Andante (TV series) review

Today, we will have Andante (TV series) review! Are you excited about our review? Let’s watch this wonderful drama!

Andante (TV series) could be a coming-of-age story of a high school student (Kai) who moves to a town within the countryside that has an unusual preoccupation with death. As he learns about the town and its residents, he slowly matures as he falls infatuated and begins to reflect on life.

Andante (TV series) is such an enthralling story! This underrated drama shines in its simplicity and thoughtfulness. in a very world of flashy and exciting dramas, Andante goes against the grain. Now don’t get me wrong, I prefer those more high-end and classy dramas too, but there’s just something endearing and exquisite in a few simple dramas that get back to the fundamentals.

The story itself isn’t anything revolutionary, a high school boy coming old and learning about life, but its execution is wonderful. The drama has such a low-key and understated feel that I found incredibly warm and comfortable. I just enjoyed experiencing this tiny town and its people.

The main characters in Andante (TV series)

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EXO’s Kai plays our lead, Lee Shi Kyung. He’s immature, self-absorbed, and likes to play video games, but he has such a decent heart. He’s but thrilled to maneuver to a rural town, but interacting with the residents change his perspective on life.

And I really loved Kai in this! He fit this character so perfectly and made him want a true teenager. Despite his immaturity, Kai added a clumsy charm to him that was completely endearing. Shi Kyung really could be a warm character. He’s naive and pretty clueless, but he has such a giant heart and genuinely wants to assist those around him.

His smile was so bright and his tears were so heartbreaking. He’s just a personality that’s easy to like. Having previously only seen Kai’s acting in one 10 minute episode of the online drama 7 First Kisses, I used to be so thrilled at what quantity I enjoyed him in Andante.

Pic 2 - Andante (TV series) reviewKim Jin Kyung plays Kim Bom. She’s a mysterious student within the town who tends to stay to herself. Shi Kyung takes a fast liking to her, and he or she finds herself drawn to his positive energy. aiming to know him and his family gives her the chance to experience life in an exceedingly new way.

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Shi Kyung and Bom are a motivating couple. they’re polar opposites personality-wise. She’s jaded and withdrawn while he’s outgoing and wears his heart on his sleeve. But the straightforward indisputable fact that they liked one another and wanted to find out about one another was enough to draw them close and make a meaningful relationship.

Shi Kyung helps Bom to return out of her shell and skill having folks that take care of her. And Bom helps him to require some responsibility and give some thought to his future. I greatly enjoyed watching this couple.

Pic 4 - Andante (TV series) reviewAndante (TV series) is one of those dramas with wonderful supporting characters. one of our other teens includes Shi Kyung’s sister Shi Young (Lee Ye Hyun). She’s stubborn, hot-headed, and always makes her opinions known. She is certainly a force to be reckoned with!

Another is Shi Kyung’s closest friend Ga Ram (Baek Chul Min). He’s kind, level-headed, and dependable. He’s a pleasant grounding presence for Shi Kyung in addition to Shi Young who he features a developing romance. they’re another opposites type of couple who just seem to balance one another out.

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We then have Shi Kyung’s Mom (Jun Mi Sun). Things are a struggle for her, and her children have left her quite frustrated occasionally, but she loves them dearly and desires the simplest for them. She hopes the move will help therewith.

And Grandma (Sung Byung Sook) is that the one who takes within the family once they move to the countryside. She’s feisty and can always tell it like is. But underneath that, she is extremely nurturing and with a heart of gold. I enjoyed both of those ladies immensely.

Pic 7 - Andante (TV series) reviewAndante (TV series) Review

I was certain a small amount of a surprise with Andante. Although I knew the town had a greater than usual specialization in death (note the creepy coffin-filled classroom above where students contemplate their funerals and death), it seems it’s a teenager drama with a hefty side of medical drama. And what’s worse than a medical hospital drama? A medical hospice drama!

Pic 8 - Andante (TV series) reviewPic 9 - Andante (TV series) review

The show deals with lots of end-of-life issues because a hospice facility is one in every one of the first settings and nearly everyone in town is attached to it in a way. a minimum of in a very traditional medical drama, more people usually live than die. But when a hospice is involved, everybody dies! So yeah, plenty of the topic matter is on the sad side. It’s not overly depressing or anything, but I’d bring the tissues.

The drama did alright at depicting death as another part of life. It wasn’t something to be frightened of but rather to point out what’s important in life. The people that are dying aren’t dead yet and should be happy during their remaining time while others must realize what matters to not only themselves but those around them. Daily is precious and you must never take life with no consideration.

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But at its heart, Andante really could be a coming old story. The drama deals with a lot of different relationships between the characters. It really fleshes them out, and that they all felt satisfying. The hospice also is a setting for our characters to handle a range of issues including school, family, and death.

Shi Kyung faces all of those issues. There are times of freedom and joy, but they’re also are times of immense sadness. Watching him interact with the planet and house these issues was very heartwarming. Seeing the planet through his eyes was both entertaining and bittersweet. I used to be always rooting for him.

Pic 14 - Andante (TV series) reviewOverall, Andante (TV series) is one of those dramas which will definitely cause you to think. it’ll cause you to give some thought to how you’re living your life and the way are you helping those around you. a number of the topics are uncomfortable, but the drama is usually hopeful in its presentation of how precious the relationships of friends, family, and even strangers are furthermore as just how beautiful life is.

My Rating: 7.5/10

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