have got to try to do unusual things like cosmetic surgery so as to urge the higher appearance, don’t you think that so, dear readers?

Let’s Check AOA Seolhyun Before Diet

It is a compulsory requirement that idol group members, especially the feminine ones, must do a dieting procedure so as to own a slim and slender body, including Seolhyun. While she is usually just like the typical female idol who looks thin all the time, Seolhyun actually wont to get on the thicker side when she first debuted with AOA. Aren’t you curious how Seolhyun checked out that time? Well, let’s see Seolhyun’s before diet pictures below!

Now, let’s see Seolhyun’s current body curve that may cause you to regret eating a bag of potato chips this afternoon and need to start out your diet instantly after you finish reading this article!

As you’ll be able to see, Seolhyun successfully manages her body to be slimmer and more slender as compared to her period. We certainly must applaud Seolhyun’s persistent effort as she now looks even more gorgeous and stunning, don’t you’re thinking that so, dear readers?

Get to grasp AOA Seolhyun Real Personality

AOA’s Seolhyun is thought of for her quiet and composed demeanor, but do her characteristics match her public image too? Well, in step with the guy AOA members, Seolhyun is taken into account as a caring person. Like others, Seolhyun also frequently feels anxious about problems she encounters but luckily, she is ready to cover her worries alright. In relevance Seolhyun’s personality, one among her classmates within the high school has disclosed Seolhyun’s true personality on the web forum, saying that, unlike other popular idol group members who typically have a disreputable past, Seolhyun has always been considered a good-hearted and polite girl.

Unlike her innocent visual which is commonly misjudged as anything but an angelic and saint-like person, Seolhyun is an easy-going one who did well when she was in Gymnasium school. Seolhyun is everybody’s star as her classmates and teachers admire her well-mannered personality.

Not only do the members of AOA and her high school classmate like her, but Seolhyun’s personality is additionally revealed by the actors who have worked together with her for the movie titled ‘Memoir of a Murderer’ which is released in September 2017. the primary actor is Seol Kyung Kyu who stated that Seolhyun may be a pure-white person whom he thought must be more mature than her age because she has debuted early as an idol group member. However, it clad that while filming the movie together, Seolhyun is simply like anyone her age, showing an air of ingenious in a very great way.

A similar assertion also came from actor Kim Nam Gil whose role is Seolhyun’s lover within the movie ‘Memoir of a Murderer’. He said that his misconception about Seolhyun who has the glamorous image as a performer on the stage has changed once they acted on the identical scenes because Seolhyun is truly an idol turned actress whose appeal is just like the color of white.

How Is AOA Seolhyun’s Popularity?

It is hard to disregard AOA’s Seolhyun’s popularity because of the ‘it’ girl in South Korea. Ever since she became the brand ambassador of G Market, she is legendary for her signature pose of looking to the front while one among her hands is swaying to the viewer. She is additionally continuously involved in projects with various occupations, like a model on magazine photoshoots, an actress on dramas and flicks, and a bunch of special music shows and award ceremonies.

Therefore, it must be expected that Seolhyun’s value is consistently perking up from time to time, always placing in a minimum of the top five of whatever rankings and polls that include her name. Although many of us consider Seolhyun’s skyrocketing popularity as a result of her agency’s incessant media play, we cannot ignore Seolhyun’s hardworking try to improve as a multi-talented entertainer within the Korean industry. Hopefully, as time goes by, Seolhyun is going to be able to showcase herself in a different light to realize a more positive reaction from the general public, and he or she will continuously be beloved by her fans.

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